Relationship between social support and postnatal depression

relationship between social support and postnatal depression

The present study attempts to examine and investigate the relationship between the social support and postnatal depression (PND) in a sample of Pakistani. THE DEVELOPMENT OF POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION AMONG WOMEN IN a weak relationship between social support and the presence of PPD. Postpartum depression (PPD) is a mood disorder that affects 10–20 percent of The relationship between social support and PPD did not.

Bioecological model for guiding social support research and interventions with pregnant adolescents.

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relationship between social support and postnatal depression

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Relationship between social support and postnatal depression.

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The influence of social support on postpartum depression

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relationship between social support and postnatal depression

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relationship between social support and postnatal depression

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Community Health (Salāmat-i ijtimāī)

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