Fe x smt ending a relationship

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fe x smt ending a relationship

holder. FE-AdministrationGuide .. If the Start date field is blank, all activity is included up to the end date. .. You cannot post the 6.x subsidiary ledgers, Student Billing and Payroll, from General Ledger. All 6.x You create a relationship between the records and copy Marion's address to Tom's record. 1. There is no explicit romance though Itsuki and Tsubasa are shipped a tiny bit. Pretty sure Itsuki and Tsubasa tries to kiss each other at the end. A page for describing Characters: Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. Itsuki AoiVoiced by: Ryohei Mirage Sessions #FE. aka: Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem.

Most prevalent in her Lesson Mode outfit courtesy of some very short shorts. Eleanora has Thunder elemental physical attacks along with her Fire attacks.

She's the most dedicated status effects-causer on the party. Her surname references bows and bowstrings, befitting of being an Archer. Despite trying to act a cool beauty, she is this.

With Touma; they even argue during their Dual Art. Mamori Minamoto Click here to see her Carnage Form: The Ballad Protector A talent and Mirage Master that belongs to the same public entertainment office as the protagonists. Anger Born of Worry: She blows up at Barry after his stunt of running off to fight mirages without weapons or a mirage of his own.

It's one of the few times that she loses her cool with someone. Her primary element is ice and has access to the Bufu line of spells. An Axe to Grind: Which probably weighs more than she does. On the badass side, she's a girl who can tank hits and deal massive damage with a giant axe. On the adorable side, she's a girl who's dressed in golden rabbit armor.

Badass and Child Duo: Beware the Nice Ones: At the end of her third sidequest, she completely snaps at her producer after she can't take his constant changes to the show anymore.

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Wears golden rabbit theme armor. If her armor and accessories are any indication, she loves rabbits. Even her default axe blade has rabbit-shaped cutouts on it. Mamori isn't mistreated by the other characters, but she doesn't have an easy time.

She's working on a show that's irrelevant to what she actually wants to do, goes through many unfocused tone changes that she has difficulty adapting to, and requires her to eat a lot of terrible frozen food. Her first album was implied to have flopped. She also has more trouble as a Mirage Master, between struggling with the size of her axe and a battle intro that has her thrown into the camera while screaming. The youngest of the cast aside from Tikibut has a class traditionally known for tanking and laying out big hits.

Starts with a passive skill that allows her to occasionally intercept single-target attacks aimed at an ally. She's an elementary school student who uses the knight class, the classic Mighty Glacier type in the series. She wields an axe twice her size, tanks hits for her team and heals them with support. Mamori rolls with the best of them and is a god send in a fight. The crux of her final sidequest.

She has ribbons in her hair. She gets access to party wide healing spells just like Tsubasa, but due to her lower magic stat and EP she's better as a backup healer. Her armor has cutesy rabbit ears Despite being the youngest of the playable cast, her tastes are very old-fashioned, preferring to wear an outfit that looks like it was straight out of the Meiji Era, and her singing style is more traditional to contrast with the pop music of the others.

Again, she's in elementary school but fights alongside the other members. Her axe probably weighs more than she does, and indeed she complains about how heavy it is during battle "O-Omoi! None of this stops her from flipping across the air with it during actual combat. In other animations, she's seen using her own body as a counterweight or a spinning motion to deal with it. Her in-battle Carnage Form transformation animation begins with her riding into the arena on Draug's back wherein he places her on the ground using the flat edge of one of his axes.

During this whole time she's terrified and her face screams the trope as she's pushed closer towards the camera. Pint Sized Power House: She's tiny due to her age, but can dish it out just fine.

Her producer's overbearing demands for her and the show get to her, but she doesn't let it out until the end of her final sidequest, when she decided enough is enough. As the host of a cooking show, food is this to her. When Yashiro dismissed food as unimportant to acting, Mamori gave him an really impassioned speech on the reasons as to why food is important in the entertainment industry in general.

In combat, it takes more effort to KO Mamori than any three other party members combined, and most of her Radiant skills just increase her survivability further. It's not uncommon for her to laugh off entire Sessions by the end of the game. Wise Beyond Their Years: She's very sharp despite her age. Initially an outsider to Fortuna, he antagonizes our heroes and holds them in contempt for working as a team.

Badass in a Nice Suit: Wears a suit as his casual outfit. Thin, pretty and great hair. He's good looking, a great singer, dancer, actor and a powerful mirage master. However Yashiro still suffers internally from the incident that claimed his father.

