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Individual meanings of the Hexagrams in I Ching. Tarot Relationship Spread I Ching: Hexagram 38 - K'uei is about communication. Or the lack of it. Being stubborn or indifferent to a situation and not talking it out will lead to progress being. The I Ching symbol meaning 'Opposition And Higher Vision'. When you feel out of contact with the solution to a relationship challenge, the fastest way to.

Another alternative, popular among I Ching purists, are Chinese coins. You'll probably have extras to share with friends who are also interesting in trying out I Ching. It provides clear, easy-to-understand explanations of the readings in contemporary English. You can also do simple readings online nowadays. At the end of this Hub, I'll provide some links.

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Ask your question Ask an open-ended question not a yes-or-no questionand if you want to reflect on it later, record it in your notebook. The question should be something that you're currently preoccupied with, to make sure your "official question" and your "real question" the one that you're thinking about are one and the same.

If you ask a question that's different from what you're really thinking about, the I Ching will often answer the question that's at top of mind, not the one you wrote in your notebook. The timeframe should be over the next few weeks or months.

What will my love life look like over the next few months? What should I be doing in order to get my career on track?

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How should I be balancing my work and family commitments with my need for fun and self-fulfillment? Toss the coins six times Toss your coins, while thinking about your question, six times. Record the pattern of heads and tails according to the key below. The pattern of lines should go from bottom to top in your notebook. You can also cut the hexagram in half to yield two trigrams 3-line patterns: If there are any changing signs, that means you have two readings.

Let's say that all of your coin tosses yield Yin or Yang, except your fourth toss yields a "changing Yin".

This means the first reading before-changethis line is Yin, while in the second after-change reading, the line is Yang. Get numbered readings First, see if your resulting hexagram has any changing signs--any 3 heads or 3 tails tosses. If it does, it means you have two readings - see the note to the right on how to interpret.

Break up your resulting hexagram into two trigrams -- your lower trigram your first 3 tosses and your upper trigram your last 3 tosses. Then, find the number for the match in the grid below: Your hexagram's reading Hexagram 1 Ch'ien - The Creative Heaven over Heaven Be true to yourself and the creative forces of the universe will be at your disposal.

Trust that fate works in ways that are sometimes difficult to understand, but that you are learning lessons that will serve you well in life. Hexagram 2 K'un - The Receptive Earth over Earth Try to remain open-minded and open to criticism and feedback; they will allow you to grow and become wise. This is your time to follow since there you do not have enough experience to lead or initiate change. Maintain and develop your inner strength for when you'll need it in the future.

Hexagram 3 Chun - Initial Difficulty Water over Thunder You're facing a period of potential growth and a fresh start, maybe with some initial difficulty.

The new situation can develop in any direction. Accept any help that is offered to you and stick to your plan. Allow the situation to resolve itself. Seek support and guidance from an experienced teacher and be prepared to learn from your mistakes. This divination sometimes comes when you keep on asking the same question again and again Hexagram 5 Hsu - Waiting Water over Heaven Now is the time to wait and have faith in the natural order of things.

Take stock of yourself and your situation, and work on any insecurities that cause internal imbalance. Hexagram 6 Sung - Contention Conflict Heaven over Water By forcing your viewpoint instead of accepting what comes, you've brought on opposition. Let go of your fears, doubts and impatience, and communicate with others to develop an understanding that will resolve conflict. Accept and respect the advice of someone wiser than you are.

Be an inspiration to others, and enjoy their support towards achieving a worthy goal. Hexagram 8 Pi - Union Holding Together Water over Earth Examination of your own actions and words for their sincerity will lead to stronger bonds with others. Be steadfast in your principles; don't give in to temptations and difficulties.

Be true and sincere, and you'll achieve a lot. Remain focused on your plan and surpass obstacles with gentleness and decorum. Stay focused on the long term. Plant the seeds for success now, and reap a bountiful harvest in the future. Cultivate tolerance, patience, detachment and adaptability. Understand that all you have the power to change is yourself.

Do not be subservient to those above you nor domineering to those below you. This will give you the confidence you need to succeed. It is possible to grow to great heights but keep your inner balance that has brought you here.

Do not become complacent now. Your run of good fortune has begun to wane. Retreat into yourself and have faith that things will improve sooner if you stick to your plans and don't give up.

Deal with reservations and dissent earlier, to head off problems down the road. Now is an opportunity for you to shine, but don't forget to keep your humility and integrity.

38, Opposing

If you abuse your strength, you will lose it. But don't relax what brought you here. Hexagram 20 Kuan - Observing Contemplation Wind over Earth The creative power of the universe works in unseen ways, influencing situations and people without conscious intent. Try to see the problem clearly. Forcefulness will bring misfortune. Use your inner strength to withdraw. Hexagram 22 Pi - Adornment Grace Mountain over Fire A person who does not try to be alluring but cultivates devotion to the simplicity of the inner truth possesses a grace and beauty that shines through.

