Iceberg collapse shows danger of getting too close in a relationship

Fault lines: Earthquakes from collapsing glaciers add to sea level rise – Climate Change

iceberg collapse shows danger of getting too close in a relationship

linked, and the relationship is important because of the potential glaciers have to rise sea level. What effect is this having on the glaciers of the Antarctic Peninsula? a thinned ice shelf that is close to its threshold is liable to break up very Landsat images showing the collapse of the Larsen Ice Shelf. Relationships An Iceberg, near the village Innarsuit, on the northwestern if it breaks up, leading the authorities to evacuate a high-risk zone. The iceberg is so big it's grounded on the sea floor. . Tsunami volcano collapse pictured Map shows horror weekend ahead. This photograph shows an ice core sample being taken from a drill. at the centre of the polar plateau near the ice divide, with ice flowing away from the ice The relationship is consistent and linear over Antarctica[9]. projecting tephra high into the atmosphere results in a very wide distribution of ash.

iceberg collapse shows danger of getting too close in a relationship

The bottom of the ice shelf is exposed to the ocean. If the ocean warms up, it can melt the underside of the shelf and cause it to thin or break off into the ocean. A new studyrecently published in Science Advances, looked at these issues. One of the goals of this study was to better understand whether and how the waters underneath the shelf are changing. They had to deal with the buoyancy of the waters. We know that the saltier and colder water is, the denser it is.

Around Antarctica, water at the ocean surface cools down and becomes saltier.

Ice core basics

These combined effects make the surface waters sink down to the sea floor. But as ice melt increases, fresh water flows into the ocean and interrupts this buoyancy effect. When this happens, the cold waters at the surface cannot sink. The deeper waters retain their heat and melt the ice from below.

Huge iceberg off Greenland sparks flooding fears

The study incorporated measurements of both temperature and salinity saltiness at three locations near the Dalton Iceberg Tongue on the Sabrina Coast in East Antarctica.

The measurements covered approximately an entire year and gave direct evidence of seasonal variations to the buoyancy of the waters.

A satellite photograph of a polynya is shown below. When waters from the polynya are cold and salty, the waters sink downwards and form a cold curtain around the ice shelf. However, when the waters are not salty because fresh water is flowing into the polynyathis protective curtain is disrupted and warm waters can intrude from outside, leading to more ice melt.

The tip of an iceberg looks different on a sunny day than it does on a cloudy one; it also probably looks different in the wintertime than it does in the summertime.

Glaciers and climate change - Antarctic Glaciers

And over time, its appearance evolves as it is shaped by the elements and environmental factors. In fact, Billy Joel once wrote a song about this very topic: Well, we all have a face that we hide away forever And we take them out and show ourselves when everyone has gone.

iceberg collapse shows danger of getting too close in a relationship

Some are satin, some are steel, Some are silk and some are leather. Well, we all fall in love, But we disregard the danger, Though we share so many secrets, There are some we never tell. Why were you so surprised that you never saw the stranger?

People are like icebergs –

Did you ever let your lover see the stranger in yourself? With this in mind, I think the best way to love ourselves — and each other — is to view each person as a beautiful, ever-unfolding mystery. Like an iceberg, whose appearance we will only ever see in small part.

But are we willing to peer below the surface, if only briefly, to explore the vast intricacies of what dwells beyond the scope of our standard view? Do we have the humility for that?