Representation is the relationship between a picture and its caption

representation is the relationship between a picture and its caption

Photo captions and cutlines are the most read body type in a publication. Of . or situation shown in the picture and to make clear their relationship to the story. Once the image is added you can edit its Attachment Post by clicking the Media button in WordPress admin. This gives you a list of all the. We've all heard the cliché, “a picture tells a thousand words”, but there is real value This is often a fact that advertisers use to their advantage.

representation is the relationship between a picture and its caption

Hans Haacke has created much discomfort and some uproar by exhibiting placards with that information next to various paintings along with other information about the owner's business holdings or those of the museum's directors. This information is a part of the story of how a particular work came to be exhibited before the public in that place and time, but it a part that our institutional conventions of High Art render invisible and unspeakable.

Haacke's efforts have been rejected and censored and closed down, but he has also been invited repeatedly to develop public installations and to curate exhibits, so that some also influential people do applaud his incongruities and the opening up of Art they stimulate. Statuary I To see how much energy and interest can be generated from splitting of placard and image, consider the "Statuary" series by Jacqueline Hayden on www.

These pictures are presented one by one in a highlighted oval museum lighting against a rich dark maroon field; each comes with a little placard button that when pressed opens a window, as here, with the placard. The picture also can be enlarged.

The placard text in each case seems utterly unaware of the modification Hayden has made to the antique torso "Statue of Hermes: Marble Roman, Imperial Period, 1st or 2nd century A.

The images are rather small platinum prints done with great care and fine finish, and it would be quite wrong to take the exhibition as a joke mocking the aging body or the preposterous vanity of those past their physical prime.

These tensions are evoked but not resolved since images don't say anything ; rather the gaze they call forth is a compassionate one seeking and finding a certain kind of beauty.

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At the left is a simple line drawing of a "saggital section" view of the mouth and throat directing attention to the parts that are centrally involved with speech. Line drawings appropriately scant realistic surface detail in favor of structural delineation. Recent advances in anatomical imaging have provided a number of photographically-based alternatives to the hand-drawn "sagittal section" of the mouth. Here is one using a digitized sliced cadaver from the Visible Human Project.

Parts of the Body: The incongruity is not between label and image Magritte had already done that past repeatingbut between the standard format of a vocabulary diagram and its execution in this one of a series of French Vocabulary Lessons by Larry Rivers.

representation is the relationship between a picture and its caption

In the standard format, the object or objects shown are all firmly outlined objects drawn in canonical recognition view. Here the figure is sketched on canvas and partially painted in, though some of the good-form symmetrical features are missing, the posture is not that of the standing nude female to be found in any number of anatomical drawings.

Stable Relations of Words and Images

She is not neutered, to say the least, and sits legs agape about full-sized or a little larger looking directly at us with her one eye. One is reminded of Foucault's remark about the "convent hand" script in Magritte's vocabulary travesties.

Here, however, the effect is to give the conventions of labelling, the carefully framed and directed textbook gaze, a good rough shake. Built World 2 A final example of a labelled image gone astray: Passing back through left to right again, the twisted configuration can be seen as a diagram of how barbs are twisted into barbed wire, which is one way to mark off a social field.

This is in fact an unstable image, since what is label, what image begins to blur when the space ceases to be flat and the words appear angled toward the vanishing point vortex. This is one of Kim Beckmann's prize winning digital images at Art and Science Collaborations Digital98, where we find attached an evocative few lines of poetry and text that employs most of the words in this image.

The present location may be added in parentheses: Sometimes the date of the image is important: Photographs and other graphics need not have captions if they are "self-captioning" images such as reproductions of album or book covers or when they are unambiguous depictions of the subject of the article.

In a biography article no caption is necessary for a portrait of the subject pictured alone; but one might be used to give the year, the subject's age, or other circumstances of the portrait along with the name of the subject. Succinctness[ edit ] Mechanical engineers design and build power plants and enginessuch as this Volkswagen Group—designed Bugatti W16 engine.

It is not the same as "brevity", which means using a relatively small number of words.

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Succinct captions have more power than verbose ones. More than three lines of text in a caption may be distracting; instead, further information can be provided in the article body.

representation is the relationship between a picture and its caption

And remember that readers wanting full detail can click through to the image description page. Non-visual media[ edit ] Because non-visual media imparts no visual information regarding the content of its file, it is often desirable to include a longer description than is typically acceptable with image captions. As with image captions, care should be taken to include enough relevant information in-line so the media file's relevance to the article is made explicit irrespective of the caption.

As a general rule, retain broader points in the article body, including specific points in the media file's description field. For example, the statement: Technical images[ edit ] Technical images like charts and diagrams may have captions that are much longer than other images.

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Prose should still be succinct, but the significance of the image should be fully explained. Any elements not included in a legend or clearly labelled should be defined in the caption. A substantial, full discussion of a technical image may be confined to the caption if it improves the structure of the prose in the main article.

This makes the legend more readable, and allows for easy translation into other languages. Establishing relevance to the article[ edit ] A good caption explains why a picture belongs in an article.

Links to relevant sections within the article may help draw the reader in see here for how to do this.

representation is the relationship between a picture and its caption

Providing context for the picture[ edit ] WP: What happened before and after?