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Like Dylan in Woodstock, this former generational icon dropped off the map. It just left him disheartened, doubting himself and his abilities. These former punk legends debated the offer seriously, but eventually declined.

This campfire community slowly drew Strummer back to music. Belatedly discovering Ecstasy, he immersed himself in dance music. It can be made by two nutters in a room for quid. Always an undercurrent during his Clash days, world music also became a new passion for Strummer.

InStrummer and Lucinda bought a farmhouse near Taunton in Somerset. Damien Hirst had a place less than an hour away and film-maker Julien Temple was living just around the corner.

These middle-aged punk veterans became fast friends, with Strummer converting Temple to the delights of Glastonbury. Inhe kicked off his public comeback with a world music show on the BBC World Service, London Calling, which was heard by 40 million people around the globe.

Like Dylan in Woodstock, he was never really off duty, more like an exiled king waiting to be summoned back to his throne. Suddenly going out to Real World Studios opened up a new world to him.

Remembering Joe Strummer's early visits to Ireland

He met people who were involved in techno music or world music, and he just got really enthusiastic and excited about everything again. He felt he had something to offer. We made some brilliant tracks, but the cultural collision was too much. Meanwhile, Strummer met Antony Genn, a sometime member of Pulp and Elastica, who he had first spotted dancing naked onstage at Glastonbury in In blunt terms, Genn ordered the singer to put a new band together.

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But with a bit of goosing and some gasoline in the carburetor… I just needed someone to pull my sleeve and say: The group was still nameless. Damien Hirst suggested Sausage. Recorded in a boozy, flag-draped spliff bunker in North London, the first Mescaleros album was completed in early Strummer then began the dispiriting business of shopping it to British record companies.

In Britain the album was licensed by Mercury after recording. The press are pretty harsh. Reviews were generally positive, partly reflecting the huge legacy of goodwill towards Strummer, who dropped several Clash songs into the set.

Inside the pink cave-painting sleeve design by Damien Hirst were Clash-style rockers like Tony Adams, alongside more adventurous worldbeat experiments like Yalla Yalla and the blissful Willesden To Cricklewood. Reviews were mixed, but mostly encouraging. As The Mescaleros toured Europe, America, Japan and Australia, the album went on to sell a respectablecopies.

Recording sessions for a second album soon loomed, but cracks in the band were starting to show. Though still clearly a work in progress, old friends were impressed with the maturing Mescaleros sound. I would have developed it in private and then come out. Everybody changes as their journey continues. The Clash blew The Who offstage, but the Mescaleros were about equal. During the album sessions, Strummer also surreptitiously sent over a collection of lyrics to Mick Jones, hinting that he wanted to make an alternative album with his old songwriting partner.

Assuming the lyrics related to the Mescaleros, Jones worked them into songs, but did not hear back from Strummer. Whether this was a joke or a serious hint that Strummer had a fallback career plan, the duo never broached the subject again.

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Released in July to broadly positive reviews, Global A Go-Go plunged The Mescaleros into another heavy-drinking, hedonistic round of tours and festivals. But Rude insists The Mescaleros were maturing into a solid commercial prospect. Had Joe been around to promote that last record I think he could have crossed back over into the Clash category of recognition. He had really whipped them into a fine band.

On the West Coast tour that followed, he wrote one of the finest songs of his post-Clash career, Coma Girl, inspired by his year-old daughter Eliza. The band also filmed a live special for the cable network HBO, and Strummer was offered his own music show on the VH1 channel. Drummer Luke Bullen recalls Strummer expressing regret about all the years he had wasted, but also feeling vindicated by The Mescaleros. I never got the sense it was a finite thing; he was just following his instincts and seemed really excited about working with young musicians.

Whenever Joe was back in London, the two old friends enjoyed spending time together, staying up late to play records, drink and talk.

Joe Strummer - Bio

Exiting the pub car park, Ivy Cottage is on the left, just pass the sharp bend. The present owners of Ivy Cottage stated that Joe Strummer actually rented the cottage from the Guinness family, who lived around the corner from Joe. They often spent time with Joe up in the woods, just behind the cottage, strumming and singing songs around a camp fire. Here Joe set up another studio in the wood shed, which he named 'The Woodshed'.

Remembering Joe Strummer's early visits to Ireland | Irish Examiner

Sat around the flames were various friends, family and musical collaborators, including Bez and Kermit from Happy Mondays off-shoot Black Grape, plus their twilight entourage of gangsters, dealers and vibe-merchants.

When Bez produced some ayahuasca, the natural hallucinogen derived from Brazilian tree bark, things began to get a little bendy," states Pat Gilbert in the June Mojo edition.

At the beginning of the session I'd asked Joe to get me a special microphone. He said, 'Sure,' then joined the party. For the next 48 hours, I watched everyone getting further and further away from reality. The scene that met his eyes was like something out of Apocalypse.

Now Bez, hallucinating that a plane had crashed into his house, killing his family, had tears streaming down his face. His friends weren't in much better shape. Joe, meanwhile, was nowhere to be seen. Pablo went into the nearby wood and called his name. Joe had false teeth and they'd fallen out, so his mouth was all black like he'd been sucking on an exhaust pipe. I said, " What's going on, are you OK? Did you get the microphone?