It was when the mirages kidnapped Tsubasa's sister as well. Though unlike Ayaha, Yashiro's father didn't make it. His first sword Killing Edge is a thorny katana.

fe x smt ending a relationship

Plays the part of the aloof rival arrow-straight, which just makes everyone think he's a pompous jerk. He eventually shows up at the Bloom Palace to take Tiki, and when Itsuki and co. It's not until after Itsuki defeats him while also fighting Excelleus that Yashiro decides to join up with the crew. He's a Tall, Dark, and Handsome Renaissance Man who has already mastered anything needed for his job not only dancing, singing and acting needed as an idol but also combat skills needed as a Mirage Mastertakes his job very seriously, and is a cold-hearted Jerkass that looks down on The Power of Friendship and is in the job because of his family.

In short, he is the Yamato Hotsuin of the idol industry. So much so that in his first sidequest opens with him casually mentioning he hasn't eaten in days due to his schedule, and just as casually asking Itsuki how he and the others stave off starvation.

He then proceeds to collapse outside of the cafe in Shibuya. Not to be outdone by Kiria in this department during combat: When you fight him the first time, he is at level 35, thus he'll most likely one-shot the entire party the moment he gets a chance to attack. Even if you hacked the game, it would treat it as a loss anywaysince you're not supposed to win. Rejects Itsuki's offer to fight by their side initially.

He changes his mind after Fortuna proves themselves by kicking his ass. Katanas Are Just Better: Most of his Carnage weapons are katana-esque, which fit with the eastern swordsman theme that comes with myrmidons and swordmasters.

His appearance on Microwavin' with Mamorin at the end of his first sidequest has him hamming it up so much that Mamori can't even speak for several seconds after he's done. Granted, he's a master actor who can do any role but given his personality it's still pretty shocking. Refers to everyone by their last name in the English version; however, in the Japanese dialogue, it's also Full-Name Basis.

While he possesses a few elemental spells, most of his spells are sword-based. Tsurugi is a word for sword, referencing the Myrmidon class. One of his eyes is gray while the other is a bright blue. Can be either, depending on role. Offstage he can be a bit of a cold Jerkassbut he plays the lead in a romance show.

His father taught him to focus on nothing but his career, so he lacks common sense about some essential things; he goes without eating for days because he fired his agent, who apparently kept him fed, and he has no idea he could just go to a restaurant to replenish himself. Uses Fire elemental attacks as his secondary element. Power Makes Your Hair Grow: Goes from a normal, shaggy style to an impressive, wild mane. The Power of Friendship: What his side story ultimately ends up teaching him.

Rather than trying to be a perfect actor that does everything on their own, Yashiro must learn to rely on others and comes to view Itsuki as a true friend.

fe x smt ending a relationship

Said to be good in anything, from singing to acting. He doesn't have a vendetta against Fortuna Entertainment specifically; he's just extremely critical of people who don't shape up to his own high standards, as an entertainer and Mirage Master. Doesn't help that he's quite the jerk about telling them. This causes him to butt heads with Itsuki and the others on a couple of occasions, as well as physically fighting them.

He gets better once the party kick his ass. Has shades of this, one being that he barely eats. No, he's not in a diet because he's an idol, his slight insanity was the impact of the events that happened 5 years ago, where all actors and actresses were kidnapped by many Mirages and he was the only survivor. And he was only 13 years old at that time. No wonder it broke him.

He's the last addition to the party, and the one who resists joining the most.

fe x smt ending a relationship

Has a streak of blue-white in his bangs. Very soft-spoken and rarely emotes when he's not in character for a role. Tall, Dark, and Handsome: His color theme isn't exactly black, as it's dark blue and dark purple, but still fits this trope anyway. You Killed My Father: His motivation in fighting Mirages at first is avenging his father's death at their hands. Often uses emotes in Topic with a white rabbit with glasses Who also always has a cocktail glass with her, because it's Maiko we're talking about, here.

Under her left eye. Ask about or make any allusions about her age, and she'll threaten you with some highly unpleasant work to do. She's a functioning alcoholic whose behavior veers between that of a thirty-year old and a thirteen-year old at the drop of a hat, but she's also an extremely competent agent and administrator.

