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Poem about remembering falling in love, sharing a life, and rekindling love. It took me on a journey of someone's life, a beautiful love story, that started rich with all the love, contentment, security, and Remember when we first did meet. A healthy relationship. Is something everyone wants. Someone who has you back. Someone to love you regard your flaws. Someone you can. This Merkozy double act, with their endless bilateral summits, . of life was not materialism, but the quality of human relationships and family.

Permanent solutions involve restructuring these unsustainable loans and quantitative easing of monetary policy to provide growth in the eurozone. Sarkozy, EU commissioners Barroso and Ollie Rehn failed to shift Germanic intransigence and must pay the price of destroyed personal credibility. Simultaneously, the Athens arithmetic is moving towards an endgame. Negotiations between European banking consortia and the Greek government were suspended late last week.

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Meanwhile, Spain teeters on the edge. There are no growth prospects. Elsewhere, outside the single currency, the Danish government refused to fully redeem bank bondholders — imposing steep hair cuts.

Hopefully he is a busted flush. We need to usher in a new era, which squarely confronts Germany with burden sharing rather than business as usual. This political integration model creates as many obligations on participants as opportunities. Declan Ganley has ventured forth with ideas of how to meet these challenges.

He now suggests a new political European architecture.

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The American cabinet structure, appointed by the president, mirrors the revised EU commission as an executive arm of a centralised government.

A Senate, upper house, with each individual state having four members is not dissimilar to Capitol Hill in Washington. The whole project involves federalising all eurozone sovereign and banking debts to procure write-downs. An anglophile emphasis is advocated through using English as the official EU language. Underlying core thinking is based on the fundamental problems being lack of democracy, accountability and transparency at the heart of EU failings. The presumption is that the Lisbon Treaty already surrenders sovereignty from states to the centre.

Common foreign policy would seek to prevent the Balkanisation of eastern states within the EU. All of this represents a complete volte-face from the Euroscepticism of Libertas. A polarised picture of either USE or disintegration is equally unappealing. History reveals a different context. Prior to the eurozone crisis, the EU project has been an outstanding achievement. The Single European Act created successful mobility of capital, labour and goods in a union of million people since The European Court of Justice and multiple directives have provided benchmarks in human rights for citizens.

Sock puppet Stop thinking about actual sock puppets with buttons for eyes and so on. We're talking about internet "sock puppets" here: Amina's blog was held up as an inspiration — until "she" was revealed to be a year-old student from the University of Edinburgh. Adding to the confusion, days later, one of the editors of a lesbian website that had promoted Amina's blog also turned out to be a man. It was a bit like the end of Some Like it Hot.

Some began to suspect that lesbians, like leprechauns, might not actually exist at all. Fortunately, Channel 5 soon scotched these rumours with a docusoap set in a lesbian bar. Speaking of which … Structured reality Once upon a time we had docusoaps. No, apart from that. They're all "structured reality" shows. In other words, they're told to stand in a particular spot and toss a glass of wine over their boyfriend because he cheated on them in last week's episode.

Imagine if that was your life. But it isn't your life. You're just watching it. And when you tune in to a structured-reality show you, the viewer, are actively choosing to spend 60 minutes watching a glossy-looking soap opera performed by non-actors half-improvising a non-script.

It's precisely like a scene from an old-school porn film in which a plumber and a frustrated housewife trade clunky dialogue, but with better lighting and no onscreen sex. Speaking of which … Merkozy Throughout the latter part of the year, every economist was debating one issue: Or meltdown and dribble into an abyss?

No one could decide which combination of words best described the inevitable impending disaster. Eventually they gave up and simply started screaming. In a bid to distract them, German chancellor Angela Merkel and French president Nicolas Sarkozy stood beside each other at press conferences and made reassuring cooing noises. Ever since Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were rechristened "Bennifer" years ago, inany two proximate individuals appearing in a newspaper must have their names combined by law.

Sometimes it catches on "Brangelina" and sometimes it sorta catches on eg Big Brother twins "Samanda"; famous until toppled by "Jedward"but it's rarely used in broadsheets referring to "the killings of Frose West" is expressly forbidden by the Guardian's style guide. What did "Merkozy" actually mean? But it provided light relief from all that depressing stuff about bond yields.

Speaking of which … Bond yields Approximately 10, cryptic economic phrases suddenly popped up in news reports this year, nonchalantly bandied about as if the viewer knew what they meant. It was all "bond yield" this and "sovereign debt" that. At one point, numbers were given "haircuts".

No wonder the economy's in such a mess. If something can't be described in plain English, maybe you shouldn't base an entire society on it.