How facebook can ruin your relationship

5 Ways Facebook Can Ruin Your Relationship or Marriage - How to be Married

how facebook can ruin your relationship

15 Ways Social Media Could Ruin Your Relationship If you're using Instagram or Facebook to flirt with other guys, even if you think you're. I don't know if a good marriage can really be RUINED by Facebook or by any kind of social media platform for that matter. But I do know that. Notification ding and you start checking facebook, your relations might be in danger. Here are 6 ways Facebook ruin your relationship.

My clients Rick and Sarah were married for 10 years. They recently divorced and Rick is now married to Lynne. She wondered if she'd ever belong in this new family. He tried to comfort Lynne -- of course his family loves her, but they'd known Sarah for years. Lynne felt insecure in this community and mad at Rick for sticking up for Sarah. So Rick reached out to his family and friends. There are no easy answers here, but I would invite all of the players to identify the tension and connect with the feelings stirred up as they sit with the dilemma.

Friend requests from old flames can lead to affairs. She accepted a friend request on Facebook from an old love, Joe, thinking it would be harmless fun to catch up with him and see what was going on in his life. Amy started messaging him through Facebook and the more they talked, the more they also began to flirt.

how facebook can ruin your relationship

Flirting made her feel special and a little reckless, two things that were missing from her predictable marriage. It started off harmless enough, but over time, it started to get more and more serious. Finally Amy decided to meet up with Joe for a drink. That bad decision led to another -- to sleep with him.

She instantly regretted what she had done and went home wracked by guilt and shame. Should she tell her husband? Amy decided against it, thinking it would be a one-time thing. However, the next day she was back on Facebook, messaging Joe and planning the next time they'd see each other. Each time she did it, she felt more and more guilty. Eventually Amy's husband found out about the affair and they were forced to have a long talk about what to do about their marriage and future together.

As this example shows, in a marriage, you have to keep connected with your partner and limit your flirting -— especially with your exes -- on messaging apps or social media sites like Facebook. Doing so will reduce unnecessary temptation.

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And after infidelity, the site makes affair recovery even more challenging. You know the super old-fashioned way. If you don't do this and you rely on social media, you're really asking for a break-up. The scary thing about social media and the Internet, in general, is that you totally think you're talking in a normal way.

But this does matter eventually. It's actually funny that that's the name of it since as we all know, you end up sitting alone looking at your phone or your laptop most of the day. You're not actually physically hanging out with anyone or really talking to them.

And why wouldn't he go down that road? You would totally think the same thing if he refused to pay attention to you or if his nose was always buried in his iPhone or his laptop.

how facebook can ruin your relationship

You honestly need to put down your phone, stop looking at your social media accounts, and spend more time with the guy that you swore you loved so much you needed to have him in your life. You will regret missing out on what's really happening in your life Why are you even with this guy? You probably thought that he was a great addition to your life and, oh yeah, you're really into him.

So that's why you two are together. It's not so you can ignore him all the time and act like everything and anything is more important than him. Think about how much of your life and your relationship you're going to miss out on. Sorry not sorry to tell you the truth about that.

how facebook can ruin your relationship

You can't honestly think that caring about likes and comments and selfies makes you a better person than people who don't care about that stuff. Didn't you learn that it's what's on the inside that counts in life, not what's on your Facebook profile? This also means that you're not going to be the most fun person to be around.

You're going to take a million selfies before you find the best one to post because you know that's how it always goes down.

You're going to take photos of all the food and drink that you have.

7 Ways Facebook Can Ruin Your Relationship

After all, this guy is a huge part of your life. And that's going to spell doom for your love life. But when you care so much about what someone just posted on Twitter or making sure that your Instagram account looks percent beautiful and perfect, you're going to forget the point: