What is the relationship between physical and emotional maturity

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what is the relationship between physical and emotional maturity

On the other hand, students have been stunted in their emotional maturity. From ages , kids lose some of the connections between cells in the part of. The research article entitled “Relationship between Emotional maturity, Self-E promotes physical, social, psy chological, emotional, cognitive development that . In psychology, maturity is the ability to respond to the environment in an appropriate manner. .. However, the relationship between psychological maturity and age is a difficult one, and there has been much debate over methods of determining.

Magnus in particular somewhat consciously tries to act the age he looks. But he also states that older warlocks do start to become emotionally detached. Fairies and vampires are more variable though. For example, Raphael Santiago looks about 14 or 15, but acts much older, which he is. Aside from Fantastic Racismmost people tend to interact as peers despite real age differences. Arrogant Clave members think nothing of acting older and wiser than Downworlders that are many times their age.

Twilight is a painful case. Ignoring Edward and Bella which if you accept the idea that physical and mental age staying the same can make a lick of sense, they mention that two year old vampires are forever two, is still mildly cringe worthyyou also have the last book couple. A 22 year old man and a 7 year old girl, and it's okay with her parents. Played with in Thief of Timein which the abbot of the History Monks was recently reincarnated as a baby boy.

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While he can usually speak with a wise old man's intellect, his dialogue keeps being interrupted by his toddler-body's overriding, infantile demands for Bikkit! When Ras Thavas' brain is transplanted into the body of a younger manhe has the mind of the centuries-old scientist that he is, but the hormones of a strong, virile and wrathful man in the prime of his life.

What is the difference between pyhsical & emotional maturity?

He tries to maintain his more "mature" emotionally-detached outlook, but it's a losing battle. How well this trope would actually apply in the event of a "Freaky Friday" Flip between parents and their children is thoroughly examined in We Can't Rewindleading to some rather unsettling conclusions: Subverted in David Eddings 's The Elenium series.

Aphrael, known as "the child goddess" appears, and mostly acts, like a six-year-old child. It's all a ruse to get people, including the other gods, to underestimate her. In fact, she's actually shown to be significantly more mature than most of the other gods we meet. Especially in early seasons where she is more demure and less assertive than in later ones.

Her cousin Serena is an even more extreme example, as she is roughly the same age as Samantha but behaves very much like a teenage girl.

what is the relationship between physical and emotional maturity

Appears in Star Trek: Voyager with the Ocampa, who are unusually short-lived but possess cognitive faculties greatly in excess of what you would expect from a race where nearly all the members are less than 10 years old. This gets exceptionally extreme when Harry Kim marries Kes' daughter, who's only 2 years old. It also shows up with the Doctor, a computer program with no sense of personal attitude or interaction at all who, for most of the show's run, is emotionally indistinguishable from a normal man in his mids.

what is the relationship between physical and emotional maturity

His personality is largely based on his creator, who himself is not what you'd call personable. The Doctor mostly grew out of this through his interactions with the crew. Icheb, a former Borg drone, was only recently assimilated and aged from childhood to his late-teens in a maturation chamber. While sometimes socially-awkward, his maturity nonetheless matches his physical age, and even Captain Janeway disputes the assertion that he is "just a child".

Shows up in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine with the Jem'Hadar, who rapidly age into physical maturity and, in the same time frame, master the higher levels of intelligent thought. Not to mention Jadzia and Ezri Dax, who hardly ever demonstrate their centuries worth of wisdom and experience.

Odo has the appearance and demeanor of a middle-aged man. However, he was adrift in space as an infant Changeling for an unknown amount of time, so he is likely much older than he appears. Averted for laughs in 3rd Rock from the Sunwhere the aliens' body assignments were done independently of their real age.

As a result, even though Tommy is the teenager, his alien mind is easily the oldest of the group. Consequently, Tommy is the most emotionally capable member of the crew, and it often falls to him to give the others advice when they've dug themselves into a deep hole.

This leads to some hilarious visuals, like the time Dick officially Tommy's father was sobbing like a child and Tommy had Dick sit in his lap while he consoled him.

what is the relationship between physical and emotional maturity

Of course, when Tommy himself gets in trouble misunderstanding human culture, he often gets the worst of it since he has no one available for help. Liam Kincaid in Earth: Final Conflict is born in the second season and grows to adulthood within one episode, at which point he's written as and treated as fully adult. In Wizards of Waverly PlaceJuliet is a year old vampire who is the girlfriend of the 17 year old Justin.

However, she looks and acts like a teenager, and even interacts with her parents like one, making it seem okay.

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In the first episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 4 Buffy's demonic roommate looked supposedly and acted like a teenager. When her guardian appeared to take her back to hell she complained that she was years old, but he still treated her like she was Averted with Colinwho was actually more reserved than The Master. Both age and maturity level vary with each regeneration, but the "Father Chirstmas" element of an old man who delights in childish things never entirely goes away.

