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gwai wik ending relationship

“surprise relationships”, genuine moments of pure tension and a twist ending that The film's native title is Gwai wik and it cost 5 Million to make (the biggest. Ocean Heaven is a Chinese-Hong Kong drama film starring martial arts superstar Jet Li in his first full drama role. It also co-stars Taiwanese actress Gwei Lun-mei, who previously starred in As the story progresses, the growing relationship between father and son, as well as the community around them, become. Re-cycle (Gwai wik) Reviews The end was preachy, though It begins a bit abstract and continues in this vein until the very end where it all comes into Recycle is a film about our relationship with the past--the memories that provide the.

When Xianglun tells Xiaoyu about the demolition of the piano building on graduation day, she plays him the mysterious song "Secret", telling him never to play it in the piano room with the oldest piano.

The romance is budding, but laced with periods of time where Xiaoyu skips class and doesn't show up for days.

gwai wik ending relationship

An undercurrent of jealousy also begins to develop as Qingyi tries to get closer with Xianglun. In class a few days later, Xianglun passes a note to Xiaoyu asking her to meet him at the practice rooms. However, Qingyi shows up instead, and Xianglun accidentally kisses her since his eyes are closed.

He realizes his mistake when the janitor loudly says hello to Xiaoyu outside the door; Xianglun rushes out, but she is already out of sight. He goes to Xiaoyu's home to clear things up, but her mother says she is sick and had dropped out of school a long time ago.

She tells Xianglun not to look for her daughter again. Five months later, graduation day had arrived, with Xianglun set to perform on stage at the graduation ceremony. Qingyi lends him her bracelet to wish him luck. Halfway through the performance, Xianglun sees Xiaoyu by the door, and they share a smile before she quickly leaves. Xianglun abandons the performance and runs outside, chasing down Xiaoyu and embracing her, telling her to wait for him.

However, before he goes back, she sees Qingyi's bracelet on his wrist. When Xianglun goes looking for Xiaoyu after the ceremony a few minutes later, he can't find her anywhere. Upon asking a few classmates if they had seen the girl he was always with, they are confused and reply that he was always alone. Xianglun begins to have flashbacks to all the times they hung out together, but in those memories, she is missing and he is alone.

Desperate for answers, he races to Xiaoyu's house. She is missing, but Xiaoyu's mother gives him a photo of Xiaoyu with his father. Xianglun rushes home and asks his father about her. The film cuts to a scene with Xiaoyu, in 20 years agospeaking with Xianglun's father her teacher at the time, at the same school. She confesses that she had found a score hidden in the oldest piano on campus, called "Secret", and when she played it on the piano, she had traveled forward in time 20 years and met Xianglun.

However, she explains that during her time travels, she can only be seen by the first person she sees, and she doesn't always succeed in seeing Xianglun first, so it appears as though she is missing most days. However, she is now depressed since she had caught him kissing another girl, then saw that girl's bracelet on his wrist.

gwai wik ending relationship

Since she never wants to see him again, she gives the score of "Secret" to Xianglun's father. Naturally, Xianglun's father thinks the story is ridiculous, and believes she is suffering from some mental illness, a sentiment quickly becoming shared by the entire class ofas well as Xiaoyu's mother. Back in the present, Xianglun realizes that the music piece that she showed him was "Secret", and could take the pianist into the past or future if played at the right speed, on the old piano.

He rushes off to the piano building, which is about to be torn down. At the same time, Xianglun's father retrieves the manuscript of "Secret" that Xiaoyu had given to him for safekeeping, and realizes that Xiaoyu had written a message 20 years ago to Xianglun on the back, corroborating her stories of time travel.

Meanwhile, Xianglun enters the piano room and, as the demolition begins, starts to play "Secret" from memory, remembering Xiaoyu's words, "I always play it fast when I want to go back". He continues playing as the building crashes down around him; just before he is smashed by a wrecking ball, he plays the last note. The Pang Brothers were obviously on top of their game with the commanding use of stylish images and the effectual use of eerie sounds teaming up to scaring my socks off silly.

But on this run, their talent was obviously better tuned and more bucks was on the screen. And then it happened.

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I was agreeably dragged into countless other worlds one that had to be seen to believed. The film really went all out in sucking me in these awe inspiring, gorgeously morbid and totally far-out settings. And the polished imagery, insane camera shots, brilliant used of color palettes and the overwhelming score tagged to them made it all so much more hypnotizing.

Throughout its trek a couple of well-placed human themes were sneaked in. Any negatives to puke out!

gwai wik ending relationship

Not to this degree. Get recycled with Re-cycle!

The Pang Bros really let their imagination run wild with this one and the horror heavy images and set pieces that resulted were better than any slit throat. She had so many emotional plateaus to communicate and she hit them all with gripping vulnerability, strength and focus. She was the center of the film and she never let me down.