Fantastic voyage ending a relationship

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fantastic voyage ending a relationship

The Fantastic Journey is an American science fiction television series that was originally aired Following the departure of Professor Paul Jordan at the end of the pilot film, Varian takes over as de facto leader no secret about still not trusting him which leads to a bickering Spock/McCoy-style relationship between the two. SFE: Science Fiction Encyclopedia: The fantastic voyage is one of the oldest In stories of this kind the relationship between the environment of the The Restaurant at the End of the Universe () by Douglas Adams. These clearly did not expand back at the end if the time. A suggestion - maybe the re-expansion required a certain level of integrity with the.

Cast[ edit ] Varian Jared Martin: The device is completely useless in anyone else's hands, and seems capable of a huge variety of tasks, from opening doors to disrupting electrical systems to large scale acts of destruction, as well as its apparently intended function as a diagnostic and healing device. Following the departure of Professor Paul Jordan at the end of the pilot film, Varian takes over as de facto leader to the travelers and adopts a parental role over Paul's teenage son, Scott most notable in episodes such as "An Act of Love" and "Turnabout".

Scott Jordan Ike Eisenmann: Fred Walters Carl Franklin: A friend of Scott's father and the only other member of the group from the same time period, the athletic black physician takes the role of protective "older brother" with the young teen.

Chapter Six: Fat and Protein

Saylor left the show after the episode "Turnabout" due to illness. In the next episode "Riddles" the reason for her not being present with the group was given that she opted to stay a few days at Coriel to help the inhabitants work out their new government and would catch up with the group later.

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Jonathan Willoway Roddy McDowall: He is something of a never entirely trustworthy black sheepbasically a cooler version of Dr Smith from Lost in Space without the congenital cowardice who often tends to do things for his own mysterious reasons. Sil-El The Felix Team [1]: Liana's companion and pet, a tuxedo cat " Bicolor cat " cat with which she can communicate telepathically and who sometimes scouts ahead for her, acting as an extra set of eyes and ears.

Production[ edit ] D.

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Fontana recalled that once the show had been commissioned, she and the producers had a very short period of time to develop and produce the show before filming commenced. Additional scenes were filmed and inserted into the pilot which introduces the Atlanteans who are the focus of Episode 2, but this new material also quickly moves off-screen the characters Paul, Eve and Jill who were originally intended to be regularsas the network wanted a more diverse group of travelers.

Also, a subplot involving the travelers finding a s Air Force pilot held prisoner by 16th century pirates was removed from the first episode. The show benefited from a larger than normal amount of location filming, with familiar sites such as the Hollywood Hills, Zuma Beach, the Bonaventure Hotel in LA and Griffith Park Observatory all appearing in various episodes.

The character Willaway was created specifically with Roddy McDowall in mind.

fantastic voyage ending a relationship

Destination Brain was written by Isaac Asimov as an attempt to develop and present his own story apart from the screenplay. This novel is not a sequel to the original, but instead is a separate story taking place in the Soviet Union with an entirely different set of characters.

Microcosm is a third interpretation, written by Kevin J. Andersonpublished in This version has the crew of the Proteus explore the body of a dead alien that crash-lands on earth, and updates the story with such modern concepts as nanotechnology replacing killer white cells.

A comic book adaptation of the film was released by Gold Key Comics in A parody of the film titled "Fantastecch Voyage" was published in Mad Magazine.

fantastic voyage ending a relationship

Laboratory Sector for Making Folks Tiny —sent to inject decongestant into a badly plugged-up nose. The series was produced by Filmation.

fantastic voyage ending a relationship

Gold Key published a comic book based on the series. In the series, a different team of experts performed their missions in a craft called the Voyager, a submarine which featured wedge-shaped wings and a large, swept T-tailand was capable of flight. A model kit of the Voyager was offered by Aurora Model Company for several years, and has become a sought-after collectors' item since then.

As of Junethe Voyager kit has been re-released by the Moebius model company. Similarly-themed works[ edit ] This section possibly contains original research.