Canadanepal relationship

Canada Nepal diplomatic relationship

canadanepal relationship

Canada Nepal diplomatic relationship was first established in January 18, Nepal established its residential embassy in Canada in. I. Political Relations. Nepal and Canada established diplomatic relations on January 18, The Ambassador of Nepal to Washington D.C. is. Canada – Nepal Relations in Global Perspective. Remarks by Kul Chandra Gautam·. at Nepal-Canada Friendship and Cultural Association.

Nepal and Canada enjoy cordial relations based on mutual understanding and co-operation. Nepal and Canada share common views on many international issues. Like Nepal, Canada is also a major troop contributor to UN Peace-Keeping operations for the maintenance of international peace and security.

Nepal has appointed Hon. The central theme of the visit was to discuss on the water resources management in particular and further strengthen the existing bilateral relations in general.

Canada-Nepal relations

Economic Relations Canadian aid program in Nepal began in Under this programme, Canada provided seven Twin Otters, constructed a hanger at Nepalgunj, and provided airport security equipment, and training to RNAC and the Department of Civil Aviation officials.

Despite over-all cuts in assistance to Asia and Africa, Canada has assured that the Canadian aid to Nepal will be continued in the years to come. Canada expanded its aid program in Nepal to sectors like energy, rural development, health, education, geographic survey and agriculture as well as poverty alleviation, health care and food security.

canadanepal relationship

Canada provided assistance to Nepal in the past in the following sectors: Canada has been a world leader in promoting child survival and development both through its bilateral aid, and through generous support to multilateral organizations and NGOs.

Canada is to be especially commended for its principled leadership and creative proposals for humanitarian intervention, which former Prime Minister Jean Chretien and Foreign Minister Lloyd Axworthy presented to the UN.

It is a very important counter-weight to the conventional understanding of national sovereignty which dictators often use with impunity to oppress their own people. One might ask how does all this benefit Nepal?

canadanepal relationship

I can tell you that Nepal benefits from such Canadian-supported global initiatives in very meaningful and substantial manner. For example, the generous international support Nepal has received for maternal and child health, nutrition and immunization is, in part, thanks to the Canadian leadership to help enshrine some concrete and ambitious goals in these areas at the World Summit for Children in and in the Millennium Development Goals endorsed by the United Nations in These forums also promulgated policies that accord high priority to the special needs of the least developed and land-locked countries like Nepal.

canadanepal relationship

More directly, the Canadian funded Micronutrient Initiative has been a key partner, along with other organizations like UNICEF, in helping Nepal to virtually eliminate Vitamin A deficiency and combat other forms of malnutrition that is estimated to save the lives of over 10, Nepali children every year. The fact that Nepal is one of the few LDCs on track to achieve MDG-4 and 5 reduction of child and maternal mortalityis in part thanks to the support and solidarity of our international development partners, including Canada.

Canada – Nepal bilateral relations growing, Ambassador Pokhrel highlights

And both countries are generous contributors to UN peace-keeping missions around the world. While Canada and Nepal formally established diplomatic relations only inand the first Canadian bilateral aid program in Nepal began inthe first Canadian cooperation for Nepal actually started in through the Colombo Plan. And Canada provided its first humanitarian assistance to Nepal in the form of food aid in In terms of bilateral aid, Nepal-Canada relationship has seen some ups and downs.

From tothe Canadian aid agency CIDA directly supported several programs and projects in the areas of civil aviation, strengthening of the national airlines, development of water resources and energy, rural development, agriculture, food security, health and education.

Canadian aid emphasized support for institution building — e. Alas, the CCO was closed down in as part of transition in the relationship from an aid focus to a trade and investment focus.

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Sectors of particular interest to Canada are power and energy equipment and services, wastewater management and technologies, irrigation equipment and engineering, infrastructure, transportation especially aircraft and parts and telecommunications equipment.

It is interesting to note that Nepal has a trade surplus with Canada. Tourism is another area of potential growth. Currently, only around 12, Canadians visit Nepal annually.

This could easily double or triple with a little bit of extra effort by Nepal to promote quality tourism. Canada has become a highly desirable country for Nepali students and skilled migrants.

canadanepal relationship