What was the relationship between puritans and quakers

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what was the relationship between puritans and quakers

The Puritans and the Quakers. Pgs. and The Puritans - Approximately 10 years after the Pilgrims came to America for religious freedom, . Puritans and Quakers In the early 17th century groups of people were escaping their countries because of religion or wars. In particular, two groups which will be . From June through September of , several men and women have been accused on witchcraft. Many were hanged, while hundreds of.

Two religious groups of faith that greatly played a role in the fight for religious freedom are the Puritans and the Quakers.

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These two religious groups faced prosecution in England and sought religious freedom in the American colonies. They disliked the rituals and hierarchical practices of the England churches. They emphasized on simplicity in lifestyle as well as worship. However, these two had significant differences in their beliefs.

what was the relationship between puritans and quakers

In the yearthe Puritans settled in Massacheusetts Bay in Boston, with the objective of achieving religious freedom. This was after the arrival of the pilgrims in America, who had the same goal in mind. Puritans chose this name because their main objective was to have a pure religion.

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Just like the pilgrims, they did not see eye to eye with the Church of England but they did not detach themselves from the main church. Inthe puritans got a leader by the name John Winthrop. John brought over 1, other Puritans to the colony Massachusetts Bay and they traveled in more than 15 ships. Winthrop was the leader of that colony until Puritans believed that everyone should have the ability to study the Bible.

what was the relationship between puritans and quakers

It was compulsory for all parents to teach all their children how to read. For every town with 50 families or more, a school was built. These schools remained open all year long and there was not even a summer vacation.

Difference Between Puritans and Quakers

Due to their emphasis on education, the Puritans built the first institution in the England. They are the people that built the elite University of Harvard in the year In the yearWilliam Penn was granted permission to start a colony by the English king.

what was the relationship between puritans and quakers

He was a member of the Quakers which was a well-known religious group that was being mistreated in England due to their beliefs. They believed that everyone is equal and every person is good. They did not encourage any form of violence and they even refused to carry weapons or even engage in fights with anyone.

They believed that every problem can and should be solved peacefully. When in Pennsylvania, Quakers practiced religious freedom for everyone.

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Both groups left England and came to America with the desire to practice their religions more freely since both disliked the ritualistic, hierarchical practices of the Church of England. In addition, Puritans and Quakers emphasized simplicity in lifestyle and worship; however, the two religious groups also had significant differences in their beliefs.

Original Blessing The Puritans viewed humanity as hopelessly sinful while the Quakers believed God lives inside everyone. With their belief in predestination, Puritans subscribed the theory that most people were destined for eternal damnation while some were chosen by God for salvation.

Those few, called the "elect," had to undergo a conversion process. The process included a personal testimony about how God had changed them. Sanctification, or holy behavior, was then expected to follow this conversion. The Quakers' belief in the "inner light" that lead a person to God influenced them to adopt a more positive view of humanity.

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They believed everyone could hear the voice of God and favored a gentler approach in dealing with people. Church Services Even with similarly-simple services, many differences existed in both Puritan and Quaker church services.

what was the relationship between puritans and quakers

The Puritans believed in baptism and communion while the Quakers did not believe in any sacraments because they considered all acts sacred if committed to God. Puritan services often included a lengthy sermon during which the minister expounded on a section of the Bible, using the text to point out the faults and sins of the congregation.

what was the relationship between puritans and quakers

Quakers referred to their church services as meetings and the gathering place was called the meeting house. Without clergy, the Puritans were suspicious of theology, believing it interfered with the individual's ability to communicate with God.

During their meetings, they came together and waited silently for God to speak to their individual spirits. Those who felt spiritually moved shared what they believed God was telling them.

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Spontaneous singing was also a part of the Quaker service.