9 cups reversed relationship goals

9 of Cups Tarot Card – Meaning, Love, Reversed

9 cups reversed relationship goals

9 of Cups Reversed as Advice Using Tarot Cards. things happen toward making your own happiness a desirable and reachable goal. Top. Nine of Cups Meaning - Original Rider Waite Tarot Depiction You have struggled to find purpose and joy after loss, you have tasted the. My goal is to help my clients to avoid pitfalls and manifest their dreams. Elliot Oracle - Tarot Card Readings. Tarot The Nine of Cups represents savoring life and all its pleasures. When the Nine of Cups appears reversed, it still indicates you should enjoy the good things in life, but warns against excess.

They confused the gifts of love and intimacy with lust and sex.

Nine (IX) of Cups – Truly Teach Me Tarot

They began to seduce instead of woo and soon question marks hung over the validity or sincerity of supposed relationships. His eyes were opened to all the hedonistic behaviour around him, the overindulgence and bad habits. He had not heeded the advice of Spirit who told him not to throw its contents around in the wrong places or with the people who would not respect it.

He was told the Cup and its contents were a reflection of his heart and soul. If its contents were contaminated or sullied then so too would his heart and soul. Deep unhappiness would then follow. He had helped lead himself to this time of sadness, loss and terrible trauma.

Yes, his emotions were tainted. His heart-felt heavy and dark. He buried his face in his hands and cried and cried. How was he ever to fix his life, how was ever to recover from the pain and how was he ever going to forgive himself and others for all that had come to be? They stayed close by but he was oblivious to their presence. In the Six of Cups, shaken and weary he had allowed his family and friends to rally round.

He found sanctuary in his family home and kept a very low profile. He needed time to emotionally heal and understand what had gone wrong. By nature, he was a warm, loving, peaceful and happy person. Had he really being happy? Did he feel personally fulfilled? He knew that he had not ended up in the Five of Cups by chance alone. How could he put it right if he could not identify it. He put every area of his life under a microscope, looking for something, anything that held real meaning for him.

Now he was interested in this whole other side to him, his hidden identity. He was leaving an old way of life behind in search of a new way of living. He intended to discover things about himself that were buried deep down. The night before he left, he became anxious and worried.

He had lain in bed, tossing and turning as he doubted his strength to carry it through. He began to lose his nerve. They warned him of the dangers of straying out of his comfort zone and meeting people he may not be able to trust. Would he not be better to stay where he was and settle for what he had?

He knew now where all the doubts were surfacing from. He fell into a deep restful sleep.

9 of Cups - Excerpt from "Tarot Unlocking the Arcana"

The next morning he was off, travelling light, he had only taken the most necessary items with him. They had sat on a rock together and had spoken at length about the meaning of life and the mysteries of the Universe.

Strip away all the distractions, the external noise and then wait for your inner voice, your higher self to speak. He got his first glimpse of the deepest contents of his Cup and marvelled at its beauty.

He discovered talents and abilities hidden under other interesting contents. Fuelled with desire to try them out he enrolled in courses and classes and was shown how to use these talents. He learned to paint and developed his own style. He was beginning to experience real happiness. He took up yoga and meditation which helped reconnect him with his spiritual side. It was during this time, that he discovered a deep peace and sense of contentment.

He painted his finest works of art when he was on his own. He also made new friends on his journeys. They had much in common. It was not just lip service designed to impress or caress. Many were fellow artists or crafts people like himself. Their eyes shone with the sparkle of inner happiness. As we return to the Nine of Cups, we can now appreciate that while this may be the Figure from the Eight of Cups, he most certainly is a changed man. We have not seen him for a long time and yes, his appearance is different.

Apparently he is a world-renowned artist now. He is famous for his creative interpretations of seascapes and marine life.

9 cups reversed relationship goals

Then there will be a fine banquet with sumptuous food and the best of wine for us all to enjoy. As we sneakily stare at him through the window, we are dazzled by the lavish layout of this beautiful room.

Much money has been spent on this night and the guests will want for nothing. In the past, he was careless with his Cups. Some got knocked over, others broken and some misused. He has placed them deliberately out of easy reach. Only those most trusted and those who can appreciate them will be given access. He had fought hard to find this new peace and happiness and he will be very careful to keep it away from anything or anyone who may wish to taint it.

