Boruto sarada relationship advice

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boruto sarada relationship advice

I don't really answer such questions with regards to Boruto but I'll give it a try. I don't think that they will become a couple by the end of the story but I do believe. stated that she only wanted Sasuke's happiness as well as forming a friendly relationship with Sakura and also delivering their child, Sarada. Sarada was no expert on relationships, but that didn't really seem like . and she was hoping Boruto would take her advice to heart and wear.

He's not inherently physically strong, he isn't too trained in intense chakra control, and he isn't knowledgeable in med-nin. He could not perform this impactful move. The two above her, Boruto and Iwabee, are known to get into trouble, get into fights, and generally set bad examples as future shinobi. Instead of that, Sarada does all her work, inspires her classmates, and tries to keep everyone out of as much trouble or danger as possible.

Compared to Sarada, Boruto is a disaster. Right before school even started, he broke the Hokage rock and was punished. Between that, fighting, cheating, and skipping class sometimes, Boruto is hardly a model student. While Sarada rarely got in trouble, he was a huge troublemaker.

Though he'd hate it, his actions were fairly similar to his father's when his ninja story began.

boruto sarada relationship advice

Sarada, like her ancestors, find that ability invaluable in battle. One of its most important functions is its ability to copy other ninja's attacks after watching them perform the moves. That power was iconic in Kakashi's first fight with Zabuza in Naruto, and has since remained a strong tool in battle. From copying, Sarada has learned lightning armor and other lightning forms and some techniques from Mirai. Boruto has the same, if not more, potential than Sarada.

However, he cannot copy abilities as quickly or precisely as she can and never will be able to. She even successfully combined that control with her strength and used the combination to make herself even stronger. Her chakra punches were known to break walls. When a dangerous, gigantic rock threatens the crowds at Boruto's Chunin Exam, she even uses that power to destroy the boulder and protect innocent bystanders.

Similarly, Sarada has learned to hone the same skill. In her first round of the Chunin Exams, she knocked her opponent out with one chakra punch. Though small, her fists are hardly ones to be messed with. Boruto is powerful, but he simply doesn't have the honed chakra control that Sarada has. He can't knock people across stadiums and break walls with only his fist.

boruto sarada relationship advice

He'd need much more charka training for that. She hopes one day to become Hokage. Because of this, she looks up to Naruto, works really hard in school, tries to be a good example, and practices being a protective leader. From practicing diplomacy or protecting others, she lives by her dream.

She wants to one day be strong and worthy enough to lead this village.

Nothing says that more than asking to change their team name to Team 7, just like Naruto's. Boruto, though, has little ambition. His only goals focus on defying his father and becoming even stronger. There is little constructed motive behind his actions. His first thought-out goal, even, is based on someone else's: He promises to protect her when she becomes Hokage.

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It's the coming of age technique for the Uchiha Members. As her abilities grow, Sarada focuses on Fire and Lightning Releases, just like her own father did before her. Though a unique personality, she knows the strengths of her genetics and relies on those to make her an even stronger ninja.

Orochimaru and Science Orochimaru is not the one for romantic relationships. However, his adoration and devotion to science and his experiments is as close to true love as he'll ever get. As a mad scientist ninja, it's actually quite fitting. While Orochimaru's work has hurt others in the past, it has created one of the best parts of Boruto: Mitsuki is Orochimaru's synthetic son.

He's delightful, well-meaning, strong, and an all around great character.

Having an insane, genius father who actually cares for him mostly makes him even more interesting. In the case of Boruto, Orochimaru's love affair with science has served the show for the better.

After all, where would the new Team 7 be without their friend Mitsuki? Sasuke and Sakura Sakura and Sasuke's relationship has always been an odd one. There is strength ot it, as it did stand the test of corrupting darkness, time, and war. Also, of course, they gave birth to Sarada Uchiha, one of the best characters in Boruto. However, that's about where the good things stop. Sakura is completely at the mercy of her husband's decisions. Sasuke is never around. Sarada is confused and conflicted by her parent's lack of affection and near-constant separation.

While Sarada is fantastic, their relationship in Boruto only seems to bring more hardship and suffering than it brings joy. Sasuke and Sakura may be something that built from the beginning of Naruto, but it's something that just doesn't quite work.

boruto sarada relationship advice

This couple's time in Boruto only shows how much they don't fit, and hurts the show in turn. Shikamaru and Temari Both Temari and Shikamaru are no-nonsense, stoic, and determined ninjas.

