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david robinson tim duncan relationship advice

Jan 10, “I would not be standing here if it was not for Tim Duncan,” he told reporters also provide players with common ground for more substantial relationships. from most NBA coaches is, as David Robinson put it, “Be an animal. Jul 13, There has been no Tim Duncan-like pitch from the Admiral to the San Antonio Spur and Basketball Hall of Famer David Robinson remains an. Mar 24, San Antonio Spurs legend David Robinson calls teammate Tim Duncan best thing that happened to him during NBA season.

In college, his calm demeanor led Duke students to jeer him as " Spock. The ability to tally points, rebounds and blocked shots at an astounding pace helped, too. The near-unanimous choice for Rookie of the Year after his debut campaign, Duncan quickly emerged as a dominant force in the NBA. While Barkley looked at Duncan and saw the future, others looked at him and saw throwback to the game's more terrestrial and regimented past.

In his sophomore season, Duncan and veteran teammate David Robinson led the Spurs to the franchise's first NBA Finals appearance and its first championship.

With these Twin Towers controlling the paint, the Spurs tied for the best regular-season record,in the lockout-shortened campaign. In an MVP-worthy performance, the post powerhouse averaged I think his maturity, knowledge of the game, that he cares just about winning. You can just watch a guy play and know if he's truly into winning. There was no repeat title boast about how many championship rings he would win for San Antonio.

Like the Terminator perhaps an untapped nicknameDuncan would be back and his demeanor would be unchanged. Inthe Spurs dispatched the New Jersey Nets in six games. James, a freshman in high school when the Spurs lifted the Larry O'Brien Trophy input up a valiant effort in the four-game sweep but Duncan's side prevailed.

He is terribly, terribly efficient. Everything he does had a purpose. I love watching him. Duncan, whose game was known more for bank shots than slam dunks, and the Spurs were labeled as boring. In an age of high-flying athletes who played, spoke and even dressed for postgame press conferences with flair and bombast, the Spurs' monotone and monochrome consistency was viewed as dull -- albeit effective -- antique left over from another age.

Duncan celebrated his 31st birthday during the NBA Playoffs but neither he nor the Spurs would fade into mediocrity. San Antonio remained a perennial playoff presence with Duncan on the wrong side of 30 and has finished in first place in the Southwest Division in five of the seven seasons since that fourth championship of the Duncan Era.

In the two other years, the Spurs finished in second place in the division.

Timmy and Pop: NBA power couple

Duncan's numbers would begin to dip as he ceded the spotlight to teammates like Parker, Manu Ginobli and later Kawhi Leonard but he would remain the impassive face of the Spurs.

For one season, Father Time appeared to get inside position on Duncan but even he couldn't not hold it for long. The season was statistically the worst of Duncan's Hall of Fame-caliber run in the NBA, with career-low averages in points, He would still start 76 games and help the Spurs to 61 regular-season wins and another division title.

As the top seed in the Western Conference Playoffs, the Spurs were ousted by the eighth-seeded Memphis Grizzlies in the opening round. Duncan turned 35 during the six-game series. In response to having such a down year by his lofty standards, Duncan dropped approximately 20 pounds heading into the season. With the NBA playing a condensed game schedule following a work stoppage, Popovich made sure to schedule adequate rest for his aging stars.

In a refreshingly honest and hilarious moment in Marchwith the Spurs playing games on three straight nights, Duncan was held out of a game and listed as DND-Old. Right there in the box score, Popovich revealed that his all-time great did not dress for the game because he was old.

David Robinson: “Tim Duncan is probably the best thing that ever happened to me” | HoopsHype

Even from the bench Duncan made his presence felt, picking up a technical foul for questioning the officiating during the Spurs' win over the Philadelphia 76ers. But it's good when you see your franchise player, even when he's not playing, stick with his team and support and cheer for them. He's a great leader, and we respect that. A time to push for another championship.

I want to start with your growth-spurt story and path to the NBA because it must sound like an urban legend to younger fans. In what ways was that late growth spurt an advantage for you? I figured that academics was going to be my ticket. I think when we talk about college and student-athletes in this era we live in now, the value of being on a college campus and the value of growing as an individual during that time.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time on a college campus. Look at it like a game-plan in basketball. And obviously, getting an education is going to give you the strongest foundation for that backup plan. I tell them to take advantage of it. And, for many kids, that plan B is probably stronger than plan A.

david robinson tim duncan relationship advice

You played many years for Gregg Popovich, who graduated from the Air Force Academy, played basketball there and then served five years before returning to Air Force to start his coaching career. Did you bond over your military background immediately? Yeah, we definitely bonded over that. When you have the whole military mentality and then you transition to sports, in my case the NBA, it already makes you a little bit odd laughs.

Together, we were really able to bring that focus and mentality to the Spurs. Given your Navy background and the fact that you come from a military family, I know you care a lot about this cause. Can you share the importance of the Wounded Warrior Project to you? The Wounded Warrior Project is obviously near and dear to my heart.

Being a Navy veteran myself, and with my father being a retired Navy senior chief and my brother going to the Naval Academy and then joining the Air Force, my family has very, very strong ties to the military.

david robinson tim duncan relationship advice

I want to talk about when the Spurs drafted Tim Duncan with the No. You were an eight-year veteran at that point and you welcomed him with open arms. Some players may have felt threatened by this new superstar, worrying about how he could replace them or how he may affect their game or role. Did you ever have those kinds of feelings early on that you had to get past?

Tim Duncan's Nickname Is 'Timeless,' Always And Forever

I never felt threatened. I think time has really proven that my thought process was correct: They can only hurt you.

  • David Robinson: "Tim Duncan is probably the best thing that ever happened to me"
  • David Robinson calls Tim Duncan best thing that happened to him

The water needs to be your friend. That was how I felt with Tim coming in, that playing together was the best thing for both of us.

I think we both understood that. Tim was maybe the best thing that happened to me in my whole career. But I can say that Tim is probably the best thing that ever happened to me. He helped me as an individual to grow up and be a better a player. He helped us achieve the long-term goals that we set, winning championships.

david robinson tim duncan relationship advice