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Tygra and Lion-O are soon captured alongside Cheetara and Jaga who are now the They then share a passionate kiss and in the end both become a couple. Oh I would love love love!!! to see the tygra/cheetara cubs from the comics . IMO having cheetara in a relationship this soon kind stunned her. Wanted to marry Lion-O, BE Cheetara, and have Tygra & Bengali as my boyfriends. The main goal with it, it´s not commercial, but to enjoy and pl. .. My favorite couple Comic Book Characters, Marvel Characters, Marvel Heroes, Comic.

It could be that what Tygra really wanted most of all was just some affection, and not the kind that Claudus could give. The kind of affection his mother gave him. It would be interesting if Cheetara ever voiced disapproval over something Tygra said or did.

As far as personality goes, Tygra serves as a foil to Lion-O. He is level headed and realistic, but also cynical and rigid. While growing up, Tygra seemed to idolize Grune, who in turn seemed to influence Tygra. Pride is of course Tygra's greatest flaw, and it comes from the shame he feels from what he feels is losing his place in the sun to Lion-O.

If Lion-O, the heir to the throne, is lazy and irresponsible, what would that say about him, the second in line? Tygra is compulsed to act aggressive and always be showing off against Lion-O to alleviate his shame and fuel his pride, but it really only keeps making it worse. He feels like he's lost everything, but he can't see the things he should be grateful for. Tygra wants to believe his life is unfair, but really, he had the luck of being adopted by a king, and on top of that, he lives without the pressure of one day taking up the responsibility of being king.

He has wealth, luxury, power, and on top of that the freedom to do what he wants, but his envy of Lion-O blinds him to all this. Tygra feels like it just isn't enough if he can't have that one thing. In the end, Tygra doesn't lives for anything but himself, he has no cause other than his desire to be seen as the best. It's really quite sad. The only other thing Tygra really lives for is Cheetara. He stuck to all the social norms and never deviated, because he needed to feel loved and needed approval.

In order to get that, Tygra devoted himself to becoming the prince everyone wanted, but not the prince that Thundera really needed, which turned out to be Lion-O.

As such, Tygra is still shows prejudice against lizards and dogs despite everything Lion-O has done to mend the race relations.

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Tygra is more level headed, realistic, and conservative, able to see things more strategically, but is also very traditional, full of pride and set in the old ways of Thundera. Tygra and Lion-O are essentially foils to each other, having many of the same emotions and desires but have very different outlooks on life, and I feel that was handled well. Tygra came very close to turning into Grune, and could have become a usurper if things were different. Tygra resents Lion-O for not having earned his leadership, at least early on.

And a big part of the series is about Lion-O having to earn his title. This gives him great empathy and a need to help others. Because of this, Lion-O is a lot more open to the plights of the poor and persecuted. However, Lion-O often shirked his responsibilities. He never asked to be king, never wanted to be king, and never got any enjoyment from the pressure imposed on him. Because Lion-O avoided responsibilities though, he became unprepared for being king and lacked the experience required, leading him to making poor or brash decisions.

I think his original love of technology came when he met Jorma, who introduced him to it. I believe that Lion-O dreamed about technology and the old legends to cope and escape from the pressure his father and brother and the kingdom put on him his whole life. He might have become an archaeologist. Unlike Grune however, Panthro was at ease with his position in life, and did not have a drive to rise to the top.

He just wanted to forge his own path in life. Panthro went on to become a highly skilled warrior and hero among the cats, becoming a general and being chosen to find the Book of Omens. Panthro has seen a lot of Third Earth, both before and after he and Grune went to search for the book. Despite that, things can still surprise Panthro, which could be a testament to just how vast n unexplored Third Earth is.

I think that Grune freed Mumm-Ra and betrayed Panthro about a year before the start of the series. This would give Panthro plenty of time to figure out how the Thundertank works so thoroughly. It also let Panthro do some exploring on his own, and I think he was probably on his way back to Thundera when he saved the group from the lizards in episode 4. We only hear it through exposition, but when Panthro thought he might have to kill his friend, he chose to run. Dobo thought he had deserted him, but it all gets resolved in The Pit when Panthro tells him otherwise.

Even Grune to a certain extent has the same attitude, being willing to work with lizards. This is unlike Tygra or Claudus, who had never experienced this. Panthro is basically the Mr. Baracus of the ThunderCats. It helps make Panthro a well rounded and very likeable character. My guess is that they ran away from home a couple of months before the start of the series. Though they are very similar, Kit and Kat each develop their own unique personalities as the series progresses.

