I feel alone in my relationship poems

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i feel alone in my relationship poems

Oct 27, But in a relationship your partner is supposed to be there for you in a relationship can be loneliness far beyond being lonely alone. Take a look at this compilation of poems describing the intense process of many authors who have explored and tasted the bitter flavor of failed relationships. . It's impressive how with a world filled with billions of people you feel so alone. They donate maggi, salt, wears and the root of all evil, To further blind our minds Stop running back to what made you feel unwanted. Don't do it it can only get.

Although most of the time my poetry is personal, the inspiration for this piece came over lunch and a girlfriend's words, as she was speaking the phrase, "I'm alone anyway," got stuck in my head and kept playing like a broken record It is her story and not mine. I am happy to report that after 22 years together, and 19 of those married, my husband continues to be my best-friend and soul mate.

Thank you again for your kindness and concern,and for the follow they are always appreciated!

i feel alone in my relationship poems

I know that this is a problem for many couples, particularly after many years togheter. But we are never alone, because we are part of the Universe, we are the World, we are ever all togheter: I do not know if my words help you, however i think that if you learn to see the things to a different point of view, bigger than our small problems, you can feel better and find the strenght to do positive actions.

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It is true that one of the saddest things in life is that we can be surrounded by people, and yet still feel alone. Thank you again for your time and your support, they are always appreciated! It is sad that too often we feel alone even if someone is right beside us. Best wishes for happiness.

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Thank you for your support, it is always appreciated! AUTHOR Kristen Burns-Darling 7 years ago from Orange County, California Sunnie Day - You are so right, marriage is work, Sometimes people don't realize this, and that may be why my husband and I are one of the three couples left that are still together out of all of our friends who got married during the same time period You know that time period between when you are in your early twenties and early thirties when you seem to be going to a wedding every couple of months?

Thank you for your time spent reading my work, and for the follow Marriage is hard work and sometimes many do not know how to rekindle something that was lost but it can be done.

i feel alone in my relationship poems

Very good poem K. Sunnie Kristen Burns-Darling 7 years ago from Orange County, California Eiddwen - You are such a darling, and your words are so kind, but this one isn't about me.

I was talking with a girlfriend who is having marital problems and the phrase "I'm already alone" got stuck in my head, and out popped this poem.

i feel alone in my relationship poems

I was so excited to have finished a piece, I have been suffering with writer's block for about three weeks now that I hit publish without even thinking about it Michael and I are doing well, and continue to be happily married I am sorry if I worried anyone. Yesterday's poem though, that one is about me. Thank you again for the time you take to read my work and for you compassion, they are much appreciated! Kristen 7 years ago from Wales This is a beautifully written and also sad hub.

I do feel for you but I do hope that by writing it and sharing it with us all on here will help in some way. HubPages is such a warm and caring community and I feel so honoured and humbled to be a part of it.

We allow for these little disconnects, we know there will be miscommunications, and as long as you are both willing to work through these times with care and respect, you do your best and carry on.

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When you are on your own, you accept being alone. But in a relationship your partner is supposed to be there for you… But what do you do if your partner starts to withdraw more often? Emotional withdrawal can be upsetting, frustrating and emotionally confusing. You will probably start to question whether it is actually happening, and try to work through it and figure out whether this is just a hitch in the road or something more permanent.

Become a supporter and enjoy The Good Men Project ad free When you are on your own, you accept being alone.

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You know that if you need company you go and find a friend who is available and spend some time with them. But in a relationship your partner is supposed to be there for you, someone you can come home to, talk about your day with, say goodnight to. But what if they begin to withdraw and become emotionally distant? How long should you wait until trying to confront your partner to ask what is going on?