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Hi everyone, I'm Misaki Tokura, I will try to answer all your questions, but you might Misaki, does Shin approve of your relationship with Aichi?. Tokura Misaki and Kai Toshiki were now on their quest, hunting for the listed cards. They left Nitta Shin and Miwa "Aw! Misaki's finally dating!. Relationships: All of those memories Misaki Tokura, held dear to her: Kourin's gaze upon her when she finally snapped out of the trance.

When he was younger, Toshiki Kai gave him the rare card, Blaster Blade, which Aichi refers to as his 'avatar'. Through playing Vanguard and developing his skills, Aichi gains friends and becomes a more confident person, as well as unlocking the power of Psyqualia.

However, this power corrupts himcausing him to become cold and arrogantand with Ren's coercion, Aichi abandons his trusted Royal Paladins in favour of a Shadow Paladin Deck.

After a merciless winning streak he is finally saved from his insanity by Kai, who makes Aichi realise the folly of relying on the precognitive abilities of Psyqualia instead of his own inner strength and courage. Though Aichi switches back to his Royal Paladin deck, he cannot deny the part of himself that lusts after the Psyqualia power. He eventually accepts both desires- to use and reject Psyqualia- as equal parts of himself, manifesting in the Majesty Lord Blaster card.

For unknown reasons, Aichi is the only one aware of the alterations. In "Legion Mate", Aichi is missing and nobody except Kai seems to remember him. When he finally reappears, he tells Kai and the others that he does not want them to chase after him, and that they should forget him.

Turns out that after the fight with Void Agent Takuto, the void agent planted Link Joker's seed inside of him and is gradually growing stronger until it can take over him. In order to prevent another Link Joker invasion on earth, he willingly seal himself away and chose the Quartre Knights to protect him. In his own words, Aichi loves the world and his philosophy is that no-one who plays Vanguard could be bad. All of the Other Reindeer: The bullying he suffered was so extreme, he had no-one outside his family who showed any degree of care before Kaiand led to Shizuka transferring Aichi to another school in an effort to spare him such crushing torment.

The reason itself isn't given, but it's very possible his appearance and stature played a factor. At the start of Season 2, Aichi is shown to be running the same deck as at the end of Season 1 at one point he Damage Checks Blaster Dark, implying he is still using Majesty Lord Blaster. Beware the Nice Ones: Belittling Kai's strength or making him feel powerless are the only ways to really anger him, which activates his Psyqualia. On several occasions, though none hit him as hard as Kai leaving Q4, resulting in him losing all direction and falling for Ren's games by picking up the Shadow Paladins.

Does this sometimes when attacking with King of Knights, Alfred. Has a few prominent and often used ones. Come forth, master of all warriors! King of Knights, Alfred! Give me strength, white wings filled with pride! Knight of Solitude, Gancelot! Started off as an timid and doubtful person who desired to become a stronger cardfighter. As his Character Development kicks in, he eventually grows out of this and become a proper All-Loving Hero.

Episode 43 features Aichi taking up a Shadow Paladin deck and proceeding to prove this. Dark Is Not Evil: Episode 64 shows that darkness isn't always necessarily evil with a single moment.

His Legion Mate attire is a mixture of white and black, with the most prominent item his dark longcoat, but Aichi himself isn't evil whilst donning it, nor is he trying to get across that he is, even in his bind. Light isn't the only thing standing beside him. Darkness also stands with the King of Knights. Though it doesn't seem to be by choice, Aichi's outfit change from white to black between Link Joker-hen and Legion Mate is rather fitting, given he's the antagonist for the latter.

Gets a nicely snarky line in Episode If you have time for idle chatter, please use it to proceed with the game. By Void in Legion Mate-hen. Gaillard touched upon how heartbreaking it was for Aichi to seal himself away, but it's highly unlikely Aichi would let anyone know the full depth of his anguish lest it lead to hesitation in going forward when it really mattered.

He did look incredibly depressed in the flashback at Card Capital, watching his friends while knowing what was inside of him and no doubt it was going to take a massive toll on his emotional state.

