Funke akindele relationship with femi adebayo wife

Between Femi Adebayo and Funke Akindele

funke akindele relationship with femi adebayo wife

Femi continued by saying that the wife was not happy mainly because of his career profession. Funke Akindele and Femi Adebayo marriage is a big past to the. How Funke Akindele (Jenifa), Ruined Femi Adebayo's Marriage unlike when she lived happily with her husband as a full house wife, to take. Femi's first marriage to a lady named Khadijat officially ended in after two years of separation. They got married in Funke Akindele's.

The family photos of Funke Akindele and husband are always stunning. The daughter told him that Funke is an awesome keeper and he should marry her.

JJC and Funke Akindele children The family lives in a luxurious mansion that it is worth several million Nairas and it is in Lagos, Lekki to be precise. They live a posh lifestyle just as it was expected; both the wife and the husband are successful in their career, what else did you expect? The lucky close celebrities of the couple were invited during their housewarming party.

Apart from that house, the couple owns other houses as well. The family is now awesomely awaiting unborn twins. Oloyede was her first husband, they got married in ; the couple felt they were not meant for each other and they therefore went on their separate ways.

Funke Akindele married Femi Adebayo did not take place, it just a serious relationship that did not led to marriage. Femi continued by saying that the wife was not happy mainly because of his career profession.

Funke Akindele and Femi Adebayo marriage is a big past to the actress. This is because the actor is currently married the same case with Funke Akindele who is also happily married. He turned 41 years age on 4th April; JJC is a born The limelight couple are age mates considering the fact that Funke Akindele age is 40 years; she will be turning 41 years in the month of August on 24th.

JJC has always had passion in music he might have joined his dad who could not resist to the country music songs. At around 14 years, the successful Nigerian artist had already commenced with his hip-hop rapping in England. Well, JJC gave this name to his project to honor his elder brother who was the ground to his music current success. Funke Akindele and husband career success Source: Since then the Nigerian success is beyond words, having not less than a hundred movies.

The objective of the company is to help youths to nature their God-given talents by learning skills that will enable them utilize they gifted talents. The multi-award winner is also among the famous actresses that receive a huge check.

Abdul Bello commenced in writing his music compositions at his high school level of education while he was 16 years old and his elder brother could not miss to notice how much he enjoyed doing it. He therefore purchased him a record player and made efforts to make him learn some of the DJ skills to enable him to create his tracks.

On top of that, the brother gave JJC a kit of karaoke so that he could use it to find music lyrics. What about all the awards, accolades and commendations that I receive for doing good movies. But the one that is most memorable was when I spoke with our ex-president, General Olusegun Obasonjo.


To my surprise, it was Baba Obasanjo that spoke. He called me to congratulate me on the film Jenifa. Do you know who is speaking? He is not the only one, so many of them like Ita Giwa and a lot of our leaders have called to congratulate me.

Handsome Men Funke Akindele Has Dated

What was the reaction of your parents when you decided to put your law practice on hold? My family is in support. My dad supported it. Because he was like as far you have that law thing, you can do anything. But my mum has always being there for me supporting me. If am going for audition, she will be the one to drive me down.

I love her so much. If a script brings you and Femi together, will you be able to do it. Let me just stay away from him for now. I just have to.

funke akindele relationship with femi adebayo wife

There is also this rumour that your boobs are insured. There is no part of my body that is insured. None oh, except that of the life insurance, which I have. You have paid the price for fame and everything. What is your advice for young and up-coming artist? Well, my advice to them is to use what you have to get what you want. Not your body oh. Telling you, you are not pretty, you are this you are that you know.

So believe you can do it and with God by your side you shall get there. And other people out there including the boys, always be yourself. There are stories about producers asking for sex to give girls roles. Have you ever had any such experience since you started? I am always giving them my attitude, and I hardly say thank you to any of them. Nobody made me, I play my role myself. From my first movie, I have always produced my jobs myself. Did you ever contemplate quitting when those rumours were rife?

I told you this is my first love. I love acting right from when I was small. Femi Adebayo Femi Adebayo is a familiar name in Nollywood particularly for yoruba movie lovers.

Besides being the son of veteran actor, Adebayo Salami aka Oga Bello, Femi has made a name for himself and continues to excel professionally.

Last year, the lawyer turned actor was rumored to have sent his wife packing from their matrimonial home. The same tabloids reported he was in a relationship with fellow Nollywood star Funke Akindele. Both have continued to deny any rumors of an affair. In the interview with the SUNhe address the rumors and talks about recent projects in the works. Excerpts from the interview: Last year, it was all town that you had problems with your wife. Can you shed more light on that?

There are bound to be issues between husband and wife which usually can be settled amicably but as at the time this rumour was circulating, we had no problems. My wife is hale and hearty in my house and she is taking care of our kids. When you are rising and you are in the lime light, the press will write something about you and make some money without even verifying it.

I must admit that City People published a false story about my wife, myself and some other people. For some time now, they have been writing all these things and I have been keeping quite but it actually gets to me.

Eventually, I had to write them and ask why they wrote such a story because it puts my reputation in jeopardy. They wrote a rejoinder saying they were sorry that they thought this and that. How could they think and not verify?

funke akindele relationship with femi adebayo wife

There was an instance they said your wife was caught cheating and there was another instance they said Funke Akindele caused a rift between the two of you. How true is all these?

I have always made it known to my fans that there was nothing like that. Infact, at a point I was forced to bring my wife to tell them that we had no problems and she did.