Kit, like Lion-O, is an optimist, and holds on to hope as long as she can despite the odds. She believed Lion-O would come back when it was apparent he had died. This episode also showed the spirituality she gained from the Elephants. Besides Cheetara, Kit has shown the most faith in Lion-O and his cause. She believes in his vision to unite the people of Third Earth, and by the end of the series becomes a good friend to him.

Unlike Kat, Kit seems a little more open to new ideas, and is willing to take more unconventional approaches to problems. Kat, on the other hand, is a lot more like Tygra. He tries to be practical and is highly opportunistic.

Kat is the one who decided they needed to runaway to make things easier for their widowed mother, and he comes up with the plan to find El Dara. While this shows that he is still a little kid with fantasies and hopes, he has a goal to achieve. But Kat looks out for his sister and those close to him as well, and though they are twins, Kat acts more like an older brother at times.

He is more realistic than her, believing Lion-O to be dead and accepting it. He also shows pragmatism when he went into the battle during the attack on the Elephant village and used the rocket launcher.

That same episode showed how brave he was when he stuck by Cheetara to defend the hut. The different tools Kit and Kat use also fit their personalities. Kat uses a flink, a grappling claw on a wire that can be used for a wide variety of tasks. Kit, meanwhile, uses a flupe flute loopand can play an enchanting melody to lull people to sleep. I can only assume that the flupe is magic in some way, and that fits. Kit is spiritual and can use magic to defeat her enemies in a non-conventional way.

Kat is pragmatic as uses a fairly simple mechanical device to get the job done. The Wily siblings parallel Lion-O and Tygra in a few ways. Kit is like Lion-O, and they develop a bond. Kat is like Tygra, and I would like to see Kat look up to Tygra as a role model of sorts. They have tails, and have lived both in the country and the slums. On this journey, they would pick up two young kittens, WilyKit and WilyKat.

Cheetara would also act as a guide and counselor to Lion-O, helping him understand sight beyond sight, but little did she know he began developing feelings for her. Along the way, the ThunderCats would help other beings such as rescuing a crew of Fishmen from a monster called the Ramlak and help a tribe of Petalars find their way home from Briar Woods.

They also manage to find the not so dead Panthro along the way, and journey to the Tower of Omens to retrieve the Book of Omens. After escaping a bunch of booby traps, they encounter Mumm-Ra with a seemingly alive Jaga, whose soul is trapped in a lamp.

After a brief fight with Mumm-Ra, who transformed into his true form, he manages to defeat all of them with ease. But before he could kill Lion-O, Jaga sacrifices himself to save him by turning himself into a strong beam of light, causing Mumm-Ra the Everliving to flee. Cheetara is saddened by the loss of her mentor.

The next day, after learning the book was empty, the ThunderCats find Lion-O asleep on the floor, and when he wakes up, he tells them about his merging with the book. He also reveals that when he entered the book, he relived the moments of his ancestor Leo the first Lord of the Thundercats. He also reveals that there are three other power stones besides the Eye of Thundera and that they must find them and unite all the animals to overthrow Mumm-Ra, just as their ancestors have done in the past.

While searching for the power stonesthey help a group of robotic bears called Berbils from the slave merchant Conquedor. Along the way, they pass by an Elephant village. In the village, an Elephant leader named Anet would teach them about harmony and focus as they help them rid the village of Stone Giant and a nest of Wraith. Cheetara is than given a new staff, made from the oldest tree in the forest, which she accepts with great humility.

When returning to the Elephant village, Lion-O discovers that the first power stone the Spirit Stoneis in a portal within a hut in the Elephant village that leads to the Astral Plane. They manage to defeat Grune and the Lizards who were occupying the Village. When Lion-O opens the gateway in the Hut, she gives him a kiss on the cheek for good luck but it was only for support.

This unknowingly triggered Tygra's jealousy, which caused him to volunteer to go in with Lion-O she didn't seem to tell that Lion-O and Tygra were fighting for her affections. The next day she and the rest of the ThunderCats would guard the hut fiercely, with the help of the Elephants, against Grune and the Lizard army.

But after Tygra and Lion-O returned from the Astral Plane, the portal is destroyed, causing Grune to get sucked in and Panthro to lose his arms in the process. That very night she confronts Tygra, and after hearing what happened between Tygra and Lion-O in the Astral Plane, she feels she contributed to their rivalry by not being clearer with her feelings. Tygra misinterprets her at first, but she reveals her feelings for him, claiming she had chosen years ago from the first moment they met.

