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fairy tail wiki laxus relationship test

Like many members of the guild, Laxus has been a part of Fairy Tail since he was a Once Erza wins the event by herself, the Magic Power Finder test is set to .. of Fairy Heart, as well as about her relationship with Zeref and their pursuit to. Laxus Dreyar (ラクサス・ドレアー Rakusasu Doreā) is an S-Class Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild. He is the grandson of Fairy Tail's Guild Master, Makarov Dreyar, . Laxus Dreyar/Image Gallery - Fairy Tail Wiki, the site for Hiro Mashima's manga . Laxus Lightning Dragon, Fairy Tail Laxus, Baka And Test, Cute Anime Boy.

In this moment she is his top priority! However, Lucy tells him that she already knew, as she has always had faith in him and always believed in him. Overall, this is one of the greatest scenes in Fairy tail and a great development in the Nalu relationship overall!

Laxus Dreyar/Relationships

It's these examples that really show us, as the audience, how well Natsu and Lucy work together within fairy tail - e. They never judge each other Everyone knows that both Natsu and Lucy come from completely different backgrounds, I mean one's a Dragon slayer and the other is a Celestial mage, as well as having very different histories, but despite this neither one ever judges the other based purely on their history.

For example, Natsu always makes it clear that he doesn't care that Lucy ran away from home, instead he is always there for her whenever she may need a friend and always makes her feel like she is as every bit a part of fairy tail as he is, even though she didn't grow up in the guild like so many of her guild mates did, including Natsu. He also never invades her privacy, he never asks personal questions, such as about her family, but he was still there to comfort her when her father passed away.

This is the same about Lucy when it comes to Natsu.

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For instance, Natsu is an orphan, who was raised by a fire dragon called Igneel, but many people do not believe this to be true and doubt that Igneel ever actually existed; whereas Lucy never questions this and is not bothered by the fact that he is a Dragon Slayer, that is capable of causing a lot of damage and some people may even be in fear of, instead Lucy never questions the existence of Igneel, even though others have very different views about dragons, with some even questioning whether they actually existed at all.

Ultimately, Lucy is his friend and she never blames any of his choices or decisions on his upbringing, instead she seems to feel sorry for him more than anything! Overall, both individuals just accept each other as they are and they never discriminate against each other even though they know little about each other background and history.

When it comes down to it, Natsu and Lucy's relationship is strengthened, as they work together more; again this just shows how perfect they are together, due to them not letting anything change or alter their relationship, instead it just gets better and stronger as time goes on!

Their personalities compliment each other One thing that we can be sure on is the fact that Lucy shares a high confidence level with her soulmate that seems to balance out well with Natsu, as she usually tries to use her femininity to get her own way and Natsu just generally doesn't care about her overall appearance, unlike a lot of the other characters within fairy tail. To put it simply he just doesn't notice!

fairy tail wiki laxus relationship test

This shows that he again takes her how or who she is, so Lucy never has to think about trying to win him over with her charm or sexuality! However, on the flip side, the other side of Lucy's personality is quite unsure and sometimes insecure, which completely contradicts her seemingly outgoing and confident personality. She shows this side of her by not believeing in herself and lacking confidence in her own abilities, but the ever loyal dragon slayer is always there to demonstrate his faith in her power despite what she may think of herself personally.

Natsu never questions how strong Lucy really is, instead he helps to give her the confidence that she needs to believe in and have faith in herself, just like he does! In comparison to Lucy, Natsu is quite the opposite as he's: They're like two sides of the same coin He is her other half and she is his; Lucy also manages Natsu's feisty, firey nature and short temper by keeping him relatively in check, so that they are able to complete missions, but on the flip side, Natsu manages to make up for where Lucy may lack in both physical and mental strength.

fairy tail wiki laxus relationship test

They also both push each other to improve during missions and to get the job done, but they both ultimately experience personal growth together by the end. Therefore, this is what makes their partnership so ideal, as their personalities compliment each other perfectly and still allow room for each other to grow. They always think about each other It can be the smallest of things, but on frequent occasions it has been shown that both Natsu and Lucy consider and think about each other quite a lot!

For instance, Natsu always manages to convince Lucy to go on jobs with him, that tend to vary in difficulty, even though she may be exhausted from other adventures that she had to participate in; he always makes this offer to her because he knows that she needs money to pay her rent. He also makes sure that the jobs that he chooses meets Lucy's capabilities and will be a job that she can handle with minimal input on his behalf.

