Italian indian relationship quotes

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italian indian relationship quotes

British Indian Army, were active in Italy during the World War II. These included Political relations between India and Italy were established in The two. India and Italy on Monday signed six agreements, including in the areas of On his part, Gentiloni said good relations between the two nations. Spoiler alert: when you are getting married to an Italian, things get annoying. If your expat relationship is anything like mine, you might not be able to To quote someone wiser than myself: Yeah, well that's just, like, your.

Conti traversed the Indian peninsula from coast to coast, and also moved inland to Vijayanagar. Cesare Federici set sail from Venice in towards the east. He visited Vijayanagar and the present-day state of Kerala, documenting his travels in Viaggio nell'India Orientale et oltra l'India nel quale si contengono cose dilettevoli, He documented his visits to Goa and Mumbai in his journal Viaggio e giornale per parte dell'Asia di quattro anni circa fatto da me Ambrosio Bembo, Nobile Veneto.

Manucci served the Mughal Empire and would eventually die in India. His Storia do Mogor is among the most detailed histories of the Mughal Empire in the period written by a contemporary European observer.

Filippo Sassetti, a scholar and humanist from Florence, also visited India. He died in Goa in Sassetti wrote several letters in which he noted similarities between Sanskrit and Italian. He published Travels in Persia and India between and Giovanni Francesco Gemelli-Careri, a lawyer from Naples, visited South India during a trip around the world he had begun Gemelli-Careri provides a detailed description of the camp of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb during the Deccan campaign inin Giro Intorno al Mondo, published in The law would take its course.

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Coast Guard officials say there is no ambiguity in the law when it comes to trying the Italian security personnel for murder. All he said was that the issue be resolved without upsetting the mutual relations of India and Italy. How can he say this when the poor fishermen who were killed were also Catholics? But the damage has already been done, and his remarks are on record. According to Thelakat, the cardinal wanted an amicable settlement as he was apprehensive about how the incident would affect Indians in Italy and those working on Italian ships.

The chief minister, too, has said that none of his ministers was involved in any mediation on the issue.

Catholic church head defends killing of Kerala fishermen by Italian security guards

We will go to the maximum extent to book those who shot our citizens. Our government has all support from the Central Government and, particularly, from the external affairs ministry," said Chandy. The Syro-Malabar Church, one of the 22 autonomous oriental churches in global Catholic communion, surpasses Kerala's all other religious organisations in economic might as well as political clout. Traditionally, the Syro-Malabar Church's writ has gone unchallenged in the Congress.

The church has not only a direct role in policy formulations but it even hands out its list of preferred candidates during every election. The anti-communist political formations in the state receive its most formidable ballast from the Syro-Malabar Church and the Latin Catholic Church.

This church led the "liberation struggle". It saw the dismissal of India's first elected communist government which came to power in Kerala in Ever since, the Syro-Malabar Church has always played a direct role in politics and has issued pastoral letters calling for defeating the communists in every election.

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The power of the church became evident even in the latest controversy. Even when most sections in Kerala condemned the cardinal's comments, the silence of Chandy and udf leaders was eloquent.

Since the Syro-Malabar Church itself has said that the cardinal's comments were misquoted, there is no need to comment," the chief minister said.

None in the government has uttered a word against the cardinal's remarks.

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Achuthanandan said that if the comments ascribed to the cardinal were correct, it was unfortunate. It is strange that the cardinal has reportedly made these comments in Union minister Thomas's presence," he said.

The cardinal's reported comments have also angered the Latin Catholic church. Members of the Kollam diocese of the church protested against the comments. Fearing a potential split in the Catholic community, the Latin Catholic Church's head archbishop Dr Soosaipakyam swiftly intervened to say that the cardinal would never have made such anti-national comments.

Though Italy has tried everything, used all its diplomatic ammunition and has run from pillar to post, India has remained firm in its resolve.

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It was on the unfortunate evening of 15 February that Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone, two Italian Naval marines serving on a private oil tanker, Enrica Lexie, flying the Italian flag opened fire on a fishing boat off the coast of Kerala killing two Malayali fishermen. The marines mistakenly believed the fishing boat to be a pirate vessel. The incident occurred far away from the Somalian coast, the usual operational areas of Somali pirates to counter whom vessels plying on the route carry armed escort.

italian indian relationship quotes

The firing from Enrica Lexie happened just outside Indian territorial waters at a distance of As per international law up to 12 nautical miles can comprise a country's territorial waters where the normal criminal jurisdiction of the country extends to.

A further 12 miles is the contiguous zone and a total of miles from the territorial waters is the exclusive economic zone EEZ of a nation as per the UN Convention on the Law of The Sea. Soon after the incident, Indian law enforcement swiftly stepped in, seizing the ship and arresting the two marines on murder charges. Italy first challenged the arrest before the Kerala High Court stating that India lacked jurisdiction.

italian indian relationship quotes

They also argued that the two personnel involved were naval marines and could not be tried in India. The matter was soon taken up to the Supreme Court. In the apex court, India's criminal jurisdiction extending beyond the territorial waters of 12 miles was called to question by Italy.

italian indian relationship quotes

The Supreme Court ruled that based on notifications issued by India pursuant to the Convention on the Law of the Sea, her jurisdiction in criminal matters extended to the entire mile EEZ thus bringing the Enrica Lexie incident triable under Indian law. The Supreme Court also held that only the Union Government and not the state of Kerala could exercise jurisdiction in such a matter and ordered that a special court to try the case be set up. With no options left in India, Italy took the matter to an International forum.