Bk shivani relationship 14 year age

bk shivani relationship 14 year age

Brahma Kumaris's Sr Shivani has practical advice. MANILA, Philippines - A year-old Indian woman was in despair. Fondly known as “Sr. Shivani,” this lady has been a Raja Yoga practitioner for the last 14 years. She is. Shivani Verma (born in Pune in ), better known as Brahma Kumari Shivani or Sister In an interview, she said "For two years, I saw the impact on them. years, she began attending sporadically – about once every two weeks when at the age of . This page was last edited on 14 November , at (UTC ). Her age as of is around 45 years. Wedding / Marriage / Husband/ Boyfriend Currently Married / BK Shivani Husband is Vishal Verma. She works at a.

Keep a positive attitude so that others can learn from you.

bk shivani relationship 14 year age

As the harmony in the home increases, your husband may feel comfortable enough to speak. Reply Poonam I am 42 yrs old female. I have done basic course from one of Baba's centres. Will meditation with guided imagery help or any other piece of advice or guidance for me.

I would suggest that you and your son accept whatever emotions you are having with love. As all your beautiful core qualities are naturally in the soul, they do not change with a preference to a gender or a change of gender. So, perhaps do not worry about this gender issue so much, but do what is comfortable for you and see a therapist if you are conflicted about it. But, mostly, enjoy your naturally beautiful qualities as a soul, and be light about your gender preference.

Reply Niharika Please record a video on it. There r so many succidal happening everywhere in the world.

bk shivani relationship 14 year age

My son is facing this too. Please help me in this Reply Mary Moderator His married life is almost about to end please help me i don't want this to happen because he can't live without this girl he is feeling guilty he want to kill his self. You have to decide whether it should be your current company or a different company. All jobs have some difficulties. Headaches are caused by the thoughts we have about our difficulties. The headaches mean that we need to change our thinking, that is, we need to think about the best possible ways of dealing with our difficulties.

We can think about what we need for our well-being and how we might create what we need. You can find many of the Awakening programs on this website and all of them on the awakening. You can look at several of the episodes. Maybe one particular series is most meaningful for you. People generally find that if they continue to view the episodes, their questions get answered and their confusion fades.

I want to tell you that I am not satisfied with the current job.

BK Shivani Wiki, Age, Biography, Family, Husband, Lectures

Due to misbehaving of my serious. It is a target base job When you are unable to achieve the target. They started shouting on you. Even don't understand the situation. I love you work. Please help me out Waiting for your reply Hari OM xyz We r living in the same house but not talking to each other. I am sure he will continue on this pattern as he is completely detached.

We have two kids nd pls show me the path ahead. I love him but don't want to get hurt repeatedly. Also there is no emotional attachment frm his side. We realize that people we thought would help us through life have gone in a different direction. But we still love because we know that to love is the best for ourselves and for our families. Together with love, we need to be detached.

We detach from our own desires and emotions and any pressures we may feel from other people, so that we can make good decisions. When I am honest with myself and loving in my relations with others, I can take help and inspiration from God. Oftentimes people love each other and want to live together but their personalities clash.

They suffer because of this, and think that the other person made them suffer. If you want to live together, it is wise to first recognize where there are clashes in your personalities, goals, cultures and opinions. These will all make living together difficult. What do you intend to do about the clashes? Why do you want to live together? Is it realistic to think that you can get what you want be living together? True love means staying with a person even when you feel that the person is interfering with your happiness.

Most people mix of love and attachment. The attachment causes suffering and blocks the love. I have a 9 year daughter. When our date of birth was matched they say strictly not to live together n seperste.

bk shivani relationship 14 year age

What should i do its very difficult. The laws of karma work identically for everyone. It is important for us to be very vigilant about our own karma because any loss or harm that we cause, small or big, will eventually come back to us. Conversely, every pure act of benevolence will come back.

What we have done in the past is not as critical as what we do right now.

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If you feel that it is not right to consume eggs or onions or alcohol, then find out why. You can get answers to your questions at your Brahma Kumaris centre. There is no need to regret past actions once we choose to make better choices in the future. We change our destiny by doing this. Discover your own divine spiritual nature and develop it as fully as you can.

This is what makes life satisfying. She listens to the concerns that people talke about and she addresses them in her lectures. Keep listening to the classes and you will find good answers and good advice. Pranjal Madaan Ma'am, i want to know what is the concept of illuminati. I really don't understand what happen to these people in the end the followers of illuminati. I always keep on thinking how hitler will get punishment of his karma.

I have many questions. Ma'am i'm a teen. I don't know who to discuss my problem with? Sometimes it feels like wheather to discuss or ask them from brahma kumaris.

How to maintain Family Balance - Why Purity ?- Question and Answers 2 - BK Shivani (Hindi)

I believe in shivbaba. But then i eat onion, eggs and twice or thrice i have taken alcohol. I sometimes regret upon my karma for these things. It feels like i am betraying god, and mai bhagwan ki bachi kehlane layak ni samjhti fir khudko. Generally, when a soul leaves its body at death, the soul goes into the body of a fetus in a womb.

However occasionally, the departed soul remains without taking another body for a while. That soul is referred to as a spirit or ghost. I Am a married woman I lived in joint family with 11 people. I believe in cleanliness one of my jethani regularly mess kitchen and put the things improper way one of them is liar she lies every Now and then.

How To handle such kind of people Another thing is because all of this I lose my temper and I became engry on my two year old girl I felt guilty for it I want to chang my self and my thoughts So that I can't think bad about thoes who behav worst or do something messy with me Please please please guide me I want to be a good person and pure soul.

I want to think positive but right now because all of this things whole the time negative thoughts make me disturbe. The key to happiness is having a very beautiful inner world that is exactly the way I like it.

I have complete control over my inner world. If I like cleanliness and truth and harmony, then I keep my thoughts clean and truthful and harmonious. I stay peaceful inside.

Think right and feel great, no matter what

I fill myself with the sunshine of happy thoughts and good wishes towards others. I accumulate the energy of peace so that I can nourish my child with peace.

This practice takes constant attention. If I forget, and start thinking about the annoying habits of others, my inner world will suffer. Instead, be the best you can be so that your child feels like she lives in a world of sunshine. Lakinder Singh How can i contact her either by mail or phone. Thanks Smruti Mary Moderator And in her discussions, she sheds light on spiritual principles and practices that can be applied to any issue.

This is how Sister Shivani reaches out to help people with their personal problems. If you view some of her series and episodes, you will find ideas that are very helpful with your situation. Her approach is to help people resolve their personal problems by helping them understand universal principles that lead to solutions. The previous actions may be things that we have done in this lifetime and could also be things that we have done in previous life times.

She is one of the personalities behind the India-wide TV program "Awakening with the Brahma Kumaris," making her a popular figure in many Indian households. How Raja Yoga rocks my world Ready to choose happiness? Listen to this guided meditation: Shivani finished her Electronics Engineering graduate course from Pune University inafter which she served for two years as a lecturer in Bhartiya Vidyapeeth College of Engineering in Pune.

However, she has fully dedicated her life to 'spiritual social service' by running values-based workshops internationally and leading the said TV show. We think that spirituality and religions will change our problems.

In many of her talks, Sr. Shivani emphasizes the value of maintaining thoughts based on our original qualities of goodness. Always highlighting the fact that real happiness is an internal strength that stems from the practice of right thinking, Sr. Shivani encourages us by reminding us that the destiny of happiness is always within reach. When I create the wrong thoughts, I will feel low. If I am stable, then I am strong.

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