In multi-doctor crossovers, the one who is physically oldest will generally take charge, even though the older actor is usually playing a younger character. In The 50th AnniversaryTen and Eleven get along like old school chums, but The War Doctor seems to be the internally conflicted authority figure. When Eleven regenerates into Twelve, he comes out as a man significantly older than most of his more recent regenerations, and acts accordingly.

Madame Vastra theorizes that he subconsciously did this to remind both himself and others that he is much older than he had been acting recently Eleven, in particular, was often described as "an immortal god who insists on acting like a ten year-old". Just how acceptable it is for there to be any romantic implications between the Doctor and his companions is relative to the Doctor's apparent age. This can get complicated, as a few of the Doctor's later incarnations are physically younger looking than some of his earlier ones, despite being chronologically older.

In particular, cases such as the relationship between Ten and Rose would have been considered Squick if you substituted One, Two, Three or Seven. Also, the Doctor himself tends to experience personality shifts that adjust to his current incarnation's apparent age. Notably, the War Doctor, dresses down Ten and Eleven as if they were immature naughty boys, despite the fact that they are both older than he is.

what is the relationship between physical and emotional maturity

One is always treated as if he were the eldest Doctor, even though he is in fact the youngest. Malia Tate on Teen Wolf. A werecoyote, she transformed for the first time when she was a little girl and apparently murdered her mother and older sister.

what is the relationship between physical and emotional maturity

She then spent the next eight years living in the woods as a coyote due to the emotional trauma. When Scott uses his Alpha powers to change her back into human form, she is now a teenager. Physically in her late-teens, she is automatically treated as part of her chronological age group by the writers, including it being seen as okay for her to have sex with Stiles. This despite the fact that she had no education or human socialization during the eight years she was a coyote.

The Stargate SG-1 episode "Brief Candle" revolves around a planet where people only live for days, and children appear to age a year each day.

Our heroes are disturbed by this rapid aging, but nobody seems to object to Thetys having a baby when she is chronologically 20 days old, and everybody on Argos who has reached physical maturity is treated as a full adult. Video Games Harukanaru Toki no Naka de: The manga has an interesting subversion.

Abe no Yasuaki is an Artificial Human created about two years prior to the start of the story, who looks like an adult his "official" age is 21for the most part acts like one, and possesses sufficient amount of knowledge.

[On the relation between physical and mental maturity development in puberty].

He is initially devoid of emotionsand his understanding of anything related to these tends to be on the level of his real age. Akane actually compares him to a small child on several occasions before learning of his origins. Both played straight and subverted with Human Hakuryuu in Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3, an ancient deity in the form of a ten-year-old boy whose behaviour is more or less appropriate to his physical appearance; it is implied that he simply has no experience with living among humans — hence the childlike innocence which he retains even after achieving a more adult form.

Adult Tarutaru from Final Fantasy XI look very young to the human eye and are very commonly characterized as immature. Particularly striking with the Chebukki siblings in Chains of Promathia; the cast includes every race and nationality seen up to that pointand the Tarutaru representatives are nominal young adults We are tempted to expect from them levels of intellectual focus and processing, physical coordination and skill, emotional insight and stability, social finesse, and spiritual maturity that seem appropriate to their physical presentation.

However, all too often, since their nonphysical maturation is more age appropriate, our inflated expectations don't really match these kids' actual age. We wind up pushing them to think and act older than they are and wind up disappointed and frustrated when they don't measure up. For girls there is yet another danger. Part of physical development includes sexual development. In a culture in which sexuality is so tied to physical presentation, we often assume that the development of more mature physical sexual characteristics also indicates development of the more mature cognitive, emotional, social and spiritual characteristics important to healthy sexuality.

The fact is, though, that the year-old girl who looks like the relatively mature year- old woman is nothing of the sort. Since in our culture we look to males for the most part to initiate sexual relations, all too often such physically precocious girls wind up in situations in which they are being approached by older teens and men as though they are capable of mature sexual relationships when they are anything but.

A good deal of psychological damage can be done to these girls in such situations. We need to also note that a very few men - men whom I would classify as mentally ill - prey on such girls, trying to take advantage of their overall immaturity. Whether we are talking about boys or girls, all this is especially challenging for parents. For one thing, it is often hard for us to reconcile what seems to be the young adults standing in front of us with the children we remember holding in our laps a few years ago.

And we can, likewise, have trouble when we come across the disparity between the near adult bodies we see and the children they still are deep down inside. As difficult as it may be, though, it is still our job as parents to sit down with our physically precocious children and talk to them about this very disparity, and what it means for them - both the advantages and the disadvantages. They will likely not welcome this conversation.