Celebrity couples with 13 year age difference in relationship

Celebrity couples with big age gaps

celebrity couples with 13 year age difference in relationship

4 days ago Klum is dating the Tokio Hotel guitarist, who is 16 years her junior. They sparked rumors when they left a party together in March , and. Here are 17 celebrity couples who chose to love each other for who they Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor. Age difference: 31 years. Photos of celebrities in relationships with age gaps, including Demi Moore, There might be 13 years between Deborra Lee-Furness and her.

Sara, who at 37 is only three years older than McPhee, cannot wait to have the former American Idol alum as her stepmum because they've got tons in common. Later that year, the Kardashian matriarch was linked to year-old former The Bachelor US star Ben Flajnik, but these days she's all up in Gamble's grill. AAP David Hasselhoff, 66, and Hayley Roberts, 38 Despite 28 years between them, Roberts -- a Welsh model and former Debenhams shop assistant -- said she done doesn't mind the gap because her famous husband "acts so much younger.

I don't feel like he's that much older than me.

celebrity couples with 13 year age difference in relationship

Getty Richard Gere, 69, and Alejandra Silva, 35 "I'm not ignoring our age difference and what it means to be with a Hollywood star, but when there's such a strong karmic energy, the problems disappear," the Spanish publicist told People last month. That strong karmic energy has now manifested itself into a baby bump with the couple -- who married earlier this year -- currently expecting their first child together.

Celebrity couples with big age gaps

Before he and the former Miss World got engaged in July, he was linked to actress Kate Hudson, who's 13 years his senior, and Aussie singer Delta Goodrem, who's 8 years older. When they made it past the three-month stage, she couldn't help but take a cheeky swipe at their critics. Love you bub," she captioned a sweet snap on Instagram of herself and LaPagila, who split from year-old Aussie actress Gia Carides in after 17 years of marriage.

The actor started dating Henkel just three months later.

But the hips don't lie and she and the Spanish soccer player now have two sons, Milan, 5, and Sasha, 3. For the most part, their year age gap is no big deal. But when the young doc once told Andre she didn't know who Yogi Bear was, it really hit home. But once they split, she swung the other way and dated young art curator Vito Schnabel, 32, and now German singer Kaulitz.

These Celebrity Couples Have Huge Age Differences Between Them

Klum is aware that people are judging their relationship but she's unfazed because worrying is "only going to give you more wrinkles. AAP Neil Young, 72, and Daryl Hannah, 57 They have 15 years between them but they "don't give a s," the legendary singer told Yahoo in March, five months before their surprise wedding. The two would go on to enjoy almost eight years of married life before getting divorced in There is a ten-year age difference between the two. They made a beautiful couple for a while.

celebrity couples with 13 year age difference in relationship

However, the marriage became rocky, resulting in separation in Sincethe couple has been divorced. Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart Harrison Ford was never one to flaunt his love life, no matter how perfect it seemed.

Even so, it is no secret that he and his wife Calista Flockhart have been married since The two started dating long before that, however, as early as Closer Weekly As perfect as they are for each other, some people are somewhat baffled by their age difference of 22 years.

Ford is 75, whereas Flockhart is But the two do not let it bother them.

10 Married Celebrities With HUGE Age Differences

In fact, they have quite the sense of humor about it. They realize in their hearts that love is love and age is just a number. In fact, Kris Jenner confirmed that they never really had any plans of tying the knot with Corey Gamble. The two view their relationship as something more pragmatic than romantic.

In Touch Weekly One thing about their relationship that raises a few eyebrows is the age difference between the two. Kris is 61 and Corey is 36, leaving a solid 25 years between them. Even so, they have managed to remain together since What they may not know is that she shares a very special relationship with veteran actress Holland Taylor.

The rather elegant pair has been together since Entertainment Tonight They seem to be the perfect match; however, it is hard to deny that there is quite the age gap between them, 32 years to be exact. Paulson is 42 and Taylor is Still, they seem to be madly in love. Paulson has expressed in a couple of interviews how happy she is to be with Taylor. While it is true a good 13 years sits between them, that has not kept them from being a loving couple and doting parents.

