Kate winslet leonardo dicaprio age difference in a relationship

Kate Winslet on her relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio

kate winslet leonardo dicaprio age difference in a relationship

After meeting on set as young adults, Leonardo DiCaprio, 41, and Kate Winslet, 40, forged Hollywood's most fascinating platonic relationship. Kate Winslet talks about relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio - and life at home is just so different to my life at work," the mum-of-three added. Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio make better friends than lovers. transition is that my life at home is just so different to my life at work.

kate winslet leonardo dicaprio age difference in a relationship

How scared were you to mess with that original magic? Any type of love story imaginable.

kate winslet leonardo dicaprio age difference in a relationship

So what we have here is a profoundly well-written, character-driven story about the dissolving of a relationship. Your characters have big, go-for-the-jugular fights. Were either of you nervous that those scenes could slip into hamminess? We were both relishing those moments. Making Titanic was very, very hard, and Jim Cameron is an absolute visionary.

And it was tough for us to get our heads around. Jim had to be a certain type of director to make that film work. He literally had to command an army of people every single day. Anyways, that just seemed like a good opportunity for a statement I never get a chance to particularly say. There are countless examples of how sudden fame can permanently destroy a young person in Hollywood, and yet somehow the two of you emerged intact.

I can just walk to the grocery store and buy milk in my pajamas still.

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Oh, okay, ohhhh, I get it. Is there any way for a young person to equip oneself for fame? But it did affect my choices as an actress, definitely. In a good way. Honestly, it was so bizarre. I think I did one small cameo? Yes, you did Man in the Iron Mask and then you did Celebrity. I know, this is a little too cute. Oh, my God, and look at me fussing over your face. That movie gave both of us tremendous opportunities for what we wanted to do as actors.

kate winslet leonardo dicaprio age difference in a relationship

I just want to know what you have to say. Listen, I think Kate has been nominated a lot. I think I would probably be somewhat frustrated if I were her, too. But come on, the girl has been nominated a lot.

Do you cop to wanting an Oscar? At what point did you both finally grow comfortable with fame? But to paraphrase Shawshank Redemption, one of the great bromance movies of our time: Advertisement When Morgan Freeman narrated those loving words about his prison bestie Tim Robbins, his reasoning was that such birds "are too bright, their songs too sweet and wild". It's not for me to decide which of DiCaprio's songs are sweet, and which are wild, although I will say that his bowl cut on Growing Pains was peerless.

But let us return to the point, and the quote, because old Morgan didn't stop there, and continued his bromantic tribute with the following advice: If DiCaprio, Oscar-winning, bear-bait man-child that he is, wants to live his life like it's an extended Entourage montage, complete with volleyball sequence, yachts full of models, and cameos from Martin Scorcese, who are we to stop him?

Do you honestly think a man who wears a scarf up to his forehead to Coachella in order to dance like Seinfeld's Elaine, complete with odd kicks, would be an enthusiastic father? Do you think the dude who's character would rather die in freezing water as the Titanic sinks than slide up onto a raft to commit to a woman his exact age aka Kate Winslet wants marriage?

Just what sort of Warren Beatty propaganda are we selling here? That there is one woman for such a man, and she just happens to be 21? In what world does a successful model get herself pregnant at 21 anyway? Granted, in model years, she's near retirement, but babies? Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in the hit movie from Wallace Let's pause for a second.

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Let's breathe — as models do, from our core — and remember that marriage and babies are not for everyone. And that the script of "settling down" is a stifling patriarchal concept with a history that has dented not just the freedom and ambition of women, but of men, too.

kate winslet leonardo dicaprio age difference in a relationship

Donald Trump and Donald Trump jnr for that matter should never have gotten married. Neither, for the record, should have John F.