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But as a term, the Ansar were the people from Medina who supported the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) and the Muhajirin (emigrants) when they. He called the refugees from Makkah “Muhajireen” (Emigrants); and he called the citizens of Yathrib who had welcomed them, “Ansar” (Supporters). The two. Their efforts organized the Kurdish Peshmerga to defeat Ansar Al Islam in Northern Allah ("Army of the Helpers of God"), an Islamist group with links to Al- Qaeda. were divided into several groups comprising the "Muhajirun", " Ansar ", Egyptians, However, some Iranian financial institutions including Ansar Bank, Bank.

They were unable to carry their possessions with them. Their poverty and weakness was to be solved through the wisdom of the Prophet. In order to integrate immigrants with the local Muslims, the Prophet declared brotherhood between every immigrant and local Muslim, and he asked the local Muslims to help the immigrants.

Muhajirun immigrants and Ansar helpers. The men who stayed in their own city Medina and embraced Islam before them loved those who have sought refuge with them. They do not covet what they are given but rather prefer [their brothers and sisters] above themselves although they are in need.

Those who preserve themselves from their own greed shall surely prosper. Ansar shared their money and their farms with their brothers to the extent that the immigrant Muslims received legal rights from the inheritance of their Ansar brothers. When one of the Ansars died, his Muhajirun brother would be his heir. Some of the immigrants were very honorable and did not want to ask for help. It was not only a material cooperation, but a spiritual one as well.

For example, the brotherhood would listen to the Prophet in turn. The Prophet achieved a full inclusion of immigrants: The declaration of brotherhood between members of these two communities was not random. The Prophet looked at their characteristics, their spiritual compatibilities, and even their tastes, and he declared brotherhood and sisterhood between these two segments of society. It took five months for the Prophet to get to know them well. Considering the modern-day needs of immigrants, through this declaration of brotherhood, the Prophet successfully solved two major problems that immigrants face: He asked Ansar to share their houses with their brothers, and they did: Also, they shared their food.

This helped immigrants to stand on their own feet. The most interesting part of this brotherhood is that it was not bound by force but by conviction. When the helpers shared their houses and food with the immigrants, they were doing it from their own will and from the depth of their hearts, without being forced.

This tradition became an example of generosity throughout the history of Islam. One of the collectors of the sayings of the Prophet, Muslim bin Hajjaj d. E narrates the following story.

The First Year of Hijra

A hungry man among immigrants came to the Prophet to be his guest. Therefore, he asked if anyone could host him. One of the helpers, Abu Talha, took the men to his home. Their food was enough only for one person.

So, the helper dimmed the lights and put his children to bed. He talked to his wife and decided that they would pretend to eat, so that there would be food for this hungry immigrant.

It prevented animosity based on tribalism and racism. It also prevented arrogance based on wealth. A compassion and respect developed between immigrants and helpers. One can argue that this declaration of brotherhood can be considered one of the most important and exemplary practices of integrating disparate fragments of society in human history.

At this juncture, it is important to elaborate on the implications of this tradition in our modern-day context. Today, we witness a great number of immigrants around the world.

America itself is an immigrant society.

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However, these examples almost seem irrelevant as far as worldwide immigrant situations are concerned. If we have a chance to listen to stories of early immigrants in the U. Although naturally American society is open to immigrants, we still have not solved racism.

Slavery was abolished, but there are immigrants who work for wages far lower than the wages of non-immigrants. That is to say, do not delay their pay.

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Despite their sacrifices, most immigrants face big challenges in stabilizing their lives after migration.

To my knowledge, in the United States there is no specific governmental encouragement for citizens to help immigrants. If an immigrant does not have a good history, they cannot get a loan. The result is a vicious cycle. In order to have a good history, they have to survive and get credit.

In order to get credit, they have to have a good history. Immigrants cannot create a good history in one month. It takes a long time to develop it and, consequently, this makes the lives of immigrants miserable.

Therefore, immigrants are unlikely to get financial support from banking systems. Particularly, in recent years, immigration laws have become much more severe. What one can see and learn from historical events in Islam is that administrators can provide a warm and good environment for immigrants in order to integrate them with the regular citizens, as the Prophet did in the city of Medina.

It is very important for the future of the world and in particular for the future of the United States to strengthen the relationships between citizens, who were also early immigrants, and newer immigrants, as well as between immigrants as employees and their employers.

The power of the country comes from the vivid enthusiasm of hardworking immigrants. If this good environment is created, one can be sure that the enthusiasm and the potential power of immigrants will be dramatically strengthened and the economy and social harmony will boom as a result.

In conclusion, the practice of the Prophet with regard to immigrants in the early history of Islam can be taken as an example for our modern-day approach to migration and immigrants. The teaching of Islam has very important foundations for providing mutual help among immigrants and citizens.

According to the story, Umar visited the Prophet while he was sitting on a mat, and he said to the Prophet that the Prophet should have a wonderful bed instead of sleeping on a mat.

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The Prophet responded in the following way: My story is like a rider in a desert who takes shade under a tree for a certain moment and then departs from there. Al-Musnad Volume 6 p.

This is because the coming of the Muhajirun ultimately established the Ansar. Those who migrated with the Prophet from Makkah to Madina were refered to as the Muhajirun. The Ansar are the Muslim helpers in Madinah.

The brotherhood of Ansar

They gave the emigrating Muslims who were persecuted in Makkah the necessary support. In fact, they were instrumental to the success of the Hijrah because the Muslims who ran for their dear lives were readily received by the Ansar.

Not only that they gave them homes, food, land, clothing and all other support that established the first organised Muslims community. The most remarkable ties of full brotherhood were established.

The helpers Ansar regularly gave and the Muhajirun regularly received. But today, the Islamic brotherhood has grown from its positive sense to negative fraternity. We have seen the likes of that in several part of the world.

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It later began to promote radical concept. The group was formed in the northern provinces of Iraq near the Iranian border, and previously had established bases occupying Biyara to the northeast of Halabja Ansar al-Islam is known as an affiliate of the Al-Qaeda network Islam definition of brotherhood is profound.

It is a relationship not based on personal interest or mutual activity but entirely based on the beliefs, philosophies and tenates of the deen. These new Ansar should understand that the cause the Boko Haram is fighting is not on the deen. It is not a case of the Muslims being prevented from going to mosques or observing any part of their religious duties.

The insurgence we are witnessing today is as a result of glaring political disagreements between the government and its people, poverty and other socio-political mess in the region. Even as the insurgent go on unabated, many Muslims and Mosques have been destroyed.

Recently, the Emir of Kano, Alhaji Ado Bayero narroly escaped death from an attacked by gunmen believed to have been carried out by God know who.

Sunusi Ado Bayero were said to have sustained injuries and are currently receiving treatment in United Kingdom. A mosque was bombed in Kano last year with many sustaining injuries.

It is nothing but a chronic irony and perversion of brotherhood exemplified by the first Ansar. So make reconciliation between your brothers, and fear Allah, that you may receive mercy.

Showing that Islam is all about peace is an obligation and a challenge at the same time for all of us.