Relationship between physical activity and obesity

relationship between physical activity and obesity

The association between physical inactivity and obesity is modified by five domains of environmental quality in U.S. adults: A cross-sectional. The association between physical activity and overweight and obesity in a population of children at high and low altitudes in Southwestern Saudi Arabia. OBJECTIVE. This study examined the relationship between childhood obesity and overweight and functional activity and its enjoyment.

These results must be carefully interpreted given the lack of distinction between self-reported and objective physical activity and that studies analyzing the metabolic syndrome or cardiovascular disease were not considered. The importance of physical activity or fitness in predicting overweight remains unknown.

Physical activity, Cardiorespiratory fitness, Motor fitness, Overweight, Obesity, Adolescent, Youth, Cross-sectional studies, Longitudinal studies Background Overweight and obesity has been called a global epidemic by the World Health Organization [ 1 ]. The prevalence of overweight and obesity is especially dramatic in economically developed countries [ 2 ] and not only in adults but also in children and adolescents.

In accordance with the literature [ 5 - 9 ], the term overweight includes obesity in this review. Several health conditions and disorders have been attributed to being overweight in children and adolescents [ 10 ]. For instance, overweight children and adolescents are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular, metabolic, pulmonary, skeletal or psychosocial disorders [ 11 ].

Even if these conditions or disorders are not manifested during childhood, being overweight in childhood increases the risk of illness in adulthood [ 10 ].

relationship between physical activity and obesity

Hence, it is critical to identify risk factors for overweight in children and adolescents and to address overweight during childhood and adolescence. Being overweight may originate from many different factors ranging from environmental influences to genetic variations [ 12 ]. According to Bouchard et al. Other important factors include lifestyle factors such as physical activity PAnonsmoking, high-quality diet, sedentary activities and normal weight [ 14 ].

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The Relationship between Physical Activity and Childhood Overweight and Obesity

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The weather of Alsoda, Alsoga, and Tabab is cold and rainy in winter and dry with moderate temperatures in summer. Winter in Al-Khatarish and Alraish is rainy with relatively moderate temperatures and summer is dry and hot. The permanent residents in the two areas are rural populations who have many modern facilities electricity, clean water supply, cars, etc. Meat, chicken, and rice constitute the major dietary items for people living in the two areas.

Primary health care in Aseer Province is provided through a wide network of primary health care centers. Secondary and tertiary care services in the province are provided through a network of well-staffed hospitals.

relationship between physical activity and obesity

Subjects were selected on the basis of their acceptance or their parents' acceptance of the invitation by the medical practitioners and the local people working in the health centers to participate. Each child was first given a detailed clinical examination.

relationship between physical activity and obesity

Children in whom pathology was detected by clinical examination chronic renal, respiratory, cardiovascular, and gastrointestinal and those children who were not born and who did not have permanent residence in the designated study areas were excluded from this study.

The form comprised seven questions covering all types of physical activity. The IPAQ-SF-A assesses physical activity undertaken across a comprehensive set of domains including leisure time, domestic and gardening yard activities, and work-related and transport-related activities.

Only the physical activity lasting more than 10 min without rest breaks and within the last 7 days was estimated. During the study, the average number of hours for which the respondent remained seated daily was noted.

Physical activities were classified into three categories: Vigorous, moderate, and walking. All types of walking were included in the walking category.