Much shorter than professional standards would advise. Maiko loves her sauce and is often found in a state of drunkeness or nursing a hangover at various points of the story.

fe x smt ending a relationship

It doesn't interfere with her work and in fact tends to go hand-in-hand with it, due to her wine-and-dine sessions with clientsbut Maiko is frequently tanked during the company's slow periods. At one point she winds up with a hangover so massive it can only be cured with eldritch ingredients pulled from the Idolasphere. Usually fairly low-key, but she chews the scenery like mad when she gets tipsy or comes up with a good idea for a gig. Comes across as a Woman Child sometimes, especially when she's deep in the bottle.

One of the most attractive ladies on the cast and wears glasses. The only time they come off is when she comes out of retirement for a photoshoot.

By far the bustiest of the women, and also in-universe as she's an ex-Gravure idol. Her gravure book "My Complex" becomes a key story item in Chapter 2, with its contents leaving Itsuki, Touma and Tsubasa with jaws dropped in awe. Raven Hair, Ivory Skin: Black hair, and also one of the few main characters with a normal hair color. Long and shapely ones.

Is it any wonder she used to be a Gravure Idol? Is the mentor and boss to the cast and genuinely cares about them. She's even called such in-game. Maiko is the only character at Fortuna that has neither been posssessed by a Mirage nor been a Mirage Master. Her support mostly comes in the form of being the president. She offers a "private lesson" to Itsuki when he first joins up and many more comments throughout the story. Though she's probably just doing it to get a rise out of Tsubasa and Kiria.

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Barry Goodman Voiced by: Following his retirement, he works with the protagonists as a trainer. The largest character in the cast.

When he's not being Drill Sergeant Nasty he's a pretty swell guy to hang out with. The bushiest ones in the cast. Cutlass Between the Teeth: In his dual art with Mamori he attacks with her axe while holding it in his mouth since he's dressed up in a dog costume.

It Makes Sense in Context. When it comes to singing. Especially emphasised in his second sidequest. It would be easier to list what glaring American stereotypes aren't part of his character. His dog costume that he wears for his dual art with Mamori. His laughs are written in English in the Japanese version. He also swears in English.

Barry is a former Mirage Master, as his partner was Draug before he was cursed and the Mirage possessed him; Itsuki severed the connection between them, and Barry convinced Mamori to partner with Draug instead. I Just Want to Be Badass: Towards the end of his story, Barry desperately wants to be a Mirage Master so he can fight alongside Itsuki and Mamori and prove his worth to the latter.

He gets so desperate he tries to convince Tiki to partner with him, but eventually gives up on it. Runs off into an Idolasphere during his last side story without weapons or a Mirage to prove that he has what it takes to fight on Itsuki and co.

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Naturally, you have to save him immediately. Probably wears one for more emphasis on his trainer job for Fortuna's talent. Is the trainer for the kids. What his training sessions are described as; however, he's still the best in the business so everyone considers it worth it. Like a Mirage, she can't remember much of her past. She is the basis for a popular music-making software in the real world known as "Singaloid TiKi", which has become an internet sensation.

The player can attack a Mirage on the field to stun it, allowing them to perform a pre-emptive attack or avoid battle. The player's party consists of three main characters which, with the exception of main character Itsuki, can be swapped out both inside and outside of battle. The affinities of each party member change depending on the weapon they have equipped. If another party member possesses a Session Skill linking to the type of attack used, they will automatically perform a pursuit attack, which may then trigger another attack and so on.

For example, if one party member attacks with an ice attack, another party member with an Ice-Elec skill will follow up with an electrical attack.

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Session Attacks may also be carried out by the enemy if they target a party member's weakness. These are called Duo Attacks which are performed by a partner's Mirage. Dual Attacks, on the other hand, can be triggered during a Session Attack to extend the combo at random times. Additionally, party members can learn Ad-lib Performances which may randomly activate while performing certain skills. Performing well in battles, such as achieving quick victories or successful Session Attacks, increases party members' Stage Level, which unlock Performa for Radiant Skills and opens up new side stories.

The game ends, sending the player back to the title screen, if all party members are knocked unconscious by running out of HP. The story moves between multiple well-known city districts such as Shibuya and Harajuku. Performa attracts beings called Mirages, who hail from an alternate dimension called the Idolasphere: Those who form alliances with friendly Mirages are referred to as Mirage Masters. The main cast are employees and associates of Fortuna Entertainment, a talent agency that secretly acts as a hub and recruiting organization for Mirage Masters.

The group are aided by Maiko Shimazaki, [i] a former model who is the head of Fortuna Entertainment; [j] and Barry Goodman, [k] a strict instructor from overseas with a love of otaku culture. Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light. In the present, Itsuki encounters Tsubasa at the One of Millennium talent audition event, where she is hoping to begin her career as an idol. The compare is possessed by a hostile Mirage, and everyone in the building apart from Itsuki and Tsubasa is stripped of their Performa.

