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Costabile "Gus" Farace, Jr was a criminal with the Bonanno crime family who murdered a He played Peewee football in Wolfe's Pond Park. In , he entered Tottenville High School and joined a street gang of adolescent delinquents called "the Bay. Get reviews and information on Flirt Lounge including Flirt Lounge event Info, photos, guestlist and Flirt Lounge New Years Eve tickets. AILEEN GONZALEZ RAZA 3 RED LOUNGE HERTEL AVE . ENVY CAFE INC FLIRT 80TH ST OZONE PARK QUEE OP.

Most are between the ages of 16 and MySpace officials would not comment on MyDeathSpace, declining to return repeated calls from Salon regarding this story. The more robust a victim's MySpace page, the more lively the MyDeathSpace discussion is likely to be. Occasionally, a MySpace page reflects the circumstances of a person's death with eerie prescience -- the photos of guns maintained by someone killed by a gunshot, the drug-related songs and movies enjoyed by a person who goes on to overdose, or the proclivities toward thrill-seeking professed by someone who dies recklessly.

People visit the site for different reasons. Kristy Olsen, an artist and mother who discovered MyDeathSpace last year and occasionally still peruses the forums without ever participating in the death discussions, admits, "I don't completely understand why I'm drawn to such a site -- it's a massive dose of sadness, but I know I'm not alone in my curiosity.

I think everyone that's living is sometimes drawn to death, to see what it looks like, to be humbled. She considers the site to be a primer for her chosen career path, allowing her to exercise her investigative skills among a community of like-minded sleuths.

Drawing inferences from "clues" left behind on victims' blogs or other online sources MyDeathSpacers seek out, she and the others attempt to deconstruct the emotional state of someone who has committed suicide, for example, or unravel the circumstances behind mysterious deaths.

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Though she prefaces message board postings with an obligatory "rest in peace," Perry says she's more than happy to "put a theory out there" if something about a death's circumstances doesn't seem to add up. Asked why she thought she or anyone else had a right to pry so deeply and comment on the death of a stranger, Perry admitted this was "a good question," though she fell short of an answer.

After all, the young rarely die of natural causes. They die of suicides and murders; of daredevil stunts involving moving trucks and merry-go-rounds; and, of course, alcohol and drug overdoses. One year-old soldier discussed was found dead after drinking Southern Comfort through a funnel. A self-professed horror movie fan, she's been a site member since its earliest days and is known online as "Paranoia Agent.

Perry, who discovered the site four months ago, says that her initial reaction was, "'Wow.

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Judging strictly by the photos posted by users in the galleries -- an admittedly unscientific sampling -- the core audience seems to be teenagers and somethings.

Site detractors enjoy dismissing the regulars as "emo" kids, a stereotype that both irritates and amuses its loyal base. Davis, a year-old art director from Dallas, says that the photo galleries underrepresent older users. It's true -- even in death's shadow there is time for member cleavage shots and flirtation on the message forums.

For Davis, the fascination with death precedes her involvement with MyDeathSpace. After the Columbine school shootings, she became "obsessed" with following its media coverage.

Though personal obligations have diminished her site activity she's averaged about 20 postings per day since last July, while another site-generated statistic tallies her total log-in time at 52 straight daysshe still helps moderate the forums and posts comments on strangers' deaths.

She says of her message board activity, "It's online. It doesn't always seem real to me because I didn't have a connection with [victims]. On occasion, parents of MyDeathSpace victims have reached out to the forum moderator, which sometimes "freaked" her out. A woman identifying herself as "TarasMom," the mother of a murdered grandson and daughter, posted in a forum last August, warning users that their barbs toward the dead "cut like a knife.

Members responded in caustic fashion.

flirt lounge ozone park

Why not move on? While some have written to Patterson threatening to sue MyDeathSpace or have the site shut down, there is little First Amendment basis for actually doing so, according to David Hudson, a research attorney with the First Amendment Center at Vanderbilt University. After all, MySpace profiles that are open to the public effectively become public information.

And legally speaking, it is impossible to defame a dead person. So far, the site has yet to meet a legal challenge.

Visitors who write Patterson e-mails critical of MyDeathSpace run the risk of having the text of their e-mail and oftentimes, their e-mail address publicly displayed on a "Hate Mail" discussion thread. Members often respond by trolling the Internet for facts or photos about the complainant in order to post them.

flirt lounge ozone park

Salon contacted several people who are critical of the site, but none would speak for the sake of an article, fearing repercussions by the MyDeathSpace community.

Patterson argues that if you don't like the site, don't come to it. But tell that to those who arrive at MyDeathSpace inadvertently, having Googled the name of a deceased friend or relative.