Attempting to influence the situation will only prolong it. Withdraw from the unfavorable circumstances engage patient non-action allowing free rein for the forces to settle. Watch and wait as things progress at their own rate and draw in your strength for the time of growth that is approaching.

Nurture your innocence so intuition can flow and follow the guidance of the wiser adult. Hexagram 26 Ta Ch'u - Taming Force Mountain over Heaven Remain calm and detached in the face of hostile provocation's from others who seek to undermine your resolve. Your character is being tested. Hold on to inner truth. Use these difficulties as opportunities to increase your understanding.

Some people may be fearful and jealous of your spiritual progress. Pay them no heed and remain focused. Hexagram 27 I - Nourishment Mountain over Thunder By feeding on the desires of the ego we promote the growth of inferior spiritual qualities such as envy, self-pity, distrust.

By meditation we cultivate a tranquil, receptive state that allows wisdom to flow from the universe. Hexagram 28 Ta Kuo - Excess Lake over Wind You are under unbearable pressure, it is likely that you will give way to the weight.

There is an understandable temptation to escape and seek refuge, which will only delay the inevitable. Keeping running only weakens our resolve and makes problems unbearable.

A time to stand firm, you are equal to the task, rely on your inner truth and integrity and you will emerge stronger. My require a sacrifice, but benefits will accrue if you face the test. Open your heart and adopt the receptive, detached state that will allow the universe to work out the best solution. Hexagram 30 Li - Fire The Clinging Fire over Fire Clinging to correct principles gives us the strength to live a joyful and fulfilling life, able to face difficulties with equanimity and paradoxically to gain independence.

Hexagram 31 Hsein - Sensitivity Influence Lake over Mountain Follow the correct procedure to bring about a joyful union that is mutually beneficial to both parties involved. Be open minded and gentle to receive benefits from external influences.

To have a beneficial influence on others you need to maintain an inner independence and integrity, acting from a position of quiet inner truth and humility. Hexagram 32 Heng - Persistence Duration Thunder over Wind A time of endurance, which requires persistence and stamina. Be calm and sincere and be careful to stay true to your path and you will succeed.

You may be going through a change or one is coming, whatever hold your equanimity. Do not yearn or hope for something to be better, and do not fear that things will get worse, but remain constant and unwavering. Do what needs to be done with calmness, detachment and integrity. Hexagram Hexagram 33 Tun - Withdrawal Retreat Heaven over Mountain Accept the fact that you are faced with unfavorable odds, perform a strategic withdrawal in order to make preparations for a more favorable time to advance.

Hexagram 34 Ta Chuang - The Power of Greatness Thunder over Heaven A time of increasing power and strength, but guard against self-congratulation and complacency.

Follow the correct principles of patience, humility, gentleness and detachment. Wait for the appropriate time to act and stay balanced. Do not use have a misguided belief in your power to influence things to your own benefit as the resulting misfortune will be great. Your judgment can become clouded if you do not keep yourself and your actions pure and simple. Work for progress for its own sake rather than in the pursuit of selfish goals.

Hexagram Hexagram 36 Ming I - Darkening of the Light Earth over Fire When engulfed by difficult circumstances, it is necessary to keep your inner light bright to help guide you through difficulties. Giving in to weakness or feelings of despair at making no progress dims the brightness within. Now is a time for detachment and perseverance at maintaining an inner truth. Things progress slowly but progress they do, so have faith in the creative power of the universe.

Hexagram 37 Chia Jen - Family Wind over Fire Cultivate the correct principles of acceptance, humility, modesty and gentleness to attract and develop healthy relationships. Hexagram 38 K'uei - Opposition Fire over Lake Resisting the flow of creative energy increases the power of inferior attitudes that we harbour, which in turn increases resistance in an ever intensifying spiral.

Everything that comes to us is appropriate for our learning and growth. There is a need to look beneath the exterior to learn the lesson. Hexagram 39 Chien - Halting Obstruction Water over Mountain It is best to retreat from the problem and examine the self for attitudes that need correcting and to seek advice from a wise friend or counselor.

This is the "Love I-Ching" interpretation. For standard, non romance-specific I Ching interpretations please return to the reference page here.

This hexagram implies a draw or an impasse with a special someone. You may both feel you're right, and this can block progress. The lesson here is to see beyond petty differences.

If you can sense beyond the superficial - beyond appearances and changing circumstances - your love life will transform. Your heart will open wide. You must uncover your soul's clearest understanding. What is the bigger picture here? What matters more than being right? Can you be bigger than your differences?

Love is found in the higher vision of the soul. You will have an open window of time to deepen compassion and unity. This period is a test.