Knight of wands bukisa relationship help

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knight of wands bukisa relationship help

The Knight of Wands as a love interest? Alternatively, the relationship will be so on-and-off and so emotionally draining that you will. Knight of Wands is all about that sudden moment that comes in your life. Similarly , in love and relationship situations, it represents a quick surprising occurrence. Knight of Wands Tarot Card Meaning. knight of wands tarot card. Upright Keywords. Fiery nature, Enthusiastic individual, Takes Risk, Casanova, Charmer and.

They love creating scenarios in their mind and then play acting in real life. These dramas usually involve some kind of gratifying ego trip or self-serving sexual conquest. For instance, I have a friend who was coming up as the Knight of Wands.

I would come up the Knight of Pentacles. Two knights can often indicate conflict and we were having a spat. She started some gossip about me, exaggerating things and spinning stories hyperbolically.

I avoided the drama as long as possible, typical of the Knight of Pentacles, while she riled me up. I jumped on board to defend myself and unfortunately, I let a secret out about her. This happened 20 years ago and we are still friends. I wanted to give an example of a real-life Knight of Wands that came up in my own personal reading when I was in college.

I find the anecdotal notes are the easier ones to picture. Knight of Wands in Love When the Knight of Wands turns up in a love reading, expect to meet someone dashing and highly sexual.

knight of wands bukisa relationship help

They are a chatter box and may ramble on and on about thing. They love you for the moment that they are wrapped up with you, but they don't usually stay put in a relationship. If they are courting you, then expect them to be courting someone else on the side. This type of person may brave the bar scene nightly racking up as many different numbers as they can.

You will expect to see them trying to seduce as many women as possible just for the fun of the conquest. Knight of Wands as Feelings The Knight of Wands brings exciting, hasty, fresh feelings to any reading.

Usually in a tarot reading someone wants to know, "How does X feel about me? It would be wise that you do not set yourself up for failure by overworking and taking on a heavier load than you can handle. It is also important that you do not brag about your achievements. The Knight of Wands tarot card has a different energy to the Page of wands tarot card.

One represents the birth of a concept and the other represents action. The Knight of Wands has a penchant for turning things from ideas into solid realities. The Knight will rush into things whereas the Page of Wands will think about the pros and cons. Love meaning The Knight of Wands shows a potential lover that is looking for a short-term relationship. This tarot card represents men that are between the ages of 25 to It can represent a man that has light hair and eyes. With the Knight of Wands, it could lead to commitment in the future.

Often when love affairs begin they have a fiery and passionate energy associated with it, people get caught up in the moment and nothing really matters apart from the other person. All you want is to be close to them. If you find that you have met someone new and their presence is alluring, then you should slow down and not rush into things. When emotions are playing a role and serotonin levels are reaching new heights, it can be hard to control the enthusiasm towards this new individual, you need to gain a firm grasp of yourself and realise that the best things in life take time.

Often people head into relationships with a speedy fervour and before they know it, the relationship crumbles into a heap of dust. Therefore the best approach for you is to control your eagerness and balance it out with a heavy dose of rationality and common sense. Knight of Wands as Feelings The Knight of Wands tarot card is a sign that the individual you are dealing with has a lot of passionate and fiery feelings for you.

They feel a strong attraction towards you. At this point, they are eager to explore their feelings for you and would like to know where the path will lead for the two of you. This Tarot Card also means that they are looking for a good time. So when you receive this tarot card, it means that they are looking for fling and nothing serious. In some cases, they can perceive you as a player.

Someone that is in and out of relationships. Furthermore, they are in awe of your fiery nature. Apart of them wants to get to know you on a physical level. The Knight of Wands can mean a lot of action and living life on the fast lane. Career meaning The Knight of Wands in a career reading means that you should not rush into things. When faced with a project at work, you should receive all the information that you require and understand what is expected of you.

Do not jump to conclusions on the directive of the project without first discussing it with your manager. Ensure that you are not alienating your co-workers by carrying the bulk of the work-load.

If you think about the Fool tarot card, he has a different energy to the Knight of Wands. He takes a leap of faith without thinking about the consequences. The Knight of Wands will rush into a project with gust and momentum. If you do not pace yourself thoroughly, then there is a small chance that you may render the project incomplete and miss the deadline. For the sake of not wasting anytime. The Knight of Wands tarot card is a positive suggestion that you should always plan ahead.

Sketch out a blueprint of what you need to accomplish and stick to your timeline. In many cases, you could receive a job offer or change residences. If you are aware of any offers that are in the works for you, the Knight of Wands is a sign that you should use this knowledge to your advantage and plan ahead. When you receive the Knight of Wands in a tarot reading, it can signify success for you. This enthusiasm coupled with excitement can result in a promotion, pay-raise or a new job offer.

Reverse meaning of the Knight of Wands Tarot Card You could meet someone that has ulterior motives, this person can try to manipulate you. It is advisable for you to pay close attention to individuals that have their own agendas.

Knight of Wands

Guard against an individual that makes you feel insecure. The Knight of Wands in reverse position is prone to angry outburst, this can result in bitterness and resentment towards you. It is therefore advisable for you to think before you speak in order to prevent the alienation of people around you. Avoid taking on tasks that will deplete your energy reserves. If you are hard at work on an important project, then there is a possibility of delays. Your words and actions have consequences, therefore you should not act in a manner that would cause you to behave in brash way.

Acting impulsively may cause havoc in your personal life.

knight of wands bukisa relationship help

Doing so in the work environment can lead to individuals perceiving you as unreliable. It is important to also keep your ego in check and if you are in a position of power, then it would be wise for you to be considerate of your co-workers that are in lower position than you.

Knight of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

If this card represents someone you are interested in, beware, this card can indicate someone who is violent, volatile or abusive. Be mindful of your personal safety when going on dates and take proper precautions. This card can also represent one night stands. If that is not what you are looking for be sure to stick to your principles and maintain your standards. It can indicate that you have not found the career that you really want and are mindlessly changing from job to job without a clue of where you are heading or what you want to do.

It can also indicate that you had a great idea for a business or project but it has not taken off as you expected it to. It may not be the right time or the right venture or you may just need to go back and do more work to get it up to standard. This Minor Arcana card reversed is not a great card to get if you are going into business for yourself as it indicates that you have not done enough research or you are rushing ahead to fast and heading for a fall!

knight of wands bukisa relationship help

You may find yourself caught up in argument over finances. It can also indicate that you may have jumped into a new health regime or exercise plan with a little too much haste and may injure yourself as a result.

Knight Of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

You may completely let go of your old religion or practices, deciding that they no longer work for you which may come as a shock to the people closest to you. Continue to the next card Get a Tarot Reading In a general context, the Knight of Wands indicates that things are going better than you expected and any ventures you have taken on are likely to be more successful than you hoped. You should be full of energy, enthusiasm and confidence and should be feeling fearless and brave when it appears in your Tarot reading.

It tells you to take action and put your ideas and plans into motion. This Minor Arcana card signifies getting things done and finishing what you start.

It is also a card of free-spirited adventure, travel and moving country. As a person, the Knight of Wands is an adult years of age and usually male who is charming, adventurous, energetic, warm and exciting.