Arsene wenger alex ferguson relationship poems

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Russell Brand on Alex Ferguson: 'A unique figure in the football faith' middle at Arsenal that can't be because it's never occurred to Arsène Wenger. can be managed and understood through my relationship with the club. Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has revealed his relationship with former Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson has changed for the better. Sir Alex Ferguson at the launch of his autobiography on Tuesday (PA) . such as Arsène Wenger, Fabio Capello and Alex Ferguson.

League the season before Wenger's arrival,[72] and continued their poor form into the following campaign, losing several matches in a row.

Why don't you think it out? I like the spirit round the game and at Arsenal I like the spirit of the club and its potential. What does this Frenchman know about football? He wears glasses and looks more like a schoolteacher.

He's not going to be as good as George [Graham]. Does he even speak English properly? Wenger's arrival at Arsenal was greeted with perplexity by some of the club's players, supporters and the local media.

Glenn Moore's report in The Independentdated 24 Septemberhighlighted the mood: The English players often set up pranks on Wenger to relieve hostility and nicknamed him "Inspector Clouseau", due to his clumsy nature. He is this gangly wise man". It is a serious matter if you can just create things that are not right. Early success In preparation for the forthcoming seasonWenger took the Arsenal squad to Austria, which would become the club's usual pre-season base.

We're all drunk and they're all smoking," he recollected. Such was the likelihood of Manchester United going on to retain the title, bookmaker Fred Done paid out on punters with two months of the season left.

Second double, Invincibles, and leaving Highbury The cup defeat prompted Wenger make changes to his squad. It wouldn't surprise me if we were to go unbeaten for the whole of the season". Journalist Phil McNulty wrote that Wenger's demeanor "spoke of someone who had the title in his grasp but now saw it slipping from his fingers". But you must really want it," was Wenger's reply, as he believed the squad had the right mixture of technique, intelligence and physique. Wenger retained his best players, despite interest shown by Chelsea's new owner Roman Abramovich.

Six games into the league seasonArsenal were involved in a brawl against Manchester United; the ill-feeling stemmed from Vieira's dismissal late on. Several players were charged and fined accordingly by the FA and Wenger apologised for his team's overreaction.

arsene wenger alex ferguson relationship poems

Stadium move and transition In the summer ofWenger oversaw Arsenal's relocation to the Emirates Stadium. His youthful team contested the League Cup final in February and were the youngest to play in a major English cup final, averaging 21 years.

Arsenal are wonderfully incisive yet infuriatingly blunt. In AprilDein left Arsenal due to "irreconcilable differences" about the future of the club. Rebuilding, return of trophies, and departure Wenger's preparations for the —12 season were disrupted by player unrest.

Because one guy says something, everybody goes the same way". Poor performances in the big games, however, blighted Arsenal's title credentials, with a 6—0 loss to Chelsea at Stamford Bridge being described as "a good hiding [as] you don't prepare all week to experience that.

On 30 April, Arsenal lost to main rivals Tottenham which had confirmed the latter had finished above them in the Premier League for the first time since the —95 FA Premier League season. The victory represented a further record for Wenger, as Arsenal too, became the most successful club in the competition's history as they won the competition for the 13th time. That means compact lines, of zones, of quick, coordinated movements with a good technique.

Arsène Wenger

It has a framework, yet should leave some part for freedom of expression. Of course, he was still an integral part of the initial Liverpool revolution. It says a lot about the man that Paisley turned up to sign Mark Lawrenson in dressed in cardigan and slippers. Situation Inherited John Smith, current chairman of Liverpool and TV Williams, former chairman, with Bob Paisley in Bob Paisley was a reluctant manager, telling his players that he only took the job under duress, and that it would only be a temporary appointment.

He had grown used to Shankly threatening to walk away, but never doing so. So when the Scot actually did, the shock was immense. It was a bombshell and Bob was very reluctant to take the position. Did he have doubts about rebuilding his side yet again, as older players like Tommy Smith, Chris Lawler and Ian Callaghan reached the latter stages of their careers? Or was it that he wanted to go out at the top? On the face of it there was no logical reason in relation to the team itself; it was clearly in great shape and on the rise.

And only two players, Lawler and Callaghan, were in their 30s. Shankly told Smith and Robinson that he wanted Paisley to have the job, and Paisley wanted Shankly to keep the job —— the best position in football at the time, and incredibly, like a hot potato, neither man wanted it, albeit for very different reasons.

Arsene Wenger reveals how Alex Ferguson has supported him during tough Arsenal run -

And at 55, Paisley was hardly a young man. Having reluctantly agreed to take the job, Paisley wanted to quit some weeks later, albeit without his resignation becoming public knowledge.

arsene wenger alex ferguson relationship poems

He was being hounded by two journalists, who were fiercely critical of him, and was finding the extra administration work that went with the role a struggle. Robinson dealt with the pressmen and Saunders was asked to take care of the admin. As assistant manager to Bill Shankly, Paisley had a direct involvement in the signing and development of the players he would end up inheriting in But the strength of that team could be seen in the fact that no other side finished with more than 48 points, and indeed, 12 clubs had tallies in the 40s.

After seven years without a trophy, this was a rebuilt team that was very much on the up when the changeover occurred.

Other players of seriously notable calibre were also in the squad in the summer of Ray Kennedy, signed for Liverpool on the day Shankly resigned, proved a fitting parting gift. Paisley, already doubted by many because of his nature, faced a baptism of fire.

The two men threw off their shirts as they walked off the pitch; in what now seems an incredibly harsh punishment and even did in more conservative days, before footballers baring their pecs and abs was the normKeegan, on top of a three game ban for fighting, received a further eight game ban for removing his shirt and thus bringing the game into disrepute.

State of Club John Smith later to be knighted for his services to football had only recently taken charge of Liverpool. His 17 seasons coincided with eleven league titles and four European Cups. Smith had just spoken to the local press about the current playing staff and potential transfer targets, and Paisley was furious.

He made it perfectly clear that any further such disclosures would lead to his swift resignation. Smith apologised, and an important marker had been laid down by the new manager.

Continuity was the watchword when Paisley was appointed manager in Nothing really changed behind the scenes; there was just a natural evolution. Bob Paisley was also keen on the idea. He told Evans that although he was steady enough, he was never going to be a regular in the first team — and as such, he should look to the future and concentrate on coaching.