Benefits of a good working relationship with supplier

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benefits of a good working relationship with supplier

To adapt a quotation from the poet John Donne, no business is an island. The key advantage of strong, healthy supplier relationships is that. Keeping a strong and healthy working supplier relationship with suppliers in your procurement supply chain can reap ample benefits for your. A good relationship with suppliers is a vital part of business success. The following tips will help you to maintain good relationships.

Getting The Right Deal There are many facets of a vendor or supplier relationship to consider when negotiating terms. These facets revolve around the following: This seems obvious but many a business person has launched into a deal where they did not understand the true benefits a particular vendor or supplier gave them. They basically just followed the crowd and did what everyone else did.

How To Build Strong Vendor and Supplier Relationships

A mutually beneficial relationship requires both parties to understand what each one brings to the partnership. Having a keen insight into why a particular vendor or supplier wants your businesses will make the deal easier to do.

What really matters to my business: Sometimes price will matter while other times maybe turn around time is your hot button issue. Whatever the issue, understand how each vendor and supplier contributes to your business and how that plays into your core business needs. Vendors and suppliers can promise a lot but never deliver. This is especially true for small vendors that are ramping up their capabilities.

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Be aware of the particular challenges that your company may apply to a supplier so that you can judge their ability to deliver. The list above is my no means exhaustive but gives a good starting point for figuring out the type of deal your company needs.

One thing to avoid is to make the process all about price. The price you will pay is always important but there are so many other considerations that may matter more. Assess your real needs and then go after the deal that makes the most sense. Conflict Avoidance and Resolution All relationships have conflict no matter how good they are. Always try to avoid conflict but recognize when conflict is present. A good vendor or supplier relationship will be able to withstand some amount of conflict as long as both parties want to resolve the conflict in a productive way.

Too often, a vendor or supplier relationship will turn south when one of the parties decides to take advantage of the other.

benefits of a good working relationship with supplier

Taking unfair advantage of a situation is a short sided approach to building a lasting business. Resolving conflict is never easy. In fact, most of us shy away from dealing with conflict until it hits the point where the conflict becomes unavoidable.

benefits of a good working relationship with supplier

Some of the most common vendor or supplier conflicts include: Confront any ability to pay problems as early as you can and talk with your vendor or supplier about it. Nine out of ten times, they will understand and try and figure out a way to work with you. Products can sometime come to you damaged or defective. When this happens, you vendor or supplier should be notified right away so corrective measures can be taken.

benefits of a good working relationship with supplier

Handle any product returns with care and respect since a good vendor will want to correct the issue as soon as they can. Subcontracting can be a tremendous asset to a company if the work to be performed is properly specified.

When specification misunderstandings creep in, strive to not lay blame but rather get to the root of the matter as a team. Stability within the supply chain cannot be overestimated. Any supply chain that is unstable will have stock outs, will have an inability to meet sudden peaks in demand and ultimately will not provide a good service to the customer.

  • The Advantages of A Well Managed Supplier Relationship

So collaboration helps to stabilise the supply chain in a way that was almost unimaginable only a few years ago within the Western World, although such stability had long been achieved in the Japanese car industry. The closer the collaboration between suppliers and customers ensures that the supply chain can meet any peaks or troughs in demand. The flexibility of approach can actually make a huge difference to the customer.

They will be able to take on new contracts with little notice or they will be able to withstand periods of low demand, simply by working in a close relationship with their suppliers.

The reduction of defects and the time saved within the supply chain means that the supplier is able to lower the costs of goods supplied, which is a benefit to the customer but also helps the supplier to keep afloat and stay competitive.

The Advantages of A Well Managed Supplier Relationship

Collaboration can be an good driver for cost reduction A mutually beneficial relationship: Whereas in the past, the relationship was between supplier and customer was adversarial and the supplier was often seen as being wholly dispensable. The supplier knew that this was how they were viewed, so they had no interest in responding flexibly, they knew they could be replaced within a matter of days.

Now they could be replaced, but both parties recognise that there is a vested interest in them both working together. The final benefit of closer collaboration with suppliers has to be the potential for expansion and new opportunities that are presented when the supplier and the customer find that working collaboratively makes them a very strong team!