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Experience locally sourced food and Wye Valley surroundings at The Whitebrook , Monmouthshires Michelin star restaurant with rooms run by chef Chris Harrod. The Whitebrook, formerly known as The Crown at Whitebrook, is a restaurant with rooms in The closure was blamed on recent poor weather, and on economic circumstances. In April , the building was marketed for sale for £, or. Whitebrook Conservation Area Appraisal & Management Proposals. 1. Document (The Crown), or are positioned away from the road facing .. on the closure of the mill. The house is .. existence and their inter-relationship thus helping to.

What can we expect in the new guide? We have updated as many entries as we can — this is a constant work in progress. There are also over new profiles on wineries and over 1, new wines rated. It brings the total number of wineries studied in depth to over 3, with more than 6, wineries overall, and over 19, wines rated. The guide also covers the latest vintages, so in the southern hemisphere and in the northern hemisphere. We have also looked to update the regional maps section. We are also focusing on including more entries from non-traditional quality wine growing regions and countries such as India, Eastern Europe and the Americas.

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Exponents of natural wines have proliferated again with mixed success. What do you see as the big challenges facing the global wine industry over the next 10 years? Global warming is a challenge but not insurmountable provided adaption to change can be achieved. What do you see as the big opportunities over the same time?

A Michelin Star Restaurant With Rooms In The Wye Valley

There will be wines made in areas where one could never conceive that there could be. Who knows that in time Burgundy may become a desert and there will be great Pinot Noirs made on the banks of Loch Lomond.

How did you come to work together on the guides? David Moore and Philip Williamson had just produced the first edition and were looking for sponsors. I felt that this was a revolutionary way of communicating wine knowledge and became the sponsor. Neville, you were initially a restaurateur. Description[ edit ] The Whitebrook is a restaurant with rooms located 6 miles 9.

It is near the River Wye and the border with England. There is also a apartment onsite for the manager of the premises. Tasting menu dishes include asparagus which comes from the nearby Wye Valleywhile turbot from Cornwall is used.

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Harrod explained "Turnips don't deserve their unloved image, they add a wonderful freshness to a dish. This is accompanied by a croquette made from pig's head and a pork cutlet with celeriacpear, sorrel and cauliflower mushrooms. The village of Whitebrook developed as a centre of water-powered industry, with wireworks and later paper mills.

The Whitebrook was run as a roadside inn by the Seaward family, and later the Ricketts family, in the second half of the 19th century. The closure was blamed on recent poor weather, and on economic circumstances. Harrod said that "I went and had a look and was amazed to find that the Crown at Whitebrook ticked all the boxes for what I was looking for.