They have their own ways of going about their demeanor, Shikamaru with indifference and Temari with bluntness, but both have softer hearts at their core.

This is why it's so endearing to fans the way the two bring out the softer sides of each other. Besides being adorable, Temari and Shikamaru also created one of the coolest characters in Boruto: Like his parents, Shikadai is calculating, confident, and strong. He takes from his father a strong tacticical strength and unenthusiastic personality. From his mother, he's adopted her outspoken nature and protectiveness over people he cares for.

Shikadai is a fantastic friend and rival for Boruto. Sarada suddenly noticed what was on the wall behind Boruto: Not that it's not good ramen, but seriously, he has a problem. The first time he brought me here, I thought he was going to disown me if I didn't say I liked it. Either that or start crying, which would have been worse. She had no idea what her father's favourite restaurant was, and she could almost count on one hand the number of times he'd taken her out to eat, the occasions were so few.

Don't try to be my family therapist—it's weird. Well, it is pretty popular with students, and our fathers both went to Konoha U, right? Maybe he used to come here then. They ate in silence for a while—the ramen really was excellent—before Sarada ventured, "You have a sister, right? As an only child, she'd always been curious about what it was like to have a sibling. She's the lucky one who just got the blue eyes, not the blue eyes and blond hair.

She doesn't have to listen to people telling her how much she looks like Dad all the damn time. Would you shut up? I've even thought about dyeing my hair. Throw artificial colours into the mix and you'll start to look like some kind of human-alien mutant experiment gone wrong. And I'm not dating that. When she dared to look up, she found him watching her contemplatively, chopsticks suspended in the air over his bowl.

Ayame chose that moment to pass by their table. This is like deja vu," she remarked, smiling fondly at them. And I'm sure Boruto wouldn't have it any other way. He had just come back home for the first time in several weeks, but as always, there was still work to do. His wife Sakura appeared in his doorway, having finished her post-dinner cleanup in the kitchen. I'm worried about her. It was unusual for her to do anything that would provoke worry.

It was almost like she didn't really want the award. I tried to ask her what was wrong, but she brushed me off. If Sakura had been unable to get their daughter to open up, he didn't see how he stood a chance. Exasperated, Sakura put her hands on her hips, clear green eyes narrowing dangerously at him. Ask her what's going on in her life. Show some interest in her. You haven't been around much lately; I'm sure she's missing you. It had been a long time since he'd really talked to Sarada, longer than he'd intended.

Not to mention his wife was looking at him in a way that suggested he was in for some very unpleasant times if he didn't bend to her will. Don't leave them overnight! He liked to be in charge, but sometimes it was a refreshing change.

Home was also a place he could count on for its consistency, a steady rock amidst the highs and lows of corporate goings-on. And a big part of that was Sarada: He was aware that he didn't play a hugely active role in her life, but he'd never been good at nurturing, and she'd always seemed fine without him hovering around her.

Whatever Sakura was worried about, he was sure it was nothing serious. He had just returned to his file when his cell phone buzzed on the desk. He glanced at it and frowned when he saw the caller name: There was only one person he had saved in his contact list under an insult.

What was Naruto doing calling him at this hour? Or calling him at all, for that matter?

boruto sarada relationship advice

He was tempted to ignore it, but the rarity of the occurrence drove him to pick up. He pressed the "accept call" button and said shortly, "What? How Naruto still managed to sound like a bratty kid on a sugar high well into his forties, Sasuke would never understand. And when would he learn what an indoor voice was? Why was the idiot calling to ask about Sarada specifically?

Not many things were off-limits in their everlasting quest to one-up each other, but targeting their children or wives was among the few unspoken taboos.

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Naruto's question also brought on an irritating wave of paternal guilt as he was reminded once again that the honest answer to that question was a resounding no.

Sarada and Naruto's son? I was at Ichiraku's tonight and Teuchi said that earlier this week he saw Sarada and Boruto there together. And their ramen was good, so good he never felt quite right insulting it even to rile up Naruto.

Ayame said they looked cute together. Naruto began tentatively, "Do you think they're da—" "Do not go there, idiot," Sasuke cut him off furiously. They're twenty-one now and they live away from home, who really knows what they're up to—" "Your son might be up to anything," Sasuke interrupted again, "but my daughter is more responsible, and has better taste, than that. What are you trying to say about my kid?

And no daughter of mine would ever find that appealing.