Chris martin relationship

Chris Martin, Dakota Johnson: What We Know About Couple |

chris martin relationship

The Couple Are Super Low-Key About Their Relationship Martin also has two children with his ex Gwyneth Paltrow, so perhaps he chose to. Only a few days after Dakota Johnson finally acknowledged her almost one-year- long relationship with Chris Martin, the pair is now the subject. Even Diane Keaton appeared to spill the beans on Johnson and Martin's relationship, back in February, when said on The Ellen DeGeneres.

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Except, well, maybe they aren't expecting at all. Johnson's publicist released a statement to Us Weekly denying that Johnson had a bun in the oven and said the party was simply a birthday celebration — which is possible, seeing as Johnson turned 29 the week before the shindig.

TMZ said the rep had no explanation for the balloons.

chris martin relationship

That said, the maybe-baby isn't the only unusual thing about Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson's relationship. Let's take a closer look, shall we? They moved at the speed of sound Getty Images Johnson and Martin reportedly began dating in falland by Januaryinsiders said the couple had grown really serious.

chris martin relationship

Johnson has admitted that she tends to get attached easily. Johnson and Martin reportedly have matching, albeit subtle, tattoos. But it begs the question: Did Johnson learn nothing from her mother's "Antonio" ink? Martin, for his part, has always has always kept relatively quiet about his relationships.

For her part, Johnson thinks red carpets as a whole — with or without a partner — don't mean much anymore in the age of social media and camera phones.

chris martin relationship

I feel like something has been lost," she told Net-A-Porter in An insider told Radar Online in January"Dakota's parents can't help but worry that Chris is eventually going to leave her with a broken heart. Don was a huge player himself when he was younger, and he's convinced Chris hasn't gotten that out of his system yet. Don told People in May that he'd met Martin.

Strange things about Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson's relationship

Rex It came just three weeks after her dad Bruce died suddenly in October from a heart attack, after a long battle with throat cancer. The pair had reportedly been touring Italy together to mark the actress' 30th birthday, when Bruce collapsed in Tuscany complaining of chest pains.

chris martin relationship

He was flown to a hospital in Rome but died shortly after. The star was reportedly devastated and she previously told New magazine: Gwyneth was devastated after her dad Bruce died Image: Getty We really knew these two were in love when Gwyneth's mum Blyth announced Chris had written popular Coldplay song Fix You for her after Bruce's death.

The Meet the Parents actress told the Daily Mail: The surprisingly private pair's relationship then became a bit of a whirlwind. After being spotted together at public events, but rarely talking about their relationship, the pair got secretly married just a year later in California.

As if that wasn't enough for Christmas ofGwyneth had announced she was pregnant that same month too. The pair looked cosy in the city in Image: Rex It's never easy when a couple live in two separate countries - but Chris and Gwyneth managed to split their time well between London and LA for the first few months.

But with Apple on the way, Gwyn made the brave decision to leave her family and move in with Chris in London in Less than two years later, the pair announced Gwyneth was pregnant again with Moses, and although they made several trips to America, the family made their home in London.

The couple kept their romance very private unlike many other celebrity couples, and Chris explained why in I always say, life is long and you never know what's going to happen. But there were worries there could be trouble in paradise last year when Chris reportedly made an offer on a huge house in Brentwood, California.