She also reveals she kept the heart of the flower he gave her and expresses that she never really thanked him. They then share a passionate kiss and in the end both become a couple. Unbeknownst to them a shocked Lion-O was watching their exchange, this was the betrayal that Anet predicted. This revelation continued to eat at Lion-O's emotions afterwards, to the point where it even put him on rocky terms with Cheetara.

This made things all the more difficult when Mumm-Ra's new generals: Lion-O's clouded judgement soon led the ThunderCats into an ambush set by Mumm-Ra's forces and had him fall off a cliff to his "death", while the other ThunderCats were captured by Mumm-Ra's forces. Tygra, now Lord of the ThunderCats, helped the group escape and vowed to get the Sword of Omens back. As they journeyed towards Mumm-Ra's pyramid, Tygra claimed that they should go in with a suprise attack but only to get themselves captured by Mumm-Ra himself.

The group managed to escape the Pyramid afterwards. When sunrise finally came, Jaga's spirit appears and tells them they must continue on their journey. The ThunderCats question Lion-O as to how he survived the fall, in which he reveals that he underwent a series of Trials, due to the power of the spirit stone, that allowed him to understand the meaning of becoming a true king. While still searching for the next power stone, Tygra and Lion-O went off to search the mountains while Panthro was left with Cheetara, WilyKit and WilyKat to search the forest lands.

Panthro decided that it was time for the twins to learn to fend for themselves and both he and Cheetara taught them how to hunt for their food. In a boys vs. Cheetara attempted to teach WilyKit about masking their scent to sneak up on their prey by hiding it with a revolting fruit's aroma, but WilyKit couldn't bear the idea of killing another animal and helped the grazer to run free by knocking Cheetara into the revolting fruit. Meanwhile, Panthro shows WilyKat about setting traps in an attempt to kill another grazer, but WilyKit also ruined the hunt, as he couldn't kill the animal as well.

Both Panthro and Cheetara had it with the kittens and decided to make them hunt for themselves or they won't be able to sleep in the ThunderTank.

That night the twins victoriously return with a sweet bounty of fruit, due to them sparing the grazers, both Cheetara and Panthro now believe that the two have potential to survive on their own. After meeting up with the rest of the ThunderCats, they journey to the City of Dogs where they discover a Cat refugee named Pumyra, who is being forced to fight as a Gladiatrix in the Pit. Cheetara states that she must have survived the fall of Thundera.

The group then watches the "games" and witness the cat, Pumyra, defeat a robot named Gormax with impressive skill and victory. Lion-O then asks who is in charge of the arena and is led to find Dobo, who will not give up Pumyra, believing she is too valuable to lose while it is also discovered that Panthro was an old friend of Dobo who both fought in the arena as slaves in the past. Dobo says she must win one hundred battles to gain freedom.

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Lion-O isn't satisfied with Dobo's choice and decides to sneak into the cells and break Pumyra out, but as he tries to release her she begins to yell at him with anger and rage as she deemed him responsible for Thundera's downfall and their people being sold into slavery, allowing himself to get caught. Dobo appears, taking the Sword of Omens and the Gauntlet while telling Lion-O that he would have to fight Pumyra to earn his freedom.

In combat, Bengali wields a weapon called the Hammer of Thundera which he also uses when doing blacksmith-related work. It can shoot energy blasts, and carries smoke pellets in its handle, to allow him to cause confusion and provide cover for withdrawal from a fight.

He is the only ThunderCat who does not appear in the series, although according to the creators if the show had continued, he would have appeared in the second season as the son of Tygra and Cheetarah. Some of Pumyra's likeness appears to have been drawn from horror hostess Elvirawith the most obvious being their similar-sounding name and hairstyle.

This young woman who is based on the puma is a talented healer and medic. She uses her knowledge of Thunderian medicine, combined with the wide range of medicinal supplies to be found on Third Earth, to help heal and cure her fellow ThunderCats. Her compassionate nature lends to offering an alternative perspective, solving problems or conflict without fighting by using compromise and understanding.

Possibly the most agile ThunderCat next to the ThunderKittens, Pumyra employs an incredible leaping ability—often able to vault higher than even great jumpers like Tygra or the ThunderKittens. She was also shown to be able to move in short bursts of super-speed while moving fast she resembled a flash of lightning darting from place to place. In combat, she uses a special whipcord, which resembles a "cat's tail," that can launch special pellets and spheres like an ancient sling.