The pair adopted two children. PopSugar As far as their marriage is concerned, it has been going strong for 21 years, and their love for each other shows no sign of waning any time soon.

When the two married inthey knew it was meant to be. Hugh Jackman even got his wife-to-be a special ring with the following phrase inscribed into it: Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse If you saw these two looking adorable together, you probably would not even think about the age difference that separates them.

Nonetheless, this couple had a year age difference and began dating when Bradley Cooper was 38 and Suki Waterhouse was Hello Magazine They seemed to be happy together at the time and managed to put age aside. Sadly, though, the two are no longer together.

celebrity couples with 13 year age difference in relationship

They dated for two years before eventually making the decision to go their separate ways in Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas He is an acclaimed actor and comedian. She is a yoga instructor. Indeed, Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas have been harmoniously married since Today, they have three beautiful children and live happily together in New York. The only thing that separates them?

Digital Spy There is a year chasm between the two. Hilaria is 33 while Alec is In any case, it seems nothing can stop them from loving each other and from the looks of it, that is the most important feature. A staggering 38 years sits between the couple. To be more precise, Patrick is 77 and his wife is The two started dating in However, the couple began living together a year prior to that.

Despite the big age difference, the two remain in as in love as ever, blind to their nearly four-decade age difference. Jeff Goldblum and Emilie Livingston Jeff Goldblum has more to his name than simply the title of actor who appeared in one of the highest grossing films of all times, also known as Jurassic Park.

He is also married to an Olympic gymnast who is a whole 31 years younger than he is. InEmilie gave birth to their first son Charlie Ocean and their second son, River Joe, in They continue to live happily together, paying no mind to their seemingly glaring age difference. The two were a good 26 years apart in age. However, that hardly seemed to matter at all once you learn that the two had been married happily since ABC News — Go.

They had three children together, including two twin sons. Today, Celine remembers her husband fondly. In the end, their age difference never really made a difference. Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shaye Smith If you want to hear about another high-profile couple that has made it through the years with their marriage firmly intact, look no further than Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shaye Smith. He is an Irish actor while she is an American journalist.

The only other difference between them?

These Celebrity Couples Have Huge Age Differences Between Them

An age gap of 10 years. The two first met in while in Mexico. Seven years later, they married in Ireland. As ofPierce Brosnan is an official U. However, he has chosen to keep his Irish citizenship as well. James McAvoy and Anne-Marie Duff Considering that several couples on this list have been dating with age differences as large as 30 years, the age difference between James McAvoy and Anne-Marie Duff seems relatively small.

The two are separated by an age gap of nine years. Inthe two decided to marry. Eventually, Anne-Marie gave birth to a son.

celebrity couples with 13 year age difference in relationship

Sadly, the couple divorced in Their relationship eventually came to an end in However, Jerry Hall has recently settled down with a new man of her dreams. When the couple first met init was virtually love at first sight. The fact that a year age difference sat between them meant nothing. Murdoch had quite the proposal in mind, choosing to pop the question at the Golden Globes ceremony.

Everywhere the two show up, they are always standing side by side, hand in hand. They got married four years after that. PopSugar When a relationship is that strong, age seems all the more insignificant.

Even so, there is a year age difference between the two, with Ellen being 59 and Portia being Neither Portia nor Ellen seem to give it much thought. They live happily in California home with their many adoring pets. They married in and went strong for quite some time. They were the ultimate proof of age being just a number and nobody suspected a hitch in their relationship.

celebrity couples with 13 year age difference in relationship

The subject of age had always been at the forefront, but did not seem to bother them. In Touch Weekly The star couple had a 16 year age difference. At the time of their marriage, Ashton was 27 and Demi was 44, about to turn Inrumors of their divorce surfaced and bythe couple was officially over.

Sam and Aaron Taylor-Johnson This Hollywood power couple truly proves that love is blind, at least when it comes to matters of age. The duo has had two daughters since they got together. Hello Magazine The chemistry was definitely apparent in their joint flick about a post World War I Australian couple. But, none of that seems to matter for this pair of star-crossed stars who beat the odds.