Whale done the power of positive relationship

whale done the power of positive relationship

Whale Done! explores how positive reinforcement techniques used with killer whales can have a dramatic effect on our human relationships both at work, and at. Whale Done!: The Power of Positive Relationships and millions of other books are available for instant access. view Kindle eBook | view Audible audiobook. What can you learn f rom the techniques used to train killer whales that Blanchard “ Whale Done” The power of positive Relationship Ramki.

What does a five-ton killer whale have in common with your people at work and your spouse and kids at home? Lessons learned from the killer whales: They stimulated them when they did things right and redirected their behavior when they did things wrong.

Book Review: Ken Blanchard, Whale Done: The Power of Positive Relationships (2002).

As such they were able to make a shift in their actions, collaborate in a better way and encourage them towards the required behavior. The more attention you pay to behavior, the more it will be repeated. What you focus on is key. The ABC of performance management.

whale done the power of positive relationship

The authors explain a theory about how to stimulate good performance. It consists of the three ABC steps: This can be verbal or non-verbal signals, instructions, trainings. The second step is the Behavior, which comes after the initial activation. The third step is the Consequence, which is what happens after the behavior has been shown.

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There are four kinds of consequence: What to do if people do things wrong? Redirection can be done by describing the error and showing the negative impact of the action, without reproaching. Then remove the pressure by not putting blame on the person but refocusing on the goals.

Tell the person how the work should be done and make agreements on how to reach the target.

whale done the power of positive relationship

Make sure you both have the same perception and are both committed to your commitments, then express trust and confidence in the person. I do this too often.

Book review of ‘Whale done! The Power of Positive Relationships’

But I was still confused. It begins with controlling our own attention a simple but very powerful rule to remember is, if you don't want to encourage poor behavior, don't spend a lot of time on it. This has helped me create better relationships with my siblings and friends and made me rethink how I approach others when they make an unfavorable choice.


The author gave a real-world response that will work for everyone, not just the few people in the novel. The additional characters were well developed and added to the overall message of the novel. Wes and Meredith had been avoiding each other for nearly a year, ever since she thought that Wes had implied in a meeting that her group was responsible for a missed deadline.

Their strained relationship had worsened when Wes, who played on the softball team that Meredith captained at the company picnic, had hit into a double play to lose an important game.

  • Whale Done!: The Power of Positive Relationships

Neither incident had sat well with Meredith who was a sports enthusiast and very competitive I need a moment of your time. This helped me trust this method and showed me how it can work with adversaries and not just close friends. This also showed me how the Whale Done approach can work with acquaintances and not just well-known friends and family.

Whale Done!: The Power of Positive Relationships by Kenneth H. Blanchard

If you are interested in the animal training process, or are just having some relationship troubles, this book is for you! Both the animal-lover and not can see the effectiveness of this process and see the author's points from many different viewpoints. For someone who loves Killer Whales and everything animal training this book both educated and entertained me. But what does it want to do? Play with the trainer. This book is totally worth a try!

whale done the power of positive relationship

The book promotes positive atmosphere, with happy ending. It provides a few examples on how to apply the technique. I would love to see the author expand on how the manager works with 2 uncooperative employees. Overall, it's an easy read.

whale done the power of positive relationship