Building a strong relationship with your horse is mirror

building a strong relationship with your horse is mirror

I learned how to parent my children through my relationships with horses. Here are some of my favorite quotes - just replace the child with the horse. Children. The balance of power in a relationship affects the balance of control and trust. from the horse's perspective, but it probably does not mirror the human experience. Attachment to humans might be stronger when horses are hand- reared, but for creating a foundation for secure and trusting horse-human relationships. The co-being theory goes beyond the recently described “mirror” theory that horses However, she added, this kind of connection can only develop over time. “And the horse relationship is explained as good for the body and good for the.

How can I build a better bond with my horse?

A horse that likes to be with you, sees you as a friend, and trusts you will truly cooperate throughout the riding. Now, how do you create a stronger relationship? You create a better bond with your horse when you immerse yourself in the being of a horse. How it communicates, how it reacts, how it learns, how you can fulfill its natural needs… Your knowledge of the nature of horses and understanding your horse is the first step to a good relationship.

Then, your horse will understand you too!

building a strong relationship with your horse is mirror

Liberty Training From here on you start with the 8 connection-exercises from the Liberty Training. These are exercises that you can do with a horse that is not attached to a rope in riding arena, a big paddock or the meadow.

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Here you should initially work on the friendship and mutual trust. This is the most crucial thing if you want to develop a strong bond. During the Liberty Training you will obviously learn more than building a bond. You can learn how to give more confidence to an anxious horse, help your horse that was traumatized by something in the past, overcome dominant behaviour, … Establishing leadership is also important, meaning you can lead your horse whenever it is necessary.

This will come in handy during groundwork and riding also. You also learn how to step out of your role as trainer so a deeper connection can be formed.

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The horse is eager to teach you, soothe you and help heal your soul. If you have fears and do not request help, the horse will attempt to do the same but likely from a distance. When you are authentically full of love and joy, or desire that congruent state of being, the horse will come to you and relish in the relationship.

building a strong relationship with your horse is mirror

Horses may also have emotional trauma, and the human that understands them can help heal horses regain confidence, trust and develop a relationship. Relationship is a two-way path. Horses are the epitome of relationship and right Life-Way, living life with honesty, respect, appreciation within a community. Horses are herd animals, and the herd reflects an authentic social community. Horses accept each other without judgment.

Horses also accept humans without judgment. They will offer their unconditional love under honest conditions no matter who you are, as long as you are honest. Horses can read you, and if you are willing, they will teach you how to walk the right path in life.