Pumyra's role gradually decreased after her role in the first two movies. In the series, Pumyra is portrayed as bitter, spiteful, passionate, independent, agile, sly, and manipulative. She takes over Tygra's role of questioning Lion-O's decisions. However, unlike Tygra, Pumyra easily manipulates Lion-O to side with her. Pumyra originally fought against the lizards during the fall of Thundera before being wounded and left to die under rubble.

In her final moments, she witnessed Lion-O fleeing the city. Pumyra died hateful and resentful towards Lion-O and company for abandoning Thundera while they failed to hear her pleas for help. Sensing her strong hatred, Mumm-Ra resurrected Pumyra to give her a second chance in life, serving him as his spy, placing her among the captive Thunderian slaves to be sold to Dobo.

From there, meeting Lion-O and managing to keep her need for revenge in check when she is unable to finish off Lion-O, Pumyra earns his trust and love while serving as a beacon for Mumm-Ra to regain the Sword of Plun-Darr and track the Thundercats' movement. Lion-O viewed Pumyra as a possible love interest, and makes several attempts to impress her which usually result in her being injured, captured or humiliated.

Although Pumyra often rejects Lion-O, on rare occasions she displays acts of affection to keep him obsessed with her. It was during the siege of Avista that Pumyra reveals her true colors by giving the Tech Stone to Mumm-Ra, who she calls her true master and love. According to the creators, Pumyra would've turned into a wicked Insectoid due to her hunger for more power had the show gotten a second season. Claudus ruled Thundera before its destruction.

He lost his sight during a war he fought against the mutants of Plun-Darr.

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In the episode "Return to Thundera," Lion-O is transported back in time to Thundera the day before it was destroyed. He later rescued his father from past versions of Slithe and Vultureman who were attempting to recover plans for a War-Bot that had fallen into the hands of Claudus's spies. He then proceeded to give these plans to Lion-O, who used them in the present to destroy the mutants' War-Bot.

Believed to have died on Thundera while assisting the royal flagship in taking off, he was later found to have been captured by the Shadowmaster.

Through a sequence of nightmares, Lion-O eventually learns from Jaga of his father's imprisonment in the Shadow Realm and is able to rescue him. Claudus is currently with Jaga in the afterlife. In the series, Claudus is a stern father to Lion-O and the adoptive father of Tygra.

He had a wife who died giving birth to Lion-O. When Grune and Panthro had fought bravely to get promoted to general, Claudus told them that he has given the job to Lynx-O. He was the one who sent Panthro and Grune to find the Book of Omens.

When Lion-O was fighting off some Thunderians who were beating up two imprisoned Lizards where Lion-O was assisted by Tygra and CheetaraClaudus arrived to break up the fight. He was convinced by Lion-O to let the Lizards go free and back to their homeland. Lion-O, Cheetara, and Tygra later hold a funeral pyre for him after escaping with the Sword of Omens. Thunderians on New Thundera[ edit ] When the planet of Thundera is reformed in Season Two of the series by Mumm-Ra in a plot to claim the Sword of Plun-Darr, the ThunderCats must work to stabilize the planet before it can tear itself apart again.

It is here that they discover another ThunderCat and gain additional allies. This powerful, ancient ThunderCat like Jaga, based on the jaguar is an immortal sorceress. Her duty is to guard the massive gyroscope that keeps the planet intact. She uses the powers of levitation, teleportation, and psychokinesis to perform her tasks, and to defend the gyroscope from attackers. It is noted by Jaga no relation that she has been acting in this capacity for countless years.

Thunderian commoners[ edit ] Torr — A young Thunderian commonerrescued by the ThunderCats along other commoners, from their ship drifting into deep space. Since then, Torr has been an ally of the ThunderCats where he has often helped the ThunderCats in various missions. Her doll was used by the Ancient Spirits of Evil to disguise the Mirror Wraith to infiltrate the Cat's Lair forcing her to keep it a secret.

She was later freed from the influence of the Mirror Wraith by the ThunderCats. Other Thunderians[ edit ] The following Thunderians appeared in different media projects: Leo originally believed in Mumm-Ra's ideals for order across the cosmos prior to witnessing the death of the Plun-Darr galaxy. Deciding to engineer a rebellion, Leo gathered the scrapes from what remained from the creation of the Sword of Plun-Darr to create the Sword of Omens to defeat Mumm-Ra.

