Relationship between women and cats

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relationship between women and cats

Men are the same when it comes to their women. On the other hand, cats There's a huge and crucial difference between cats and women: Cats are quiet and. This blog post incorporates research conducted for an upcoming digital exhibition called “Wild Mouser to Household Pet: A History of Cats in. Hundreds of millions of cats are kept as pets around the world. Cats have either a mutualistic or commensal relationship with humans. . Cats may also pose a danger to pregnant women and immunosuppressed individuals, since their feces .

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Pronouns One of the most glaring examples of this connection is the choice of pronouns used to describe cats. These examples from nineteenth and early twentieth century books illustrate the tendency to use feminine pronouns for cats: Pussy has always had her friends and her foes; her ardent admirers and her extreme detestors. Faults she has, no doubt, but the lack of an affectionate regard for the person who befriends her is not, as has been alleged, one of them.

Sometimes these asylums are organized in a practical and sufficient manner, in which case the motive that provided them is laudable; but often they are mere nests of disease and objects of scandal to the neighborhood.

relationship between women and cats

The tradition has also continued on into the twenty-first century: Cat Shows Evening public ledger. On the other side of the spectrum, women have also been associated with cat shows. Newspaper articles from the time announce the upcoming shows and list the names of the exhibitors and organizers, who were mainly women. These shows also incorporated new scientific theories about heredity and breeding, as cat enthusiasts sought to selectively breed cats to develop particular traits, especially coat length and color.

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Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division. Another interesting visual representation of the connection between women and cats comes in the photography of Arnold Genthe In the early twentieth-century, Genthe photographed many celebrities in his studio, posing them with his cat Buzzer. My kitty, Sabrina, is a year-old tortie, and she wouldn't fit neatly into this study. She is a very different cat with me friendly and cuddly, though she refused to pose for a photo for this post versus people she has met before friendly but often standoffish versus strangers where did she go?

relationship between women and cats

And I suspect other cats may be the same. Any study in which you place total strangers into the animal's home environment is going to produce some abnormal behavior, and judging a cat on that behavior only is probably unfair to the cat.

Cats & Women: Why the Connection?

Furthermore, some of the tests of the cats' behavior may not have given an accurate accounting of the cats' personality. For example, they tested the cats' response to a novel object, a plush owlet left on the floor. Many cats, like Sabrina, ignore most anything simply lying on the floor perhaps they are used to messy housekeeping but are happy to pounce on on object suspended just an inch above.

And there are some cats, like my own, that do not enjoy the sensation of being picked up would you? If I were to do this study, I would use a much bigger sample size, add more behavioral tests and have the human in each study pair repeat the tests without the researchers present but in front of a camera.

relationship between women and cats

All that said, the researchers deserve some credit for being the first to attempt to tackle the complex personality dynamics within cat-human relationship. Sadly, though, they only scratched the surface of this complex world.