Gerrard lampard relationship poems

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Mutual respect I would say nothing more. Come from completely different backgrounds Gerra the working class tough made good, Lamps the privately educated. Lampard's a different type of player to Gerrard and has no emotional relationship with City; he wasn't particularly happy when he was played. These are examples of the best world cup poems written by PoetrySoup members. poetry blogs, or anything else World Cup poem related using the PoetrySoup .. The creative skill of Lampard And captain Gerrard too Will create a hole in.

What about that through ball at Fulham at the end of the last season? What about those passes that he effortlessly curls 40 yards or the close to un-defendable balls he puts into the box from a free kick?

What about the free kick against Basel?

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Again, I could go on. Is Steven Gerrard the best player to have wore the red?

Which England football legend is the best cricketer? - Ferdinand, Gerrard, Lampard or Lineker?

I missed Kenny and Souness. In Huyton his talents were no secret. The fella who used to cut my hair at Twig Lane barbers used to rave about his ability before he was anywhere near the first team. In the same barbers a hand-drawn picture of him in a Liverpool kit lived on a shelf long before he was in the national conscience. This is a lad who has been at Liverpool since he was eight.

Here we reach an important distinction to make. Steven Gerrard has been great for Liverpool Football Club — that is an unquestionable stone-cold, nailed on fact. But no man can beat time. Not even Steven Gerrard. This is your hero. A man who has bailed Liverpool out of the shit so many times. A man who has lifted the club beyond the mediocrity that surrounds him on the pitch over and over again.

gerrard lampard relationship poems

And suggesting using Steven in a cameo, or resting him, or using him in a different position at different times — none of that stains what has come before. Legend is an overused word.


Steven Gerrard is a legend. He has won honours with Liverpool and been absolutely key in doing so. His capability to do that now has lessened but Steven Gerrard is still hugely influential.

But put yourself in his shoes for a moment. A man with no Liverpool connection. In front of you is a man who dragged Liverpool to a European Cup final and come back to Liverpool holding the gold. James our keeper will save every shot He's experienced and so cool Glen Johnson and Ashley Cole The defence they both will rule. The creative skill of Lampard And captain Gerrard too Will create a hole in any defence No matter what they do. Peter Crouch up front is so tall He reminds me of a Giraffe When he scores and does that dance He really makes me laugh.

Wayne Rooney wow what can I say The best of the best He's like a little bulldog With three lions on his chest. Our manager Fabio Capello A master of the game If we don't bring back the cup We're only ourselves to blame. I have seen the face of famine its peevish and sullen glare, a face with hollow eyes and missing smile. Of slow and ambling gait it drags its cloak of misery and despair with neither thought nor care. It hands out pain and poverty in ever increasing portions, disease and total depredation flow in streams of human sadness.

Hearts and souls are reaped in the squander of man's neglect, as the child's cry is drowned in the open apathy of fellow man. Monies donated often lost or misspent, policies adopted constantly fail, ideals concealed in hidden agenda's, dreams smitten by the sword of avarice and greed.

The West sits astride the mountains of surplus commodities to maintain price levels, as the arms trade to the third world flourishes bestowing more grief and suffering.

gerrard lampard relationship poems

It is beyond belief that in Africa green oasis's were created so that the World cup could take place, and yet in other areas a field of corn or wheat is still wanting. Human we are humane we are not, somewhere in the jungle of priorities we are lost.

Yes I know tonight I will sit and eat my fill in comfort, maybe a dessert of guilt. I heard Sachin smash Qadir, On the radio! Test Cricket, Was the name of the game! I knew instantly, Cricket would never be the same!


In complete humility, He graced the field! His sound batting prowess, Made every bowler yield! Not just a cricketer, But a lovely human being! He is the Master, Who blasted away to fame! Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, Is his famous name! Today I pray, That he wins me the Cup! India wants to see my Idol, Lift the World Cup! My Icon, my idol, who inspires awe worldwide, and patriotism in countless number of Indians!