How to get what want out of my relationship

how to get what want out of my relationship

Ask yourself, “What is the essence – the feeling and qualities of love – that I want to experience in my relationship?” Some examples of this. 3 Ways To Get Exactly What You Want Out Of A Relationship surprise-birthday extravaganza attended (on time) by all of our closest friends. Find the power and strength within yourself to make a change your life for the better. few people with whom we want to form relationships and share our lives . You feel unhappy and worn out by your relationship; You feel happier away.

how to get what want out of my relationship

Negotiate If your ideal request cannot be met, see if you and your partner can meet halfway. I like it when you do X, Y, and Z! I do want to work on some other areas, maybe starting with C. I came across this website, and I found some great articles. I want to know what you think and if you want to try any of these things. As we mentioned earlier, for safety reasons, we never recommend confronting an abusive partner. Know that there is nothing you could ever do to deserve to be abused in any way.

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Ultimately, you are the expert in your situation, and we always encourage you to trust your gut when making the decision to confront. Mention your concerns in a compassionate and understanding way, and even tell them upfront that you have no intentions of hurting them or making them feel attacked.

You know your partner best, so trust your instincts on how and if you can safely bring up something that is bothering you. Offer some things you plan to do to work towards making the relationship healthier so that they feel like it is a joint effort. Know though that if your partner is behaving abusively, the only person who can stop the abuse is them.

how to get what want out of my relationship

Your other parts make up your personality or ego, which is never happy for too long. Personality or ego will always have places that do not feel completely loved, understood or appreciated.

Opening your heart is about self-love. Self-love is your commitment to your own inner peace and happiness.

how to get what want out of my relationship

This begins by becoming aware of and transmuting thoughts of victimization, blame or attack. Close your eyes once again. Breathe deeply and relax into connection with your Higher Self. Now, let go of the thought that you cannot have what you want in your relationship. Your ego will use judgment, projection, and manipulation to achieve its goals.

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But even if it gets what it wants, it will not be satisfied for long. From your Higher Self or Soul, reassure your sub-personalities that you can create a healthy, strong connection with your partner using the power of love.

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From this high-vibratory state of love, set the intention to create what you want — healthy, honest love — by becoming that yourself. Think of a loving response that can direct your thoughts towards self-love. Pushing them to change only creates resistance. Remember, people treat you the way you are treating yourself.


For example, if your partner is not valuing you, how are you undervaluing yourself? Do you need to set boundaries, respect yourself more or celebrate your own accomplishments? As you begin to make this shift, you will no longer need this person to reflect this behavior to you. Focus on what is working in the relationship and communicate soul-to-soul.

How Can I Get What I Want and Need From My Relationship?

Use your words to heal and empower the each other. Increase your capacity to love unconditionally by softening your heart and altering your perceptions of your partner. Believe that he or she is showing you love in the best way they know how.

Thank your partner for loving you and slowly open your eyes. Trust they have heard you and now watch for improved communication between you. Know that great relationships — at their core — are built through a series of small daily choices to be kind, to love, to laugh and to forgive.