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The Astro Twins tell you which horoscope signs have the planets aligned in Aquarius Love Chart AQUARIUS + ARIES (March 21 - April 19) ♥♥♥♥ Banter leads you to the bedroom fast, where the sex is playful and. Gain astrological insight that can help your romantic relationship blossom! Check out today's daily couples love horoscope for Aquarius on Dec 29, Finding out what matters to you as an individual is crucial to Year, , , , , , , , , , , , , . Aquarius Love Horoscopes: Free Astrology forecast. From December to mid-March , Juno is retrograde here. Because your romance sector ruler is Mercury, your close relationships are particularly vulnerable to Mercury's.

You may keep a lot of this to yourself, but of course, the process can indirectly affect your relationships, ultimately for the better! Key Periods in Venus continues its retrograde cycle until January 31st, which affects all of us in general, mainly in the areas of love and finances.

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These matters are not straightforward during this period, and it is a time for reviewing our attitudes rather than forging ahead boldly into new love relationships or financial projects. However, in January, the effects of both Venus retrograde and Mars in communications sectors of your solar chart can bring out a warrior when it comes to how you communicate. Watch for unintentional brusqueness at this time.

Work on softening your manner. When Mercury is in Aquarius, romance tends to pursue you! This occurs on January and then February March Part of this time, Mercury is retrograde in your sign, and while you can have admirers, love can be on the complicated side. This occurs from February Venus is retrograde during the January period, and again, love can be complex.

The Sun, your partnership ruler, is in your sign from March 6-April 5. However, while Mercury is retrograde in your sign, from February 13th, you may be indecisive or on the fence about a relationship matter.

From April 6-May 5, Venus is in your sign. Love seems to come to you without the need for your pursuing it. However, Mars is retrograde from March 1-May Desires can be hard to read for existing relationships — both yours and those of a lover. While Venus is in your romance sector, from June July 17, your charm is easy and natural.

Your powers of attraction run high. Love comes to you rather than your having to pursue it. Even so, Mercury is retrograde in your romance sector overlapping part of this period: As mentioned above, having Jupiter in your romance sector for the second half of is exciting for partnering.

Aquarius December 2018 - A love truly worth waiting much love coming in. Love this.

Generally speaking, there are more relationship opportunities during this period. This is especially so when Jupiter trines Uranus in late September this aspect will come exact again in Other strong dates for love opportunities occur when the Sun and Jupiter align in your partnership sector on Julyand when Venus and Jupiter align in your partnership sector on August Venus is in your partnership sector from August September 5.

This can soften your disposition, help to enhance a partnership or smooth over differences in same, and it may bring helpful, warm, and loving people into your experience. Eros is also in your sign from November 20th — another strong influence for courage and attractiveness. Love Guide The following guide shows when, where, and how to best find or maintain love.

See below the guide for more key dates and the best periods for attracting or enhancing romance, partnerships, and intimacy. Key to the Guide Where: Each sector of a chart represents certain areas of your life. For example, the ninth house is connected to institutes for higher learning and travel. When Venus transits that particular sector, you may have better chances finding love while traveling, doing adventurous things, or furthering your education.

Emphasizing your own character traits that are associated with a particular sector of the chart that Venus is currently transiting helps you to attract more pleasant and loving energies into your life. Relationships begun now are: Relationships begun while Venus is transiting a particular sector of your chart tend to take on some of the characteristics of that sector. Ways to improve an existing love relationship during a particular period.

Nov 5, Nov 4, to Mar 5, Ven 12th H. Privately, hospitals or service-oriented institutions, online, blind dates. Quiet charm, helpful and compassionate nature, discreet.

Unselfish love; showing affection and attention without expectation of reward; being supportive; private activities. You make an excellent first impression now. This is a very favorable time for doing something to enhance your appearance such as getting a hair cut or purchasing new clothing. Your personal magnetism is strong and you attract appreciation, affection, and attention at this time.

Feelings of love, a desire for beauty, and the urge to be creative are strong. You beautify your surroundings and pay particular attention to your appearance. This is a good time to treat yourself or do something fun just for you.

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By expressing your initiative, natural charm, friendliness, enhancing your beautiful features and personal style, expressing self-confidence.

Starts quickly and expectations are such that the relationship is exciting and maintains spontaneity.

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Shopping, financial institutions, restaurants. By expressing your loyalty, dependability, good taste, sensuality, simplicity, and practicality.

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Enjoying the moment, sensual pleasures, stability, gift-giving, candles, massages, earthy pleasures. You gain what you want through diplomacy or charm and by enlisting the support of your friends, rather than by being forthright and bold.

You are willing to make concessions in order to maintain harmony in your environment. You can attract what you want and need, rather than pursue it forcefully or do it all yourself. This is an excellent time to go out on a date or ask someone for a favor, because you make a decidedly positive impression at the moment. Being with people and enjoying good times especially with beautiful, charming, lighthearted people is really what you want now.

Because you are open to love and friendly gestures, you will attract loving people into your experience. In your neighborhood, schools, running errands, social functions, by phone or email, through lighthearted conversations. By expressing your sociability, talkativeness, friendliness, by listening and communicating in a pleasant, unaffected manner, emphasizing your intellect and lighthearted nature. Opening the lines of communication, taking short trips with each other, getting out and about, sending emails and otherwise making contact, taking a lighthearted and playful approach to love.

Overall this is likely to bring ease and engender positive feelings in your interactions and personal relationships, but in a situation in which you need to move forcefully on your own behalf it could work against you. Your own values or way of expressing love and affection may differ from someone you encounter now, but because you are willing to please and smooth over differences, all is likely to turn out well.

In fact, your differences may be appealing. Your desire for pleasure, ease, and affection is brought to the fore and may interfere with work or complicated situations in which you need to be acting assertively and on your own behalf. Your mood and attitude is conciliatory, and your need for love and approval heightened. By expressing and emphasizing your domestic qualities, devotion, quietness, nurturing qualities.

The relationship is likely to be sentimental, and perhaps somewhat insular. A romance begun now might be characterized by sensitivity, concern, and care on the positive side, but it could also be a moody, clinging one. Aquarius firmly believes in being unprejudiced and equal, in all his dealings and myriad friendships. An Aquarius will always have numerous friends. And, with his attractive personality, visionary approach and tolerance, he seldom faces a shortage of suitors or friends.

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His love for the new and the latest makes him challenge ordinary and tradition even in the domain of love. Thus, before submitting to love, many of the Aquarius may not hesitate in testing the waters on multiple quarters. Nonetheless, given their open and frank nature, they may sometimes end up confusing casual friendships with love. Hence, feeling empty, unfulfilled or confused in love is a probability for them. Aquarius Compatibility When Aquarius in Love: Aquarius is communicative, imaginative, witty, candid and friendly.

The mate of this intelligent person will find great fun in spending time with him, as an Aquarius is always full of beans — innovative, bubbling with novel ideas to do something different and unconventional yet fun and cosy. Usually faithful, especially when they have found their soul-mate; and supportive of independent partners, they themselves guard their independence fiercely.

They motivate their partners to search for better job opportunities or to take up advanced courses or refresher courses that can help them to get a better job opportunity; they overlook conventional options and aim for a better tomorrow. Are you single and want to attract love in your life? We suggest you to get a personalised service — Attract Love, to increase your chances of finding a suitable love partner! Moreover, you can know more about your love life from the Love Horoscope that you get absolutely free.

On the downside, Aquarius may end up ignoring his personal relationships in the process to innovate, move, change and evolve. He may even neglect to infuse his relationships with affection and fondness, which may insult others.