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Hasti ka ahang Urdu novel by Samra Bukhari. But despite all efforts to make Gul-e-Rana believe in his love for her, the two end up parting ways. unique plot with personality conflicts and relationship dynamics forming the crux of the play. 1-Gul-e-Rana demands for an equal marriage. Gul-e-Rana never The drama is based on novel by Samra Bukhari titled 'Hasti Ke Ahang'. Sherlock and Watson reunited after Watsons marriage and stumbling into a case novel of Hasti Ke ahang and with lead actors Freoze Khan and Sajal Ali. In the end Gul-e-Rana did well, in the beginning, to maintain a.

Thus linguists usually count them as one language and contend that they are considered as two different languages for socio-political reasons 3.

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The story revolves around Daniyal Malik, a rich and humble person who has bet with his friends that he would make Naina Syed fall in love with him during her stay at Daniyals house with her family. The story then takes a turn when Daniyal comes to know about his past, Naimat Khan, informs him that hes adopted. He finds out that with the parent hes living with are not his real parents and he was given to them, because his dad couldnt take care of him because of his step mother.

The marriage was kept secret, thats why Daniyals mother had to sacrifice his son, later, Daniyal goes to search his parents. He finally, meets a man who is aware of the truth and its later revealed, that Naimat Khan, was his dads servant and wanted to take revenge thats why he approached Daniyal. Naimat Khans daughter was murdered by Daniyals step mother, so, Naimat Khan wanted Daniyal, to take revenge from his step brother, Dilawar.

His step family was rich, therefore it was Naimat Khans wish that Daniyal shall take his dads place as peer not Dilawar. However, dilawar gets to know the truth and finds out that Daniyal is his brother and is about to kill him.

That girl is a best friend of Daniyals real mother, who is also a lawyer, meanwhile, Daniyal is sent to the prison because the police thinks its him who tried killing her. Just then, Daniyals mother takes his case and helps him getting out of the jail, later, while the lady who took the bullet, get unconscious and says that daniyal didnt shoot him.

She also says that she is daniyals mother and she knew the truth, just when dilawar shot her. However, whilst knowing the truth she gets so shocked and overwhelmed with emotions and she approaches daniyal and tells him the truth.

Daniyal is happy, but then he decides to live with his parents instead of his birth mother since they took care of him and have always been there for him. List of Pakistani television serials Official Website 6. Adeel knits a sinister plan i. That afternoon he picks Raana from college and lies that her mother is very ill and is admitted in the hospital. He takes Raana to a faraway deserted house, arranges for a Maulvi and his friends help to organize a Nikaah, leaving her with a choice to choose between him and her honour.

She decides to marry Adeel but vows to get revenge. Rana's mother finds out about their 'supposed love' and is shell-shocked. Eventually Adeel and Rana get married while everybody assumes that they love each other; Adeel and Rana torture each other.

Rana disobeys and ignores everything Adeel tells her in order to show him where he stands in her life. Adeel suspects that something is going on between Gul-e-Rana and Ashar Rana's cousin while Rana just sees Ashar as a friend.

Adeel goes to Islamabad. Then Adeel brings Rana to Islamabad with him by lying to his father that he wants Rana to take care of him while he is sick. Adeel and Rana continue to play Tom and Jerry with each other. Adeel's friend Mona comes to stay with them.

Adeel tries to rape her but at the same time when Gul-e-Rana opens the door, Adeel runs out of embarrassment. Rana calls Adeel an animal and Adeel slaps her. Adeel feels guilty but still doesn't quit being the "bad boy". Adeel calls Maria and other girls to make Rana jealous. She says to him that she doesn't feel anything but through her expressions it is clear that she does feel something. Rana calls Asher Bhai and says she misses him. Adeel's catches Rana in front of Taya Abu and acts like she is having an affair with someone else.

Taya Abu gets angry at Rana but she doesn't try to prove her innocence as she believed that Taya Abu will not believe her as his own son is standing against her. Now Rana is thinking about how the life has brought such a turn in his life. Taya abbu returns, advising Rana to compromise. This way Taya Abbu returns without taking Rana with him who was supposed to attend Ashar Bhai's wedding.

Now Maria visits Murree with underlying motives. Adeel goes to pick her up. On their way back they enjoy the scenery and take pictures. When they return it's quiet late. Gul-e-Rana tells Gul Bibi to set up the dinner for her. Maria and Adeel come. Adeel comes to know that Gul-e-Rana no more lives in the same room with him. He mocks her and tells her that he will soon get someone else to fill up that empty space.

Rana congratulates him on this, but is unhappy and Gul bibi advises her to fight for her right but Gul-e-Rana leaves Murree and goes to Karachi.

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Meanwhile, Ashar's father meets with an accident and dies. Here in Maria informs her mother that Rana has left and also spreads this news to her cousin and another probable suitor.