Jacob before his relationship with god

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jacob before his relationship with god

Jacob is described as “a blameless [Heb., tam] man, dwelling in tents,” one who led a quiet pastoral life and was dependable to look after. The greatest love letter ever written was the one from God to humans. You can tell that Jacob didn't take long before he knew that he loved Rachel as. God had to break Jacob of this bad pattern of relating. So, we are going to Jacob's Family. Before we deal directly with Jacob, we will look at the rest of the family. What happens at the well is indicative of the relationship.

It was the very blessing of God.

jacob before his relationship with god

Chapter 26 sets the stage for what happens in chapter The Stolen Blessing Genesis 27 It is very interesting to take chapter 27 as a play and separate it into scenes. Notice the interchange between characters. Who deals with whom throughout the play? Fokkelman points out the following: Esau is not going to honor his agreement with Jacob when he sold his birthright.

Rebekah overhears the conversation - Eavesdropping perhaps? Act Two - She knew God had said that Esau would serve Jacob. She knew Isaac knew it too. We know that because of the results that were achieved, namely, a torn up family. If she had had any type of relationship with Isaac, then she should have been able to talk to him, but they obviously did not.

I think this also illustrates how Rebekah has denied her husband and her marriage.

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Her priority should be to become one with and to support her husband. But we see that her child is more important to her than her husband. Act Three -- Act Four - He mentions it in vs Act Five - Act Six - Another prime example of her manipulative style is seen in Her real goal was to protect him, not to find him a wife.

Rebekah never saw Jacob again. That was her reward for her meddling. This is not a close knit family.

jacob before his relationship with god

There are definite problems in the relationships. Notice that Esau and Jacob do not interact. Notice that Esau and Rebekah do not interact. And finally and perhaps most importantly, Isaac and Rebekah do not interact until the whole thing is over and she wants Isaac to send Jacob away. So chapter 27 shows us again that Jacob could not wait on God to fulfill His promise to Rebekah. The Dream Genesis 28 It is ironic but Jacob is now leaving the promised land which was part of his blessing.

It ought to be obvious to Jacob that there is something wrong with this picture. It ought to indicate that the way Jacob got the blessing was not what God would have planned.

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I think in vss we see that Jacob is still being a manipulator and he is trying to manipulate God. He is trying to cut a deal. He is a very horizontal man. Dealing With Laban Genesis Jacob finally met his match.

He finally meets someone who is as deceitful as he is. Laban had the same upbringing as Rebekah and he was a manipulator too. Perhaps the point is this: He then worked seven more years for Rachel. Then he worked another six or seven years to build a flock of his own to provide for his family. There was much deception going on between Laban and Jacob as each tried to make his flocks grow larger, but in the end God blessed Jacob and he became very prosperous.

He finally decides to sneak away to get away from Laban. Paradoxes The father Isaac who goes against the oracle, ends up fulfilling it in the end with his own blessing. Jacob, the younger brother, supplants the older brother. Jacob is coming back to meet Esau and is wondering how his brother is going to react.

When he left the land Esau was trying to kill him. He has sent his servants ahead vsbearing gifts to bribe Esau. He had resources he could use to save himself. In verse 6 the messengers come back and say that Esau is coming to meet them with men. It looks like Esau is bringing warriors to destroy them.

Tweet The greatest love letter ever written was the one from God to humans. It is called the Bible. Sadly, it is one of the greatest love letters that people do not read. The Bible contains some of the most wonderful love stories ever told. One that is an inspiring story of love between a husband and wife is that of Jacob and Rachel.

In fact, it is one of the greatest love stories of all time. Jacob is the father of the twelve tribes of Israel and is a significant figure in biblical history. God latter changes his name to Israel from which the nation finds its name. Esau was the first born of Isaac but he lost his birthright to Jacob. Esau is the father of the Arabic speaking peoples today. It seems that anything was fair game, and although he ostensibly gave God the credit, it is clear that he did these things as a schemer.

Back to Table of Contents Back to Table of Contents After increasing tension with his father-in-law and a business separation in which both men acted less than admirably, Jacob left Laban.

jacob before his relationship with god

But he expected the negotiations to be tense. Wracked with fear that Esau would come to the meeting with his four hundred armed men, Jacob split his family and animals into two groups to help ensure some measure of survival. He prayed for protection and sent an enormous gift of animals on ahead of him to pacify Esau before the encounter.

God himself attacked him in the form of a strongman, against whom Jacob was forced to wrestle all night. God, it turns out, is not only the God of worship and religion, but the God of work and family enterprises, and he is not above turning the tables on a slippery operator like Jacob.

jacob before his relationship with god

She credits the gospel with changing everything — her life and career. Esau ran to Jacob and embraced him.

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Esau graciously tried to refuse Jacob's gifts, though Jacob insisted he take them. Our reconciliation with God makes possible our reconciliation with others. Likewise, in that human reconciliation, we come to see and know God better.