Panthera voiced by Cree Summer — Exclusive to the series, Panthera was a Thunderian based on a panther who was among the Thunderians that worked for Mumm-Ra. Being Leo's second-in-command and girlfriend, she tried to convince him to betray Mumm-Ra. Her fate after the Black Pyramid's descent to Third Earth is unknown although, given that she and Leo were implied to be a couple, it is possible that she married him and is also Lion-O's ancestor.

Javan voiced by Robin Atkin Downes — Exclusive to the series, Javan is a Thunderian based on the Javan tiger and is the biological father of Tygra. His ancestors were shunned by the other Thunderians as the Tiger Clan branch of the Thunderians were still loyal to Mumm-Ra.

When his kin was inflicted with a plague, Javan choose not to turn to Thundera for aid and instead invoke the power of the Ancient Spirits of Evil to save his people. But once learning their price for their survival is the death of his newborn son Tigra, Javan couldn't bring himself to sacrifice the infant to honor their pact and send him away.

As a result, the Ancient Spirits bound the souls of the Tiger Clan to the living world as cursed shape-shifting shadow monsters that obey the Ancient Spirits of Evil's every command at nightfall.

Many years later while he and Lion-O were in the mountains, Tygra came across his ancestral home and meets Javan, expressing discontent towards the father who abandoned him. It was only later that Lion-O learned the truth of the curse as Javan tells him not to tell Tygra and get him away from the village before the sun sets. However, upon learning that Caspin and some of his court are going to kill his son, Javan fends them off before the curse takes effect and he mindlessly attacks Tygra.

However, Tygra's act of humility broke the curse so both Javan and his kin are able to pass on to the next life. Tygra then inherits his father's whip. He is among the tiger-based Thunderians that live in the mountains and serves their leader Javan as his right-hand Cat. During this time, Caspin saw an opportunity to end his people's curse as he and his conspirators decided to kill Tygra themselves.

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However, Javan comes to Tygra's aid and was forced to kill Caspin in self-defense stating that it didn't have to be this way. Before dying, Caspin told Javan that it had to be this way since it was Javan's fault that the entire Tiger Clan was cursed. But as the curse is broken and the Tiger Clan was revealed to have already died long ago, Caspin's spirit body faded away alongside the spirit bodies of the other Tiger Clan members.

The Snarfs[ edit ] The Snarfs are a race of "intelligent" cat -like creatures that are plump, fuzzy and kind. Snarfs are native to Thundera, living in the Valley of Snarfs, and many of their number act as servants to Thunderean nobility, happily working as cooks, nursemaids, squires and so forth. When Thundera was destroyed, forty-nine Snarfs were able to commandeer a Mutant tanker and made their way to an uninhabited planet which they took as their own, dubbing it the "Planet of Snarfs".

Later, when Mumm-Ra recreated Thundera, he captured the Snarfs and brought them back to their home planet, putting them to work searching for the Treasure of Thundera.

Subsequently, liberated by the ThunderCats, the Snarfs returned to living happily on Thundera. Snarfs are the only creatures in the Universe incapable of evil except while possessedalthough in episodeSnarf becomes corrupt with the power to control the other ThunderCats.

Quick and clever, a Snarf is a loyal friend, though their small size often makes them a target for Mutants or other evil creatures. The Snarfs have proved to be valuable allies to the ThunderCats in times of peril.

This ability has enabled the Snarfs to save the other ThunderCats on several occasions. Snarfs are known to end their sentences with the squeaking exclamation for which they are named—"snarf, snarf!

Snarf served as a nursemaid and protector for Lion-O when he was a boy. Despite his age, he does keep up with the others. Even though not a fighter by skill or nature, Snarf is very agile he boasts he can outplay anyone at tailbail or kick-the-bucket. He also can communicate with other animals on Third Earth to enlist their help in his tasks, and once even tricked the Ancient Spirits of Evil into giving him a power-up to become a being called Snarf-Ra.

In the version, Snarf is more of a pet to Lion-O and does not speak English but can make animal sounds though it seems Lion-O can still understand him. In later episodes, he goes "Snarf". He was thought lost when Thundera exploded, but was one of the surviving Snarfs that made it to the Planet of Snarfs. Slightly more aggressive than his uncle, Snarfer is a keen mechanic and pilot in his own right, having been educated at "Snarf College" while majoring in Snarf-Studies Snarf once said he was a "college boy".