Itsuki follows Tsubasa into the Idolasphere, and both are attacked by hostile Mirages. Awakening to their Performa, they use it to cleanse the Mirages: With help from Touma, who is the Mirage Master to Cain, the party free the compare from the hostile Mirage's control. They are aided by Tiki, who is suffering from amnesia similar to the other allied Mirages. She reveals that she and the other friendly Mirages unsuccessfully attempted to stop the dark mage Gharnef summoning the Shadow Dragon Medeus into their native realm with a ceremony called the Opera of Shadows.

Tiki was banished into the Idolasphere, which acted as an intermediate dimension between the real world and her world, and she was instrumental in preventing Gharnef from performing the Opera of Shadows a second time to enter the real world as his native realm had become drained of artistic energy.

His attempt sparked the mass disappearance of five years before, and Tiki shielded both Tsubasa and Yashiro at the cost of her memories.

Heading to the Cosmic Egg, the party are stopped by Hatanaka, who reveals himself to be the willing Mirage Master of Gharnef: Collecting the Fire Emblem pieces, they learn the story of the Hero-King Martha warrior from ancient times who bested and sealed away Gharnef and Medeus.

The group encounter and defeat Hatanaka and Gharnef, but their sacrifice coupled with the offering of Marth's soul completes the Opera of Shadows and summons Medeus. Traveling to the final Idolasphere realm, Itsuki is fatally injured by Medeus, but the Fire Emblem gems free Marth's soul, which saves Itsuki and allows the group to perform the Opera of Light and defeat Medeus.

The Mirages, with their memories restored and Medeus gone forever, return with Tiki to their native realm. These quests' storylines include Tsubasa working to create her idol persona; [23] Touma's wish to become an inspirational actor; [24] Kiria's discomfort with her softer side, which clashes with her professional identity; [25] Eleanora's attempts to polish her abilities as an actress in preparation for a hoped-for Hollywood career; [26] Mamori pushing to expand her professional range beyond her cooking host role; [27] Yashiro breaking out of his self-imposed personal and professional isolation, culminating in a battle with his father's spirit; [28] the often-tipsy Maiko's efforts to maintain Fortuna's public and private functions; [29] Barry's antics and his growing insecurity after losing his Mirage Master abilities; [30] and Tiki wanting the chance to experience the real world.

Ando redrafted her proposal and submitted it a week later as a crossover between Fire Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei. When the project was originally pitched to Atlus init was assumed that they were not interested after their unenthusiastic response and later said they were too busy to undertake the collaboration. Over a year later, Atlus inquired as to whether the subject was still open for discussion, and it transpired that they had been highly enthusiastic while still being too busy with other projects.

Shinjiro Takada, who was also working on Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2was appointed as producer. While he had viewed Fire Emblem as a rival and quality goal for his own work, he was honored to be given the chance to develop a title related to Fire Emblem. Hirata was originally the project's sole director, but seven months after the game's public announcement, Ishida was brought on to co-direct so the amount of work needed for the title could be managed.

According to Ishida, it was the company's first original game for eighth-generation consoles. One of the problems that needed to be overcome was the form of the initial proposal, which was for a simulation game similar to Fire Emblem developed by Atlus. Atlus, who were better known for making traditional role-playing games, were unsure which series to emulate.

The decision was eventually made to create something along the lines of a traditional RPG, so Atlus took on primary development.

Their first concept turned out to be a grid-based strategy game with strategic positioning elements similar to Fire Emblem, but they were eventually convinced by Yamagami and staff from Intelligent Systems to keep within their own skillset rather than attempting anything radically different.

The final product was visualized as a game only Atlus could make, incorporating elements from both series while standing as an original title that could be enjoyed by fans of both Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem.

The inclination of the logo was also designed to represent the game's altered perspective on the Fire Emblem series.

Haduki was in charge of the main narrative, while Miyauchi handled the side stories for the main cast. During the early scenario development, it was thought that the main characters would be reincarnations of Fire Emblem characters, but this was dismissed as it would link it too strongly to the Fire Emblem series. When going through how to help incorporate Fire Emblem characters within the "Atlus mythos", they decided to use a concept from Japanese Shamanism called the "kami oroshi", which stands for a deity possessing and communicating through a priest or ritual dancer.