Before the doors open, he just wants to sit here and savour the moment, to wallow in his success. This is not just the success of his exhibition, his banquet or whatever else he may be doing but it is his personal triumph in finding his True Self, His Inner-Happiness, his Self-Respect, Self-Worth and Self-Love.

He succeeded in his mission. He went in search of his Ninth Cup and now it stands proudly behind him after joining the previous Eight. He had wished and dreamed for this moment for so long and as he sits proud as punch in front of his achievements we will have to forgive him for looking a little smug with himself. On his head he wears a red hat with a large red feather.

The colour red speaks of the passion he has put into his search and the feather symbolically represents his success. He has reached for the stars and has managed to catch them.

He has found what he was looking for. His Dream has come True and he is on Cloud Nine. It will be a night to remember and he wants to share it with those people who mean something to him. Another thing he has realised about himself, is that he enjoys all the pomp and ceremony that go with these occasions. He sits alone but why?

Maybe it is the final piece of the jigsaw that needs to be put in place. He has found himself, found that which makes him happy, is happy in his own skin and with who he is.

He had developed his talents and skills and has achieved much success. The final piece of the jigsaw will find him opening his heart to another. All this new-found happiness will lead to nothing if he keeps it to himself. Will he find that special someone who he will want to share his precious Cup with?

He now has something of real worth to offer. He will also be able to recognise that in another so will be drawn to the right kind of relationship for him. A relationship built on trust, substance, strong foundations, love and respect. He has put in the hard work and travelled far in search of it so it would be nice to see this story have a happy ending.

Maybe, he will meet someone at the Banquet tonight? Well done Mr Cups and Congratulations. Not being able, or free to give your heart to another. You may not be ready for a new relationship just now. Unable to sustain a relationship. There may be cyclical patterns that needs to be addressed. You may find it difficult to get past the early stages of a relationship. You might bail out before you get too involved.

Feeling the love and joyful emotions drain from your heart and soul. Feeling overwhelmed by strong emotions. Shedding buckets of tears. Deep disappointment and upset in love. You may feel dreadfully disillusioned as a once promising relationship flounders.

News, gossip or rumor that causes upset. A break up text, phone-call, email or text. Weddings, engagements called off. Where fertility or conception is concerned there may be problems. Miscarriages can occur, but other cards in the spread would need to support this. Drowning your sorrows with alcohol.

Cups – Love and Romance Associations

Also question any new relationship that involves excess of any kind e. May not be fully free to pursue a relationship. Say You Will be Mine! Feeling drawn to another. Forming a strong bond. Deciding to commit to each other. A relationship matures and deepens. You may be feeling all loved up and certainly only have eyes for each other at this stage.

9 cups reversed relationship goals

You may only be realising that you are officially a couple as you spend more and more time together. There is a strong sense of mutual respect and equality in this relationship. You have much to offer each other and understand that love involves give and take. Take note that this is a Stage Card and also carries the number 2. There may be a sense of playing the part or being caught up in a great romantic drama with heroes and heroines taking center stage.

You may feel unique in this and that no other has experienced a love like yours. You may be caught up in being newly engaged or planning for a wedding. With Stage Cards the act may not be sustainable or it may be far removed from reality. Is it too good to be true?

Only time will tell as this relationship is still in its infancy. With cards that carry the number 2, extremes of love can be experienced.

Regardless of how wonderful this relationship may seem right now, remember that there is a You, Me and Us involved, not just an Us. Balance may be needed……. Yes, to happy couples and committing to each other. Yes to successful proposals. Yes, to give and take. No, to wearing Rose Tinted Glasses, this is real life. A relationship fallen or pulled apart.

Repulsion instead of attraction. Great unhappiness replaces joy. Break-ups, broken engagements, separation and divorce. A once happy relationship falls apart. A lack of respect and equality. Only giving or taking. Balance has been lost. Someone may be unfaithful. You may discover that you have very little in common after all. Feelings of attraction may not be reciprocated. You may have fallen out of love.

A relationship may have peaked too soon or was too intense to be sustained.

9 cups reversed relationship goals

The two of you may need some breathing space or time apart. This may not be the end of the world for this relationship. There may be hope left but things have to change. You may have become too co-dependent which has resulted in claustrophobia and stagnation.

9 cups reversed relationship goals

Being clingy and needy.