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We were very much an anomaly; an interracial marriage smack in the nation's The ceremony had Catholic and Jewish aspects reflecting the religions we were . FORGET the proverbial seven-year itch. than seven years, which means that those couples will likely spend more than half their married lives. The 'seven year itch' used to signal a time of turbulence, or even doom, The range of relationship statuses of participants suggest that this.

I remember really wanting to make your mother happy because she was the first adult to shower me with unconditional love. My mother and I were just beginning to deal with the deep conflicts that separated us.

After a long, painful journey, we eventually found peace together. But Gail, it is so sad that our mothers are no longer with us; that they both died some time ago. Matter of fact, when you look at the wedding family photo there are many loved ones no longer here. Time has flown by. Remember when we packed up the car in Lawrence, Kansas and drove to San Francisco?

We arrived here and made the city our home for over thirty years now. We both learned early on that we are fiercely independent people and had intense authority issues working for bosses. I work with children, teens and adults. I have also written three books. You created an Afro-Centric elementary school in that has been a life saver and changer for many children. You instill confidence in the kids and teach them to believe in themselves; just like you have done for me all these years.

I know that I am not exactly a walk in the park or a day at the beach. I am unreasonable and I lose faith in life sometimes. When my emotional pain is triggered, I believe that I will never be soothed. This causes me to be sullen, withdrawn and emotionally unavailable.

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I hope you know that I am always striving to be a better man and am a continuing flawed work in progress. I am lucky to have you to share my life with. We have so many things in common: The division between the haves and have nots had increased massively since the day we got married. We are involved in fighting against those who hate others because they are different.

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They slept separately and scarcely spoke, even at work. Instead, their marriage was crashing. They pondered a do-not-resuscitate order. Although the divorce rate for the general population has held steady since the s, it has doubled for older adults over the past 20 years, a bombshell finding from a study co-authored by Susan Brown, co-director of the National Center for Family and Marriage Research at Bowling Green State University.

Brown and her colleague I-Fen Lin crunched marriage data from the American Community Survey and were shocked to find that of all those who divorced inone in four was age 50 or older, compared with one in 10 in A recent study by the American Association of Retired People, she says, also suggests that in this age group women initiate the divorce two thirds of the time.

Many of these couples are experiencing key turning points. We have longer life expectancies, and many of these people can expect to live another 30 years.

So Dick moved out of the house and into a rental property that they owned. Health problems, medications, and menopause can sour moods and wither the libido. Once reliable social circles may disband as children graduate and spouses approach retirement. Crises may arise with elderly parents or with grown children. But in the second half all of these ghosts re-emerge.

You swallow it and expect the other guy to die. After their first child was born, they were unable to have a second. Twelve years later, they adopted a baby girl.

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Marriage creates an environment in which you can choose happiness and you can create a wonderful home and friendship that will bring you happiness. Among couples who called their marriages unhappy in the first round but stayed together, two out of three said their marriages were happy five years later. Spouses who divorced and remarried were, on average, no happier than those who stayed married. Research on the consequences of late-in-life divorce is scarce, Brown says, because it has been uncommon until recently.

But she ventures that the economic costs intensify for this age group because their working years are dwindling; ex-spouses have less time to recover financially. Cost kept suburban Chicago couple Phil and Helen Kornick, both 51, from divorcing about six years ago.

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She also prayed and searched online for help and found Retrouvaille. An offshoot of Worldwide Marriage Encounter, Retrouvaille evolved into a distinct Catholic ministry to heal marriages in crisis. The Kornicks are Jewish, but Retrouvaille is open to anyone. They completed their first retreat in