John smith pocahontas age difference in relationship

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john smith pocahontas age difference in relationship

Legend (and Disney) say that John Smith had been captured by the according to Smith himself, she was a child about the age of 9 or 10 at the time he first met her. Initially his relationship with the Powhatan Confederacy began with grow food, and attempts to establish different industries including a. The names of John Smith and Pocahontas are more intertwined than life of adventure when he joined the Virginia Company's expedition in at age What was the relationship between Captain John Smith and Pocahontas? Captain John Smith described Pocahontas as being 11 years old when she saved.

Mossiker, for her part, does imply that there was an affair of some sort, but she ages Pocahontas slightly, making her 13 or 14 instead. This is still not quite as acceptable an age, but enough for her to apparently take part in a sensuous dance with other young Powhatan girls who may or may not have become bedmates for Smith and his companions one night.

And because she was likely taken aback to find out he was alive and well after being told he had died years earlier, and for the couple of months it took him to even pay her a visit in England.

john smith pocahontas age difference in relationship

To make this part of the film work, they also drastically rearrange some of the key events, as we will see. One Hell of a Catch Disney version Although on the one hand Powhatan has corralled his brothers in order to fight the English, he does admit to Pocahontas that, if one of the settlers approached him in peace, he would listen to what they had to say.

Regardless, Smith runs off into the night to warn Pocahontas, as she likewise leaves her village to tell Smith about the latest developments. Seeing Pocahontas kissing Smith, Kocoum flies into a rage and attacks, and Thomas ends up shooting him.

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Ironically, these two had followed their respective friends out of concern for their safety. Smith is hauled away, and Thomas rushes back to the colony to warn the others of his capture. During his custody, Smith was stuffed full of food and all sources agree he was treated well, as he would have been if he were a potential member of the Powhatan chiefdom.

They also say that, in exchange for weapons and other goods, Wahunsenaca also promised him a settlement at Capahowasick, which had better soil, water and food resources than their marshy, mosquitoey home at Jamestown.

Rountree concedes this may have happened, but says to say Smith only survived thanks to her warning was nonsense, as he had already been ominously surrounded by Powhatan warriors that very afternoon during a less successful negotiation with Wahunsenaca, and was well aware of how the situation could turn out.

john smith pocahontas age difference in relationship

Pocahontas was not at all involved in this and neither was Kocoum, but Pocahontas may well have snuck out of her village to warn Smith about a possible attack on his people. The Rescue Disney version For some reason Grandmother Willow is not the least bit concerned that she could have prevented the aforementioned tussle, and is content to listen to Pocahontas admonish herself for choosing the wrong path.

However, the young woman suddenly remembers the compass that Smith gave her during one of his visits, and links this with the spinning arrow in her dream. At the same time, Ratcliffe and the other settlers are marching off to retrieve their lost companion, and presumably bag some gold during the massacre. Their war cries are echoed by the Powhatan as they bring out their prisoner and prepare for battle themselves.

Smith is dragged out on to a cliff in front of Chief Powhatan, and just as he readies to smash his head with his club, Pocahontas lunges into the fray and shields him.

Of course, Ratcliffe is having none of this, and after throwing his toys out of the pram takes aim at Powhatan. Smith dives into the way and takes the bullet, causing the rest of the settlers to turn on the governor and send him home in shackles, while the Indians and the English put down their weapons and decide to play nicely.

Our other sources are far more diplomatic or scathing. Mossiker concedes that this event did occur, but that what Smith experienced was simply play-acting — part of an adoption ritual among the Powhatan people, and so his life never really was in danger at all. Ratcliffe is also shipped back to England in disgrace.

The True Story of Pocahontas

This is in contrast to a rescue that may not have even happened, John Smith being left to his fate, a trinket used to boost his ego in front of a native chief and a torturous death for one of the heads of the colony. He therefore has no choice but to return to England, but he has won the approval of the chief for saving his life.

Smith is safely loaded on to the ship with far less fuss than Ratcliffe, despite his mortal injuries, and the Susan Constant pulls away from the shores of the Americas. Pocahontas rushes alongside it, and then nobly watches her beloved leave from a windy cliff top.

Rountree, Price and Mossiker all agree Smith was injured in a gunpowder explosion, but Price and Mossiker clarify that said gunpowder went off in his own pocket.

Badly injured, he was sent back to England but not expected to survive, and there is no proof that most of the Powhatan, let alone Pocahontas, were even aware that he had gone. InDisney released an artistically beautiful animated film showing the supposed events that unfolded between John Smith and Pocahontas.

john smith pocahontas age difference in relationship

However, this depiction is a far departure from the actual events that occurred, and from the real life of Pocahontas. Disney produced a romanticized and inaccurate portrayal of the life of Pocahontas. Her given name at birth was Matoaka, although she was sometimes called Amonute. InJohn Smith, an Admiral of New England and an English soldier and explorer, arrived in Virginia by ship, with a group of about other settlers. He was brought to Powhatan's home at Werowocomoco.

The accounts of what happened next vary from source to source. In a letter written to Queen Anne, John Smith told the story of Matoaka throwing herself across his body to protect him from execution at the hands of Powhatan. It is believed that John Smith was a pretentious man who told this lie to gain notoriety.

john smith pocahontas age difference in relationship

The True Story of Pocahontas Historian Camilla Townsend separates fact from fiction, as a new documentary premieres about the American Indian princess Pocahontas wasn't even a teenager when John Smith claims she saved him from execution. Whether the story happened the way Smith tells it—or even at all—is up for debate as the new Smithsonian Channel documentary explains. Born abouther real name was Amonute, and she also had the more private name Matoaka.

Pocahontas vs. The Story of Pocahontas – Disneyfied, or Disney tried?

Years later—after no one was able to dispute the facts—John Smith wrote about how she, the beautiful daughter of a powerful native leader, rescued him, an English adventurer, from being executed by her father.

This narrative of Pocahontas turning her back on her own people and allying with the English, thereby finding common ground between the two cultures, has endured for centuries. Now, years after her death, the story of the real Pocahontas is finally being accurately explored.

Beyond the Mythpremiering on March 27, authors, historians, curators and representatives from the Pamunkey tribe of Virginia, the descendants of Pocahontas, offer expert testimony to paint a picture of a spunky, cartwheeling Pocahontas who grew up to be a clever and brave young woman, serving as a translator, ambassador and leader in her own right in the face of European power.

Camilla Townsend, author of the authoritative Pocahontas and the Powhatan Dilemma and a history professor at Rutgers University, who is featured in Beyond the Myth, talks to Smithsonian. How did you become a scholar of Pocahontas? I was a professor of Native American history for many years.

I was working on a project comparing early relations between colonizers and Indians in Spanish America and English America when they arrived. There are truly hundreds of books over the many years that have been written about her. But when I tried to look into it, I found that most of them were full of hogwash.

Many of them had been written by people who weren't historians. When I went back and looked at the actual surviving documents from that period, I learned that much of what had been repeated about her wasn't true at all. This goes back to John Smith who marketed their relationship as a love story.

john smith pocahontas age difference in relationship

What class and cultural factors have allowed that myth to persist? That story that Pocahontas was head over heels in love with John Smith has lasted for many generations. He mentioned it himself in the Colonial period as you say. Then it died, but was born again after the revolution in the early s when we were really looking for nationalist stories. Ever since then it's lived in one form or another, right up to the Disney movie and even today. I think the reason it's been so popular—not among Native Americans, but among people of the dominant culture—is that it's very flattering to us.

That whole idea makes people in white American culture feel good about our history.