He does tend to babble when over-excited, but at times he can be just as level-headed as Tygra. Though smaller than Snarf, he does not allow that to get in his way when he wants to help friends.

It was through him that the ThunderCats learned, much to their surprise, that Snarf's real name was Osbert—and that he hated the name. Oswald was originally mentioned by Snarf during the first season, noting that he owed him "fifty thunder-dollars.

Small and harmless-looking, the Berbils are steadfast, hardy workers and skilled farmers, cooks and craftsmen. It was thanks to them that Tygra was able to build Cat's Lair—and later the Tower of Omens—so quickly.

Apparently, the Robear Berbils are cybernetic organismsas they are able to eat and digest organic food. These robot-bears are the first to befriend the ThunderCats and often supply information about local places, people and phenomena on Third Earth.

Through their fields and forests of fruit trees, they are also able to provide the Thundereans with new foodstuffs. When they were first encountered, the ThunderCats protected the Berbil's candy fruit crops from the Trollogs and the Giantors.

Their ship was damaged upon evading the explosion of Thundera and landed on an island on Third Earth since it didn't have any more power to get back to the Berbil Village. The two Berbils alongside the other three ThunderCats ends up landing on an uninhabited island where they lived until they were caught by Hammerhand and his pirates.

The two Berbils were later rescued by the ThunderCats and assumed to have been reunited with the other Berbils. In the series, the Berbils are shown to be more bear-like and have an ability to roll up into balls.

The Berbils made themselves known to the ThunderCats when they helped to repair the Thunder Tank and give them food. Panthro was against their cute appearance first until it came to repairing Ro-Bear-Bill following an attack by the Conquedor who had been abducting Berbils and selling them as slaves. The Berbils later help in constructing Panthro's new arms and upgrading the Thunder Tank. In "What Lies Above" Pt. After Avista was safely landed on the ground, the Berbils began working to get Avista operational again.

They are fierce fighters and very territorial. At first distrustful of the ThunderCats whom they view as aliensthe Warrior Maidens soon treat them as friends. Often, Nayda and Willa are the two who have the most contact with the ThunderCats. While some of the Warrior Maidens resemble Native Americansother Warrior Maidens have different skin tone, whereas some of the Warrior Maidens have red hair. Willa is their leader while the younger Nayda is a scout and second-in-command. Both are expert markswomen with bows and arrows, and are very agile and fleet among the branches of their forest home.

Often distrustful of outsiders, both become friends of the ThunderCats, and, by their example, the rest of their people treat them as allies. They often help the Thundereans by showing them paths around Third Earth and using special tricks like a giant tree-top spider Bushy when it came to rescuing Tygra from Castle Plun-Darr to aid them on their quests and missions. Wolos[ edit ] The Wolos are small, furry people who have small villages all around the habitable places of Third Earth.

The Wolos work as farmerscarpentersand fishermen. The Wolos often use donkeys for their transportation. They are gentle folk who often turn to the ThunderCats for protection. In the series, the Wolos pronounced "Wallow" in the reboot are shown to have rodent-like teeth. Ponzi voiced by Jim Meskimen — Exclusive to the series, Ponzi is a scam artist who travels from town to town to sell "miracle elixir" that he promises will solve all customers' problems.

However, the elixir has unpredictable side effects that force him to leave town. However, meeting the ThunderCats, Ponzi learns his elixir has a neutralizing effect on Sycorax a monster that Mumm-Ra resurrected as his vessel.

He helps the Thundercats with gathering Caracara leaves to make a new batch of elixir and Lion-O with winning Pumyra's affection, though both attempts to help backfire with Ponzi's caterpillar Lucy eating all the Caracara leaves as Sycorax arrives.

Upon metamorphosing into her butterfly-like adult stage, Lucy uses the Caracara leaves in her body to crystallize Sycorax causing Mumm-Ra to retreat.

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Soon after, Ponzi and Lucy take their leave to start their business anew. Bolkins[ edit ] The Bolkins are sheep -like people, similar to the Wolos. They are herdspeople and farmers who are just as likely to call for help from the ThunderCats. Bundun and Hurrick are two Bolkins, who are friends with each other, accidentally released the spirit of Grune the Destroyer when they were trying to escape from the bad weather. Tabbuts[ edit ] The Tabbuts are a race of wealthy yet greedy traders who often appeared as allies of the mutants.