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Read reviews on the anime Kyoukai no Kanata Movie 2: I'll Be Here - Mirai-hen While there was some disappointment with the ending of the series, this the tenuous relationship between Kanbara Akihito and an amnesic Kuriyama Mirai. Kyoukai no Kanata Movie: I'll Be Here Mirai Hen review | Technobubble . With the troubles wrapped up at the end of the TV anime, life appears to be tell her what they know about who she is and her relationship with them. Review: Kyoukai No Kanata: I'll Be Here (Past) . Hiroomi and Mitsuki's bizarre relationship is alluded to only briefly and only towards the end.

However, she's also a lot more alone. She does have Sakura a character who is, like in the series, is only there for convenience and easily tossed aside and forgotten later in the movie for company but it's obvious that there's a void in her heart that her one friend cannot fill. Even though she retains no memory of their past relationship, Mirai still feels drawn to Akihito but gets pushed away from him every time she tries to get close.

As a result, Mirai finds herself being drowned in waves of loneliness and unhappiness.

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I actually like her relationship with Akihito much more in the movie than the series. It was more serious and there were less jokes about Akihito's obsession with girls in glasses. Of course, I still don't think it needed to overshadow everything else in the movie.

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I'd write separate paragraphs for the Nase siblings but their presence in the movie wasn't as strong as it was on the series. Mitsuki is still a sassy friend but the lack of focus on her issues make it hard to actually remember why she's or even if she's an important character in this story.

Hiroomi has a much more important role now that his sister Izumi has disappeared. Now the head of the Nase clan, Hiroomi is more somber and spends less time with his friends now that he has to be on official Spirit Warrior business.

His job requires him to distance himself from those he loves and his desire to keep his loved ones safe, which parallels the same situation Izumi was in as she headed toward her downward spiral. The setup for it was actually really decent and I was wondering how it would all play out but it's sadly pushed aside and the conclusion felt like it was smacked on for the sake of wrapping the issue up.

Although the studio primarily works with more slice-of-lifey series, KyoAni does a spectacular job with the action scenes. The backgrounds are breathtakingly beautiful, particularly the scene with Akihito and Mirai in the park with all of the cherry blossoms.

A good majority of them are pretty quiet tracks. Those tracks are typically used during battle scenes and do a swell job at heightening the danger during those scenes. As much as I like the OST, the movie could really have used a few happier tracks here and there. The more lighthearted scenes were always tinged with a feeling of melancholy because the background music was just a tad depressing.

Akihito's foot is severed and he tells Mirai to run, but as the figure lunges Mirai defends herself and sprayed the hooded figure with her blood, causing the cloak to melt and revealing Izumi Nase. She then stares into Mirai's eye, triggering a flashback. Hiroomi appears, causing Izumi to have a moment of clarity but this soon dissipates, causing her to become hostile. Before she is able to escape Hiroomi places a tracking spell on her leg. Izumi is then shown kneeling before another hooded figure, showing that she is not the only one behind the scenes.

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Hiroomi and Akihito then make sure that Mirai gets home. When Akihito returns home he is greeted by his mother Yayoi Kanbara who much to his aggravation is dressed up as half a woman and half a man. He swiftly hits her in the head. Yayoi then resolves to help and do something about Izumi and Hiroomi. Meanwhile Hiroomi runs into Ayaka who is also on the search for Izumi, bringing up the question of the two eldest Nases now set on killing each other.

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Back at her apartment, Mirai answers the door to see Akihito who has returned to talk. She tells him that she would like to talk outside. As she grabs some things from her apartment she receives a phone call from Akihito saying that he would like to meet up, and she realizes that the one at the door is a fake. This turns out to be Miroku Fujimanow disfigured.

He is able to restrain her and explains that the Youmu that he harbors can be spread entirely through sight and brings its host into the darkness of one's own mind. He makes her believe that her past objective of killing the Beyond the Boundary is still what she needs to do. In the forest Hiroomi and Ayaka are closing in on Izumi. At the last minute Ayaka transports Hiroomi away as she states that he will be unable to kill his own sister, so she will take care of her.

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At Mirai's apartment, as Akihito makes his way to Mirai she is soon consumed by the darkness and her appearance changes, her hair turning black and eyes yellow, while growing shadow claw appendages from her body.

Mitsuki and Shizuku arrive and try unsuccessfully to hold her off. They follow one of the shadows into an abandoned building where they find the other hooded figure, which turns out to be the dead body of Miroku.

A video then plays of him taunting them, telling them that he is dead and that he implanted a Youmu inside both himself and Izumi, providing him a vessel after his death. He then proceeds to tell them about the Youmu and how it brings out the darkness inside them, haunting them with illusions. It is also revealed that the shadows are the Spirit World Warriors that have succumbed to the darkness.

Suddenly Mirai catches up to the group and tries to kill Akihito. In a flashback her mother reminds her that the reason they are in this world is to kill Beyond the Boundary. As the battle proceeds, Ayaka suddenly falls through the skylight, defeated by Izumi. A flashback shows Izumi voluntarily taking the Youmu from Miroku to gain the power to protect everything she holds dear.

In the present Hiroomi tries to reach out to Izumi, disarming her and stating that they should of been there for each other, which causes her to stop attacking.

The battle between Mirai and Akihito continues and she attempts to kill him. Akihito realizes that the key to getting through to her lies in the ring that she has always worn. He then allows her to mortally wound him and tells her that he cannot be killed. He is then transported into Mirai's subconscious where he sees flashbacks of her past and the persecution of her and her mother for being in the Cursed Clan.

It is then shown that her mother died to protect her, and that all this time she has felt alone and to be a monster because others have done nothing but hate her.

He is able to reach out to her by confessing his love and promising that he will protect her from now on, no matter what. She comes to terms with her past, realizing that she was able to bring happiness to her mother.