Hexagram 38 relationship test

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hexagram 38 relationship test

I Ching: Hexagram 38 - K'uei is about communication. Or the lack of it. Being stubborn or indifferent to a situation and not talking it out will lead to progress being. 4 days ago I Ching Hexagram 38 - Misunderstanding - One must revisit a misunderstanding if One nurtures their relationships by maintaining contact. The hexagram describes a time when differences are accentuated and things tend When differences show up in personal relationships, we have the choice of.

An inner state of Hexagram 38 is likely to be an extreme experience of being pulled between two mutually exclusive visions, or mutually contradictory desires. So how to deal with Opposition? Small affairs, good fortune.

Partly because you need co-operation and people who see eye to eye to handle great affairs. Naturally, with people pulling in opposite directions, you should scale down your ambitions. It specifically promises that the combination of Opposition and small affairs means good fortune.

I think this is because sticking to the small things allows divergent visions to co-exist. The bigger the issues, the more emotional intensity is involved, and the more a different view is perceived as a threat.

Complete alienation and disintegration ensues. Keeping to small affairs makes it possible to hold the two visions together without losing either one. This is the ideal the noble one seeks in the Image: The noble one thus both harmonises and divides. But he can hold them together, separated and harmonious, and see the new images the light makes on the water.

In the same way, the two daughters can live together although their purposes diverge. Since there is a lot of water, the power of fire on the subconscious is truly enormous. A vast and dangerous ocean spread wide under the blue sky.

Understanding the I Ching Lesson 1

This is a focusing on a great danger. A giant volcano awoke on the bottom of the ocean. Something very powerful awakens in the depths of the subconscious, which will radically change the situation.

A powerful flame lights everything around and evaporates water. Clouds of steam will close everything. Through inspiration, all hidden will become extremely clear. Big emotions will remove from life everything else to the second plane.

Understanding what is happening will be temporarily lost.

38, Opposing

Where there have recently been dangerous ocean depths, tomorrow the raging flame will reach heaven. Concentrating on a very dangerous situation will later be replaced by a clear understanding of what is happening, great passions and a strong grip on the events taking place. A very big danger is on the subconscious. A clear understanding of what is happening at the same time will be lost in the manifested reality and found at the subconscious level.

The inspiration which came from subconsciousness depth will allow a harmonizing situation in displayed reality.

Ability to solve similar vital situations is a very valuable found treasure. If in the manifested reality everything develops in the best way with a loss of understanding of what is happening, then on the subconscious plane, the emotional fire together with the intensification of intuitive clarity are more and more flared up. A fear did not leave the subconscious when solving the situation but on the contrary turn into a constant storm of emotions.

The meaning of the hexagram is complex protracted conflicts.

38, Opposing | I Ching with Clarity

Events in the manifested reality and on a subconscious level will develop in many respects in opposite directions. In the world of events, the emotionally tense situation will be successfully resolved.

hexagram 38 relationship test

On the subconscious, a sense of great danger will grow into an ever-increasing emotional tension. Anxiety, emanating from the depths of the subconscious, will directly contradict the actual course of events. At the same time, the energy of emotional tension is simply enormous: This is a kind of insanity: It is a discord between a prosperous manifested reality and a very deep emotional experience on a subconscious plane.

hexagram 38 relationship test

The concentration of attention on the past dangerous events the property of fire — cohesion with the situation is intensified. Here and now, in fact, everything is fine, but on the subconscious plane the huge fire of emotions will rage.

Decisive, active actions do not work here. It is necessary to act subtly and leisurely.