The blacklist 3x10 ending relationship

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the blacklist 3x10 ending relationship

See more. Lizzington ❤ (3x10) Aidan Gillen, James Spader, The Blacklist, The One blacklist red and lizzie relationship | to the blacklist s red and lizzie. #Arrow 3×10 Recap: Everything Has Changed but I'm cautiously optimistic about where her relationship with Team Arrow and her journey as. 3x10 | The Director: Conclusion E P I S O D E DISCUSSION T H R E A D x episode I think nothing has changed since about their relationship. . The conversations and the end scene between Red and Liz were awesome.

the blacklist 3x10 ending relationship

Every time when I watch that moment I smile as well and get tears in my eyes like she did. At first I was put off that Liz would no longer be an agent but then decided she would be way more effective working with Red without the constraints of the FBI.

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Not that it ever stopped her in the end but now she can do so with a clear conscience. I loved it right away! Exactly what I hoped for because she couldn't go back Not after what she did! I just wish they'd work through why she shot Connolly in the first place. It was thrilling, if Liz gets free in this episode, but it was clear that she won't be killed. But how Red dealt with Hitchin was great, his relaxing way to do this is just unique.

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He was sitting there like he has no doubts and then his badass character. Just lovin those scenes! And of course great perfomance by James Spader again.

The plan was also so clever! I'm a bit sad that the Director died, of course he deserved it, but he was a great villain. Amen to all of that! I loved it so much as well. It was a fantastic plan and so brilliant! And it worked, damn it! At the beggining, when Red assembled his team, it reminded me of Oceans Eleven.

the blacklist 3x10 ending relationship

Of course, in every episode I need to say that the monologues are amazing and Spaders delivery is amazing. I'm all with you I was reminded of that movie as well! And yes, James is simply brilliant. He always was and always will be the best on the show for me. With him it stands and falls for me But the others have gotten soooo much better over the years and I loved everybody's performance sooo much! You can see how much they have all grown. Liz frustrated me little bit with the whole "I can't be a FBI agent again", gimme a break, you're almost charged with 16!!!

That frustrated me as well and I was like 'Seriously? What did you expect???? Especially since she said she was ready to take responsibility for what she's done and then she says something like that on the phone and I m like Quote: I don't know what to think of Red, now he wants in the Cabal, whaaaat.

It could be that he wants to destroy them, but that would be so lame, if they let him in and at the end he destroys them, then they are bunch of idiots that they believed in the first place that he wants to help them And the promo for the next one I watched three times, didn't understand it at first, so Red is not Red? I think Red wanting to destroy it is too easy What if he is seeking answers to questions we haven't even thought of?

And he might only be able to get these when he climbs ranks in the Cabal? I really have no idea. And about the promo, I love that the theory that Red might not be Raymond Reddington will be the topic of next week's episode!


That was still a theory that I hadn't ruled out for myself and now it's addressed! He stepped up big team in this episode and will continue to in the next couple of episodes. He lost a mentor, a brother, a hero. She feels obligated to protect the city as a means to honor her sister and to honor Oliver. Get ready, Black Canary is officially in training. Maseo said that his wife Tatsu Katana was the one that brought him back to life.

So that means Oliver was dead, no? So how was he brought back to life? Some other mystical herbs? In short, Brick was able to bust out all of the criminals that Team Arrow had locked up over the past eight months.

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He plans to use them to help him take over the Glades. Even with her brother dead, Thea continues to be lied to immensely, by her treacherous father and ex-boyfriend. She deserves to know what happened to her brother. Can someone please tell her?!

the blacklist 3x10 ending relationship

Leave a note if you want to avoid the awkward conversation. Emily Bett Rickards Felicity had me crying the entire episode. Felicity not giving up hope that Oliver was alive until Malcolm delivered the news in the worst way possible.