His dad is noted as working overseas. By G, Aichi's studying at Yale has him there with him. A lot of people mistook Episode 50 for the end of the season because of this. Dude Looks Like a Lady: His season two and three outfit changes don't help. Dull Eyes of Unhappiness: Has them on a few occasions in the manga, such as when Kai tells him to leave his Royal Paladin deck rather than risk his using Psyqualia any more. The hollow look is used for other purposes, including being exhausted, especially after his fight with Tetsu and using Psyqualia.

And briefly in Episode He begins hallucinating and it's noticed by those watching from Earth. In the manga, Aichi fights Naoki, who's been recruited by Takuto's army, only to lose and become a Psyqualia zombie himself, with a seal on his forehead and some rather unsettling faces to go with the eyes.

At the peak of his insanity, he gives one when he thinks he's on the verge of beating Kai in Episode And an even more unsettling one when he sinks under Psyqualia's influence again in Episode 64 during his fight with Ren, it takes Kai yelling out his name for him to stop and begin fighting back. As of episode 50, Kai has brought him back to his senses.

For a card game anime protagonist, he loses a lot. No, Sendou Aichi, you've gotten weaker. He acts as the final antagonist of the original series. Fish out of Water: Gameplay and Story Segregation: Apparently he hasn't gotten the memo about Barcgal's ban as a starting Vanguard in real life.

Finally averted in Episode 55 where he changes to Wingal Brave as his starting Vanguard. Good Is Not Nice: During Episode 41, due to Psyqualia corruption, Aichi is becoming quite the cold jerk to Kyou and even puts down Misaki and Kamui when they put so much effort through the National Tournament preliminary round the second time.

Except in season 4. Deconstructed in Episode While under the influence of Psyqualia and Link Joker. Why there were so many people misunderstood her and Kai today? But you two are really look like one" The following sentence was just a mutter. Misaki knew that Tanaka was always in the trouble but he was very kind too. I caused you a lot of troubles, you know?

One half of the lavender head extremely agreed… Maid outfit indeed cause me a trouble. But that wasn't a big problem. Fortunately, that box contained both Kagero and Genesis.

Misaki sighed and received the gift. The bid each other good bye and parted away. Misunderstanding… yes, that's all misunderstanding… Kai could not blame anything or anyone. He was always uncertain about his feeling toward Misaki. But he knew that this girl was cracking his heart, bit by bit, and she would never realize it. He cleared it off his mind by started talking again, even if he knew fully well this thought could not be washed away that easily.

Is he your relative? Misaki came with her uncle because she was too young to stay home alone. She heard from Akari that the boys act strange when they fall in love. But she did not- no- could not expect that the great lone wolf Kai Toshiki would fall for any girl in this world.

Speak of that, she had no chance to be the cause of his queer behaviour. It may be any problem about Vanguard, who know? He should not let her know she was bugging his mind. The brunet raised his eyebrow. It's not like that. I still manage my shop and study at the university. I just want to have the license in case of emergency or something like that" Genesis user had not discussed her future to anyone for long time. But she knew Kai could understand her.

Also, she wanted to know what future plan which was in his mind. But I owe Shin-san a lot. I know he wants me to have a well education. I should make him proud in return" Shin gave up on the university to take care of the orphan Misaki and her parents' shop. She could not deny that he was like her own father, somebody she wanted to make him proud. Kai only discussed his education plan once with his uncle in his latest visit on summer holiday.

He was going to attend France class next weekend. He planned to kill two birds with one stone. She might not believe me. Okay-okay… Why does everyone act like I'm a Vanguard freak who doesn't care anything but cardfight?

In Europe or America it brought a great income, but not in Japan. It had also got a high risk since Vanguard was a luck-based game, wasn't like chess or sports.

The brunet did not hate to learn or work with culinary arts, since professional chef was a stable job and he secretly loved it. So we can make sure you won't leave us to the league forever" She secretly afraid if Kai may not come back if he found Pro League was really his way. Her words could make him both flatter and sink. This time, it made him flattered inside to know that she still wanted him here. Kai swore to himself by that second, without hesitate, to come back home after graduate and definitely die in Japan with her.

He noticed himself an idiot to have a stable job for having a family and foster them. He started thinking of his future family in these few years and he could not consider anyone to be his wife but the lilac goddess beside him.

