If your boyfriend wants open relationship

Open relationships: What to do if your partner wants to try polyamory

if your boyfriend wants open relationship

He never mentioned wanting to be polyamorous or have an open relationship when we first started dating and only mentioned it after we had. From your answer details, I'd say he's trying to hedge his bets and waffle on staying in a relationship instead of sucking it up and pursuing what he really wants. I recently received a heartfelt email from a reader of my blog saying, “My boyfriend of 2 years says that he wants to have an open relationship.

if your boyfriend wants open relationship

The two-year mark — and certainly moving in together — are fairly significant milestones in a relationship. What if you try opening your relationship and he loves it and he absolutely wants to keep you in the mix?

if your boyfriend wants open relationship

I think you need to tell him that his rejection of monogamy would definitely be the end of your relationship — no maybe about it. When my husband and I go out usually to a social function where alcohol is involved I always end up mad at him.


Usually, this is because I feel he has left me on my own with a room full of strangers, and while he constantly looks for attention from other, mostly much younger, women.

I know he loves me and our family very much and would never do anything at least not in good judgment to jeopardize our relationship or family, so why do I get jealous and angry?

It has to stop.

“My Boyfriend Wants to Open Our Relationship But I Don’t Want To”

He does attend a lot of events through work and he does tend to drink a lot at these. And he is usually the last one to leave any party or social event, coming home at 3 or 4 in the morning. What do you think?

if your boyfriend wants open relationship

You say your husband ignores you at parties, drinks a lot, and then comes home at 3 or 4 in the morning, but when do you go home? Are you leaving before him?

if your boyfriend wants open relationship

By the way, I hope he is not driving after drinking so much! And if he is, you need to demand that he not drink and drive because that is not tolerable… or legal! As yourself these questions: Would you actually use your options to be with other people?

Would you do it just because your partner is doing it? Would you still remain monogamous to your partner while they are not monogamous in return?

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If you have no interest in being with other people or would just do it for the wrong reasons, then having an open relationship does nothing for you and this could be a deal breaker.

Can you honestly handle knowing that the one you love will be seeing other people?

if your boyfriend wants open relationship

Can you handle sharing what was once only yours? Can you stop yourself from wondering every time they are not with you where they are and who they are with? Can you keep your jealousy in check and not let your imagination drive you crazy? Can you keep your self-respect and dignity intact and not let your self-esteem go down the drain?

You may not want to face a break up and the loss of your loved one, but you have to face the reality of how much hurt an open relationship will cause you.

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Is your relationship strong enough to take the risks that come with open relationships? If your relationship is very strong, it could survive an open relationship.

If your relationship is a drama filled tumultuous one then the chances of it surviving in any healthy way are slim to none. Your only chance may be to take a stand at this point and tell the one you love that if they want an open relationship they are going to have to find one with someone else.

If your partner knows that this is a deal breaker for you there is a good chance they will change their tune.