Nevertheless, Patterson respects the wishes of family members who want to have a child's MyDeathSpace profile deleted, except, he says, in the case of convicted murderers. Patterson packs MyDeathSpace with advertisements for dating services, death-related sweepstakes and merchandise, and even a graphic video of animal slaughter courtesy of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

So far, the organization's investment has paid off -- about MyDeathSpace users have signed up to receive PETA's "vegetarian starter kits," according to spokesman Jay Kelly.

flirt lounge ozone park

Though he charges both for ad space and premium memberships, Patterson says he doesn't "make any money" from the Web site. And even if he did, so what? And if people are going to criticize Patterson for profiting from the public's insatiable obsession with death, shouldn't they also go after Fox News, MSNBC and any other news outlet that fawned for weeks over the minutiae of Anna Nicole Smith's death and autopsy?

As public platforms for expressing grief, MySpace memorials may be little more than the digital equivalent of inner-city graffiti memorials or curbside shrines. Still, all this intense focus on death makes some in the suicide prevention world nervous, says Christopher Le, resource and information manager for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

He worries about copycat suicidal behavior, a phenomenon known to social scientists as "contagion. He contacted Patterson last August in the hopes of securing free advertising for suicide prevention resources, but Patterson wanted compensation, just as he would from any advertiser, according to Le.

Patterson says the site provides links to suicide prevention hotlines and that he once intervened personally when he was contacted by a year-old girl who implied that she was thinking of killing herself, asking the site administrator to save her a postmortem "spot" on MyDeathSpace. That was before she sent him her MySpace and Yahoo e-mail passwords, as well as the date she planned to take her life.

Patterson says that he signed on to her MySpace account and looked at all of her outgoing messages. Farace, and Vincent Farace. Vincent Farace is a recognized made man in the Bronx faction of the Bonanno crime family. As a child he was considered the class clown, a poor student, popular, and gregarious. He played Peewee football in Wolfe's Pond Park.

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The gang liked to intimidate people and start fights. Three weeks later, he was arrested for forgery, but he avoided a jail sentence because he was a youth. Hate crime in Greenwich Village[ edit ] On October 7,Farace murdered a year-old boy and brutally beat the victim's year-old companion.

Farace and some friends were on a street in the Greenwich Village section of Manhattan when the two boys allegedly propositioned them. Enraged, Farace and his friends forced the two teenagers into Farace's group's car and drove them to the beach at Wolfe's Pond Park in New York. Once there, Farace forced one of the boys to commit an oral sex act on him.

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The men beat the boys using driftwood and other objects, then left them for dead. The year-old, Thomas Moore of Brooklyn, was critically injured, but dove into the pond and managed to elude his attackers. Moore then walked to a nearby residence for assistance. Four days later, Moore identified Farace and the other suspects from a police lineup. The state had accepted his manslaughter plea rather than go through the uncertainty and expense of a capital murder trial.

Man Killed in Front of Night Club in Ozone Park

Farace was sentenced to 7 to 21 years in prison. As Robert Stutman writes in Dead on Delivery: Farace used his contacts with old friends, and new ones he met in prison, to start a marijuana selling business, which soon expanded into other drugs.

Inside Gotti's Old Mob Hangout

In JuneFarace was released from prison. Scarpa's father, Gregory Scarpa, Sr. Farace married Antoinette Acierno, a sister of a criminal associate. He began selling small amounts of cocaine and marijuanaand in late Februaryset up a cocaine deal with Everett Hatcheran undercover federal Drug Enforcement Administration DEA agent.

Hatcher had met Farace to discuss purchasing cocaine from him on several occasions. When the team finally found Hatcher, he had been shot through the head three times in his unmarked Buick Regal. The window was rolled down and the Regal's engine was on, but Hatcher's foot was on the brake. Police theorized that Farace shot Hatcher from a van as it passed Hatcher's car.

The van was found abandoned three days later on a street about two miles northeast of the murder scene. This location was less than half a mile from the Arthur Kill Correctional Facilitywhere Farace had spent the last two years of his manslaughter sentence.

It is not known why Farace killed Hatcher; one theory is that Farace had become suspicious of Hatcher from rumors he had heard. He was also believed to have been the first law enforcement officer killed in the line of duty on Staten Island. After Hatcher's slaying, a nationwide manhunt for Farace commenced.

Local and federal law enforcement increased their surveillance of Cosa Nostra members, stopping them to take photographs and ask questions.

flirt lounge ozone park

As pressure increased on the Bonanno familyits leadership decided to kill Farace. Following the Hatcher murder, Gregory Scarpa, Sr.