Is it too perverted to think like that without love? The brunet dragon freak unwillingly said to himself. I shouldn't think of her like that. I haven't got a feeling for her, have I? Stop offending her, you stupid! Tokura is my friend, nothing more, nothing less.

The two stopped at the card shop named TCG Utopia.

Cardfight Vanguard!! V Misaki vs Asaka

It wasn't a very big shop. It was smaller than Card Capital but it was large enough to sit in and play card games. The lavender head left a few seconds to think. Let's get inside" She gestured. Forget asking us to do any favor, shut up and give us your cards.

How can I help you? She looked so nervous like she was a rookie. This cashier girl may be a new part-time worker here. Plus, Kai with his deadpan face could easily threaten anyone around. Why does he sound like a ruffian like that? The lilac girl sweat dropped. The worker took their list. When she opened a big plastic chest on the floor, Misaki noticed they was going to wait more than a minute.

It was not that enjoy to watch a girl finding three cards in hundred piles of cards. Customer like you doesn't need to do that!

Sorry for the trouble! Don't you think that you're wasting my time? The lilac beauty knew it was too rude to say that. So she just spoke to herself. She had got a less experience on this western TCG, so she could mistook some card with the other.

It was not strange thing, Misaki could not sort the card she had never seen its illustration by a quick scan. Kai who was standing and kept watching the scene gave a yawn. He decided to sit on the chair beside him. We're going to waste more time for that" Misaki groaned. The brunet took out his deck and started shuffling it. Don't you feel tired? She judged by his recent low-human relational contact with the worker. And you should answer my question first" The lilac beauty sighed. I've been dragged and ordered by you all day, so it's my turn now.

It's for your own comfortable" It was like he was complaining, but it showed his hidden concern. Misaki got up and sat opposite to Kai as he ordered. But it is okay, Shin-san… Don't worry…" The brunet actuallty talked to Shin. Kai just answer him shortly. Kagero user handed his phone to the lavender head. We'll head back soon" 'I've heard you two walked all day. So, I don't mind if you're going to take a rest or hang out a bit for your own fun, but just keep in mind you will be back before eight p.

She jerked to recognize something. I forgot that I've got an appointment with her! Miwa-kun already taught her to play vanguard. And they've been playing until now. She had ever presumed if Akari met Miwa, they would soon got along well with each other and her hypothesis was totally true. Cheerfulness and chattiness were the characteristic they shared together. She watched the part-time worker worked and stretched her legs. She kept wondering why she did not feel heartache to hear that Miwa Taishi was with another girl all day.

Misaki had been considering herself carefully if she had got a crush on that guy or not for a half year. And she had got no answer for it. She could tell everyone that the blond was a very good friend of hers without doubt. But she could not tell anyone, even herself, he suited to be her life partner.

The girl had got no choice but to admit she had got no romantic interest toward him from the start. That's why she had never felt jealousy for him in any case. It was a pure friendship for her. He hadn't fought anyone all day and he was totally longing for a fight. It would not hurt to serve his need, since they needed to wait for the cards.

The game ran normally. Kai loved to fight with Misaki. She was the best female cardfighter he had ever known. And she could impressively pull him to the climax which pleased him a lot. He knew it was a sin to image this fight as a physical interaction, but he could not help it.

She hoped it would not be critical trigger or heal trigger in the brunet's twin drives. She felt a thrill of fear if she could not guard Kai's final attack. Kai shrugged his shoulders.

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My vanguard power plus fifteen-thousands" The brunet kept his cool. His hand was large enough to guard the attack which lower than seventy thousands. Counterblast with her skill, my Vanguard power up five thousands" The lilac beauty commanded to kill his intercept and called out her Heaven Quest.

Misaki Tokura

With this rate he could not defense himself anymore. She was great with it. He could lose in the casual plays, especially to his close rival-friends like Sendou Aichi, Suzugamori Ren, Soryu Leon or even the girl in front of him. Their damage were four on four. If he couldn't pull a heal trigger, then, it was a time to say good bye. Kai damage trigger checked to see if he had got a chance.

