Long distance relationship phases

The Real Stages of a Long Distance Relationship

long distance relationship phases

Decisions will be a large part of this journey, and the answers, just like a long distance relationship, are not always easy. At some point, you may find yourself in a long-distance relationship the early stages of an LDR,” Amie Leadingham, Amie the Dating Coach. This article explains the six stages that every couple experiences in a successful long distance relationship.

Nov 02, Identifying the stages in a relationship and understanding their importance in the process of living life together, should help foster the relationship. Every relationship goes through a certain set of stages, no matter how turbulent or harmonious it appears to be. It is necessary to stay prepared and have knowledge about how a relationship works.

Stages of Committed Relationships Any relationship can be roughly broken down into 5 stages. A couple that stays together for a lifetime goes through all these stages. Romance In this stage everything appears to be sweet and dream-like. Infatuation and attraction towards the partner is exhibited in this stage. The focus is on impressing one another and keeping each other happy.

Commonly Observed Stages in a Relationship

A person starts finding commonalities and common interests in the partner. One tends to avoid conflict to keep the relationship intact. Struggle for Power The power struggle stage comes when all the steam gathered in the earlier stage wanes off.

6 Tips on Maintaining Long Distance Relationships

The dust of illusion settles down and one is encountered with shortcomings in the partner. The struggle which arises in this stage is the result of ego problems. Emotional outbursts and turning a deaf ear to the partner are commonly observed behavioral problems in this stage; in short, there is a great amount of friction between the couple in this stage; owing to the power struggle this phase can lead to abusive relationships.

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Holding onto the relationship during this phase is of utmost importance. All these feelings of anxiety rush up and crush you. All sorts of uncertainty follow along. You worry whether your partner is going to meet someone better than you, and the thought of them not wanting you any more can haunt you for days.

You may start to spend hours worrying about your partner being unfaithful. All these emotions start taking over and you will come up with assumptions that contain no logic. You may start fighting for little things, and you may feel the lack of trust in your relationship.

long distance relationship phases

Trust After several discussions and possibly fightsyou and your partner will learn to build trust in your relationship.

This means when you see your partner with an attractive human being AHB on social media, you will most likely not jump to conclusions. You might also doubt yourself. Doubting your partner is partially you doubting yourself and having insecurities.

long distance relationship phases

By deciding to go the distance you need to remind yourself that your partner obviously values you and your relationship. They believe in you and you should too.

The 10 Stages Of Every Long Distance Relationship

Finally, you might doubt your relationship. Are we strong enough for this? Is this all worth it? Can we actually handle the distance? These thoughts can consume you because you want to believe that you two will make it, but you also understand that it is just the beginning of what can be a very long journey apart.

Doubt is not bad. However, the key is that you cannot let it consume you to the point that it affects your relationship.

long distance relationship phases

Seriously, just trust your partner and communicate with them about any doubts you have. They most likely are feeling the same way.

long distance relationship phases

As time goes on this doubt will most likely subside and trust in your partner, yourself and your strength will grow. Lovey-dovey Being apart causes you to miss your partner… probably a lot. Every time you see their name light up on your phone and every time you open up a snapchat, it will feel like a big deal.

At times you may feel like you live on Facetime or Skype: Whether the call lasts for 2 minutes or 2 hours, seeing their face and hearing their voice will give you a sense of life and really bring out how much you care. You may find yourself doing corny things that you only thought strangers on the internet with k retweets did.

Who cares about using cliche quotes from rom-coms in everyday conversation?