Another reason as to why Natsu goes out of his way to personally consider Lucy's needs is the fact that he generally enjoys going on jobs with her. To put it simply, Natsu is definitely strong enough to handle a job on his own, but he usually wants to go with Lucy, which further proves that they are a team! Lucy also shows the same attitude as Natsu, as it is clear that she too enjoys going on jobs with him. Mirajane is a slim young woman of below average height.

She has long, white hair which curls slightly at the ends, with two bangs framing her face and reaching down to her chest; her hairstyle's most distinctive trait is a short, upward ponytail obtained by gathering and tying the hair covering her forehead.

Due to her always adopting such fashion, her hair seems to have adapted to it, with the hair on her forehead remaining pointed upwards even when not tied.

She has large blue eyes and a curvy, voluptuous body, with large breasts. Her white Fairy Tail Stamp is located on her left thigh. The chest is adorned by a large, pink bow, and similarly colored trimmings frame the rather ample neckline, acting as straps, and circle around the waist. Mirajane also wears high-heeled shoes that match her dress, and accessorizes with a small chain necklace with a blue oval gem attached to it, and a bracelet made of white flowers circling her right wrist.

On her feet, she wore sandals with the front straps being crossed in an "X" shape. Later, she switched to a more casual and skimpy attire to perform different music, this being a leather band covering her breasts, a matching leather miniskirt and fishnet stockings held up by suspenders. She also wore a small, light collar with a thin ribbon holding it up, light-colored boots reaching up above her thighs, and similarly long gloves, almost reaching up to her shoulders.

Both the boots and the gloves had belt-like upper edges each closed by a button. On Tenrou Island, she adopted a more casual style, with her usual dress being replaced by a much shorter, plain and light-colored one, whose only particular feature was a very small, dark ribbon occupying the same place as the one on her maroon dress, paired with some dark stitchings around the neckline.

After this attire was torn as a result of her fight with Azuma, she replaced it with a new one, a towel-like dress held up by two straps circling her neck.

She also had most of her body wrapped in bandages due to her injuries. In her younger years, Mirajane wore a gothic-looking, overly revealing outfit matching the tomboyish personality she had at the time. She donned a dark, skimpy sleeveless shirt adorned with some light curved motifs on the chest, a pair of leather shorts held up by a studded belt with a demonic-looking buckle and thigh-high boots with stiletto heels, each bearing a skull adorned by a flower on their upper front parts.

She also sported a bracelet shaped like a demonic arm around her right wrist, a ring on the same hand's middle finger, and dark nail polish. She didn't have her front ponytail, instead letting a large strand cover her forehead freely, and had most of her hair tied in a high, larger ponytail on the back of her head by a massive dark ribbon.

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She dressed in a punk-gothic style, and was rather temperamental and bad-mouthed everyone, especially Erza, whom she had quite a rivalry with from when they were kids. Despite this, she had initially been very withdrawn and held reservations about who she was due to her Demon-like powers. Even though Makarov assured her that it was just a type of Magic, Mirajane questioned whether she was even human.

Before she could throw herself away, though, her brother and sister were able to connect with her once again by learning their own Take Over Magic. Due to a past incident involving the apparent death of her younger sister, Lisanna, Mirajane somehow lost much of her Magical ability and her will to fight both of which have since returnedand her personality changed drastically.

fairy tail wiki laxus relationship test

Now, Mirajane is a loving and caring person who treats her friends, and even strangers, with kindness. Mirajane plays a motherly role within the guild and is often seen running the bar at the guild hall. She has rarely been shown to be in a bad mood and can tolerate all of the guild's eccentricities.

However, there have been a couple events that have disturbed Mirajane, including her discovery of the theft of an S-Class job by Natsu Dragneel, Happy and Lucy Heartfilia, and she later conflict with Laxus Dreyar following the destruction of the guild building.

In keeping with her motherly role, Mirajane is very determined to protect her comrades. She has gone so far as to change her appearance, in order to fool the Phantom Lord Guild into thinking she was Lucy, whom they were trying to capture. Along with running a bar, Mirajane shows great talent not only in modeling, but playing the guitar and singing.

She is very popular, not only among the Fairy Tail members but also with many people outside of the guild. She likes cooking and has since her younger, tomboyish years.