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One heal trigger came out, but the second did not come. The battle ended with the lilac beauty turned him over and let him tasted and died with her climax. The box was still in the plastic seal. The boy carelessly tore a plastic pack and sorted the cards into each clans. In the few minutes all the packs were torn. There was one Special Print unit among of them. I've found all of your request. Are you going to pay now? Misaki paid for those cards and asked Kai how they would manage this booster box.

He kept only Kagero for himself. Some of those commons' skill are useful. You can sell them. Especially the SP unit, it costs a lot. Are you sure giving these to me? I just talk about your own benefit! Can you keep that for me- no- us? Because you can't decide their owner, so I will say they belong to us" It's fair enough, isn't it?

He was not serious about such a thing. If you think it's fair for you" She flushed a bit to repeat what he had said before. Misaki shook her head. Boy doesn't think of his words anyway.

They came out of the shop. Before they use the riverside walkway as a shortcut to the train station, they dropped by the nearby curry rice shop to have a dinner.

They agreed that they should not bother Shin for the dinner, because they would come back at night. As the two finished their meal and got off the restaurant, the brunet fortunately saw interesting gashapon there. It was a gashapon machine which contained multicolour balls of chibi keyrings.

The lilac beauty saw the spiky hair boy stopped by the machine, so she too took a look. Kai just respond with the 'aye' sound. He fed the machine with two hundred yen coins. The light green ball dropped out. It appeared to be chibi Tsukuyomi keyring not Overlord.

The girl giggled and took her turn. The result was red capsule and the little Dragonic Overlord. Or you want Tsukuyomi? These gashapon collections are all cute.

I just asked if you want to exchange" The lavender head explained as she hooked the dragon with her handbag. It was a bit embarrassing to think as these keyrings were like a lovers' item, since she took his avatar and Kai took hers.

The brunet did the same with his own bag. They continue their journey to the station on the quiet riverside pave. The lilac beauty was deep in her thought. If her feeling for Miwa wasn't an affection, so what was an affection?

She did not get the idea of the word love which many girls in her age talk about. Love is a happiness? Love is a sorrow?

I have never experienced in love, have I? She dove deep in her contemplation until the brunet snapped out. He meant weirdly quiet. Is something bugging your mind? Misaki chose not to respond. She finally gave a sigh and called his name. She inhaled deeply before she spoke the next sentence. Her instinct told her she could trust him. Why do I have to blush in front of him? Kai instantly stopped his pave. He could not help his heart beat so fast. The boy calmed down himself. Is it stupid to ask a boy like this?

But she had never discussed this topic with anyone before. But fortunately, it was Tokura Misaki. His gut force him not let it pass by. He could tell he was now a painful idiot for that. Please tell me that one isn't Aichi… She could not help but scared. Our social became much freer. But if the brunet really loved his blunet comrade, it would be a love triangle.

As she saw, both Aichi and Kourin were fall for each other, even if her memories of the boy was washed away, there was still a bond between them. It was hard to admit if Kai really was a homosexual… It would be like heartbroken without love.

It was a question he kept to himself for long time. Like Miwa, Ren and so on" It was hurt to know she also misunderstood. Why did you ask me at first? She was not a girl who would talk about that thing with interesting.

In this two years, innumerable things occurred in her life. After she started playing Vanguard, she knew the brunet and secretly admired him. She used word admire because that time they did not get to know each other enough. Kai in two years ago was a cold jerk for her. He talked less and every word of him was a pain. But after the national tournament, Kai turned into a power hunger.

No one noticed, but she could sense it. Though she knew, she chose to ignore him and lived her life normally. By that time, when Kai was not around, Miwa came to help her with the shop and became close friend.

The blond was not like Aichi or Kamui, he was in her age. She was confused if she fall for him because they were so close and he was an opposite sex. The time passed by and Kai got back to his normal self with the salvation of Aichi, he acted nicer and talked more to her and the other. The brunet literally counted the lilac beauty one of his best friends, which she about to flatter to hear that.

They were quiet type of person together, but when they were all alone she found herself could talk to him for hour and hour and he did not seem to be bothered. If it was Miwa, she would just listen and nod. She was always the listener, not the speaker. When she was with Kai, it was like they took turns to ask each other questions.

Sometime they sounded like a philosopher.