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Current team, Team Kunimitsu. Car no. Former teams, Team Mugen (). Starts, 9. Championships, 1 (). Wins, 1. Podiums, 4. Poles, 1. Fastest laps, 0. Best finish, 1st in Jenson Alexander Lyons Button MBE (born 19 January ) is a British racing driver and . At the end of , Button had his McLaren test prize at Silverstone, and also. The following is a list of characters from the fighting game series Tekken. Characters are Kunimitsu is selectable in the noncanonical Tekken Tag Tournament, and is a .. a retired fighter with no relation to Nina and instead becoming the friend and .. In both Leo and Steve Fox's endings in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, it is. Kunimitsu and Mai Miyano have been friends since an early age. They are next- door The game ends to Kijikita, which Kunimitsu notching a hat-trick and two assists. Main Article: Kijikita vs. Franklin Relationships Edit. Mai Miyano: Mai.

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Button responded by denying he had anything to prove to Villeneuve; "I am not here to earn Jacques' respect, I am here to win and move the team forward". Villeneuve was due to pit, but stayed out an extra lap and pitted when Button was due in, leaving Button waiting in the pit lane while Villeneuve's car was serviced. Villeneuve blamed it on "radio problems", but both Button and team principal David Richards hinted that they did not believe him.

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He was ambitious for the season, saying: We want to run alongside the top teams. I want to be consistently in the points and on the podium. In the next race at Imolahe took his first pole position and finished second behind Michael Schumacher. In August, Button became embroiled in a contract dispute. Button's management argued that the BAR option was not valid because it contained a clause allowing him to leave if BAR risked losing their Honda engines.

They felt the new contract signed in the summer for Honda to supply engines to BAR was not definitive, and thus Button was free to move. BAR were off the pace in the first race in Australia ; [56] and in the following race in Malaysiaboth cars retired with engine failure after only three laps. Button finished third, but after the race scrutineers found his car had a second fuel tank kept inside the main tank; once both were drained, his car was 5.

Although Mai is known for being quite fast, Kunimitsu is even faster. To the jealousy of the other girls, Kunimitsu can immediately tell if food has been cooked by Mai without any clues.

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He considers Shuna Sorimachi to be a better player than Reika and admires how Kijinan rely on her much less that Kijikita rely on their captain. Helps out at his family's yakisoba stand at local festivals.

Relationships Edit Mai Miyano: Mai loves Kunimitsu, however he has failed to notice this. They have been friends for many years, having trained together and lived next door to each other for many years.

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Though in the manga after Mai states that she couldn't survive sports day without his magic, he is seen blushing as well as other notable scenes later on. Kunimitsu plays just behind Hashimoto on the field, and they form a deadly attacking partnership. He seems to be Kunimitsu's best male friend off the field too. She loves the fact that he can be so strict. Like Rinka, she appreciates when Kunimitsu becomes strict. He trusts her knowledge of muscles completely, using this when deciding to sub Reika.

Reika is Mai's main rival in their pursuit of Kunimitsu's love. She admires Kunimitsu's determination to succeed, both as a player and a coach, and trusts his judgement, even if she does not agree with it at first. Kunimitsu admires Shuna's play, even judging her to be better than Reika. It is not known exactly why, but Shuna is very interested in Kunimitsu.