How to be in a close relationship with god

How can I have a closer relationship with God?

how to be in a close relationship with god

What do we need to know about God? God loves us and wants us to have a personal relationship with Him. God loves us even if we haven't loved him. “In this is. Feb 18, Have you ever secretly been jealous of someone who seemed to have an intimate relationship with God and hear from Him all the time, as if. Jan 29, An intimate friend is someone we feel very close to; they know us at This is as true in our relationship with God as it is in our relationships with.

We seldom take the time to prepare our hearts and minds for worship.

6 Tips for Building a Closer Relationship With God - Tracie Miles

Again, the Psalms show us many calls from God to His people to come and worship the Lord for example, Psalm God invites us, commands us, to come into His presence for worship.

How can we, His people, fail to respond? Finally, a closer relationship with God is built upon a life of obedience. James tells us that as we submit ourselves to God through obedience, resist the devil, and draw near to God, He will draw near to us James 4: We must keep in mind that all biblical exhortations to obedience are presented as our response to the grace of God we receive in salvation.

6 Tips for Building a Closer Relationship With God

So, through confession, Bible study, prayer, regular church attendance, and obedience, we can develop a closer relationship with God. It seems rather simple, if not simplistic. We spend time with them in conversation, opening our hearts to them and listening to them at the same time. We seek to treat them well and sacrifice our own needs to fulfill theirs.

I wanted to get close to the Lord, to have more of Him, but I find it hard to do so. I gave my time and my everything in serving in ministry in church because I thought I'd get close to Him in doing so, but later on I found myself drifting away.

How could that happen? How could I miss God?

how to be in a close relationship with god

I was very active in church and yet, I missed Him. Well, the answer is pretty simple, really. Jesus gave us the most important key of all, yet many of us miss it, or worse ignore it: He who does not love Me does not keep My words; and the word which you hear is not Mine but the Father's who sent Me. My friends, getting close to the Lord shouldn't be hard for any of us.

how to be in a close relationship with god

Because God Himself wanted to reconcile with us, and for that very purpose He paid the highest price of all: You see, God wanted all men to be saved, and welcomed into His family. He gave us the only Way to Him see John This is one of the differences referred to above. On some issues, God's commands are very clear.

how to be in a close relationship with god

For example, we are told to love one another John On other issues, God doesn't command, but we have guidelines. For example, we are told we should not cause others to stumble 1 Corinthians 8: For that interpretation, we need to spend more effort reading and studying God's Word. By conforming our lives and behavior to His commands, we can build our relationship with God.

how to be in a close relationship with god

A third way we can build our relationship with God is to spend time with Him and others who are doing the same thing. This is commonly referred to as having "fellowship" with other believers.

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This includes corporate worship, finding a local body of believers to join with in worship and adoration of God.

Too often people say, "I can worship God just as well in His beautiful nature as in church," and that's the truth. We can worship God just as well in nature.